A Classic Yacht Charter is Your Ticket to Cruising Paradise this Year

Updated: Sep 20, 2019
Classic Yacht Charter
Fascinated by old-school sailboats? Try a classic yacht charter to explore these ships from prow to stern and discover why they never go out of style.

A classic yacht is the epitome of elegant sailing.

These vessels are designed with flawless style and made with time-honored craftsmanship. They’re demure damsels, boasting an everlasting allure which you just can’t get with the ultra-modern cruisers.

There are many different kinds of boats available to rent, but only a classic yacht charter can give you that special air of refined opulence which will set your trip apart from the rest.

Read on to discover what makes a yacht a real classic, and learn why fans around the world have fallen in love with these crafts.

What Makes a Classic Yacht Charter Unique?

There is no one, cut-and-dry definition of a classic boat, but you’ll know one when you see it. With acres of sails and clean, traditional lines cutting a deep swath through the endless ocean, these vessels were once the gold standard of shipbuilding.

Taking a classic yacht charter means cruising through the sea surrounded by grace, nobility, and a bit of history. Though an exact definition remains elusive, there are a few universal attributes you can look for to determine if your vessel of choice is truly a classic.

These yachts are generally older. They will have been built sometime between the beginning of the 20th century and the 1970s, using wood or steel as a base material. However, some boats which were built later yet follow the same stylistic guidelines can meet the classic standards. They can be large or small, and operate with a motor, sails, or both.

These yachts are defined more by the emotions they evoke than by the material they are made of or the year in which they were built. If you look at it and feel a nostalgic sense of longing and an ache to discover the world’s underwater mysteries, chances are it’s a classic.

Choose a Classic Yacht Charter for the Best of Both Worlds

You want your yacht charter to be iconic, so it makes sense to set sail on the most enchanting vessels available. Classic yachts are sure to impress your guests, providing exclusive scenery and an opportunity to explore every fascinating nook and cranny on board.

Many people believe that classic yachts aren’t equipped to hold the more modern amenities which have become staples of luxury cruising, but this isn’t true. Many classics have been refitted and restored, allowing clients to have the best of all worlds. Some larger classic boats have many of the same luxury features as modern mega-yachts.

You don’t have to give up your jacuzzi or flat-screen television to set sail on a classic charter. You can get traditional craftsmanship and old-school flair along with a lavish and spacious interior when you hop aboard the right ship.

Book Your Classic Yacht Charter to Set Sail for Luxury Today

Here at Luxury Liners, we’re prepared to take you on the gorgeous classic yacht charter you’ve always dreamed of. If you’re ready to step off the docks and set sail for simpler times, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Ready to hop on board your classic Schooner cruiser? Check out our yacht rentals page to see our lineup of beauties and book your charter today.

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