Bring Your Crew on a Newport Beach Booze Cruise this Summer

Updated: May 24, 2019
Newport Beach booze cruise
Are you craving some fun in the sun, complete with ice-cold drinks to round out the day? A Newport Beach booze cruise is just what you need this summer.

Ready to hit the water and have a good time?

Imagine relaxing on the deck of a luxury yacht in the heart of California, enjoying the breeze in your hair as you watch dolphins dancing in the crystalline seas below you.

The only thing which could make that scenario better is an ice-cold beverage. A Newport Beach booze cruise is just the thing you need to unwind this year, and we know how to make it happen in style. Read on to discover exactly what your next sailing adventure entails.

What You Can Expect on Your Newport Beach Booze Cruise

From the gorgeous Golden State vistas to the liberal libations you’ll get to sip on, this is one party you’ll never forget.

Scrumptious Supplies

It’s a given that you can expect some delicious drinks on your Newport Beach booze cruise, but that’s not all. Our luxurious vessels are well-stocked with all the supplies you need to make your fiesta absolutely on fire.

Feel free to munch on snacks from our delicious catering menu, complete with desserts and customizable meal options. If you’re craving handcrafted cocktails, our expert bartenders will be there to provide all the fresh flavors with a flair to wow your crowd.

Views to Remember

Newport Beach is conveniently located right on one the most breathtaking stretches of coastline in the country, in a clear cove brimming with ocean life. Putter your way out of the harbor, then cruise down south towards Laguna Beach while enjoying the seascape.

Keep an eye out for dolphins whirling in your wake and waving their adorable fins against the salty sea air. You’ll be captivated by everything to see here, and you’ll stay as comfortable as possible while lounging on our lavish decks.

We can stop at any number of popular anchorages nearby, including Emerald Bay, Crystal Cove, and the famous Big Corona Beach for some sand and surf. There’s no need to hurry when you book with us, so you can rest easy knowing you’re all set to see the sights.

Stress-Free Sailing

A booze cruise isn’t the place to worry about things like the weather, the wind, or technical sailing. You won’t have to because our crew is chomping at the bit to provide you with the best experience of your life. We know you’ll want to focus all your energy in the party at hand — so we’ll worry about driving the boat.

Not only that, but we know all the hidden spots to cruise through. We’ll take your personal preferences into account as we guide you through all the nooks of Newport, so you and your friends can have a shindig hand-tailored to suit your style.

Get Ready to Set Sail on Your Cruise Today

Your Newport Beach booze cruise is calling. If you’re going to answer, you’ll need some help with booking and arrangements. We’ve got your back.

Curious about our crafts? Browse through our Newport Beach yacht rentals page to pick your dream boat today.

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