California Calling: What to Expect on a Malibu Yacht Charter

Updated: Apr 30, 2019
malibu yacht charter
Want to sail through scenic waters, exploring lush green valleys and tall peaks along the way? Hop on board a Malibu yacht charter to do it in style.

Are you keen to see a different side of California this year?

A Malibu yacht charter is the perfect place to begin.

This pint-sized city holds a special place in the hearts of all the eclectic characters who call it home, and visitors are captivated by the fascinating array of activities and sights to see here.

Experience Natural Wonders on Your Malibu Yacht Charter

With some of the most famous beaches in the country and miles of marvelous mountains to discover, this sleepy seaside town might just keep you up all night.

Balmy Beach Life

All of Malibu’s beaches are worth a visit. However, some are so beautiful that they’ll leave you breathless. El Matador State Beach is undoubtedly one for the record books, with its giant boulders and intricate system of rocky caves to explore.

Head down to Paradise Cove to meander around the massive sandstone cliffs, or take a leisurely walk along Surfrider Beach before hitting the pier for some cocktails. Malibu has 27 miles of coastline, so you’re sure to find a scene which is perfect for you.

Hidden Hiking Spots

Hiking trails snake through this town in the most unexpected places, all of them ripe for exploration and awaiting your boots. If you aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty, head up the highway towards Winding Way Trail to see the famous Escondido Falls. The climb isn’t easy, but the 150-foot cascade at the top is worth the effort.

For a more accessible wonder, head to Circle X Ranch and make the trek down to Malibu’s gorgeous Grotto. This hidden hollow nests in a gentle canyon, still home to the giant rock megaliths, which made their landfall here thousands of years ago.

Sunny State Parks

Your yacht charter wouldn’t be complete without an excursion to Malibu Creek State Park. Here you’ll enjoy gently rolling hills of oak and sycamore, eventually giving way to 14 miles of bubbling creek which slopes downward and out to sea at Malibu Lagoon.

A natural paradise of greens and browns, the park stands out starkly from the blue Pacific waters at its edge. You can frolic here on horseback, or ride over the trails on a bike rental.

Build Your Perfect Malibu Yacht Charter with Us

We’ll help you experience the highlights of California’s coast on a Malibu yacht charter. Meander through the town enjoying the sights here, or head out on the ocean for some sailing.

From Malibu, you’ll have access to all sorts of other destinations. Visit the famous Marina del Rey or cruise to Newport beach, enjoying the relaxed atmosphere on your way.

You can take an overnight yacht charter to spend more time out on the water and city-hop as you see fit, or just rent a vessel for a few hours and enjoy the breeze.

Book Your Malibu Yacht Charter Today to Sail California with Class

No matter what kind of trip you want to have, we’ll make sure you get there on a Malibu yacht charter. Your holiday in the sun is waiting for you, so don’t wait to make your dreams a reality.

Ready to get it booked? Visit our Malibu yacht rentals page to pick your perfect yacht and start planning your vacation today.

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