Calling All Adventurers Aboard a Custom Hawaii Yacht Charter

Updated: Mar 01, 2019
Hawaii yacht charter
Are you ready to experience the Aloha state on a whole new level? Hop on board a Hawaii yacht charter with Luxury Liners to see what all the buzz is about.

Hawaii brings to mind white sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, and a myriad of fantastical sea creatures.

The name is practically synonymous with adventure. It’s no surprise that the Aloha state is expected to receive over 10 million visitors in 2019, and there’s no shame in wanting to get in on the action.

However, we know you want a singular vacation experience. That’s why Luxury Liners is offering you the opportunity to get on board a custom Hawaii yacht charter this year.

Where a Hawaii Yacht Charter Can Take You

Our yachts are available in ports across the islands. We have opportunities to sail from Maui, Oahu, Honolulu, Kauai, and Hawaii.

Sail around the harbor of captivating Oahu, past Sand Island and on to the clear blue water surrounding the isle. Or, take a coastal cruise along picture-perfect beaches before heading out for some whale watching.

We’ll Help You Experience the Height of Luxury

Whichever trip you choose to take, you’ll be able to do it in style with our accommodations. Which yacht is right for you?

Choose a plush behemoth like the 64’ Gold Coast catamaran sailboat, offering a Bose sound system and LCD television. Enjoy sunbathing areas for you and up to 79 guests to lounge in and enjoy your favorite drinks.

Looking for a cozier yacht? The 50’ Corinthian provides all the striking splendor of Hawaii in an ultra-privatized luxury location. With room for up to 12 guests, this catamaran rides easy and smooth for a perfect day out on the water.

If you’re a die-hard angler, the 74’ Striker is perfect for a fishing vacation. It comes complete with a fighting chair (for wrestling those larger Mahi-Mahis), a huge bridge for setting the rods, and a bubbling jacuzzi for relaxing in when the fishing is done.

Enjoy the Options on Your Hawaii Yacht Charter

We want you to have the best experience possible. That’s why we custom-build your itinerary for you, based on your interests and passions.

Excursions and Activities

You’ll be tempted by the exciting array of excursions available aboard your Hawaii yacht charter. Whether you’re looking to snag your first Marlin or dive beneath the waves and snorkel your way to paradise, we can help make it happen for you.

You’ll have the chance to see breathtaking cliffs, breaching whales, and underwater plant and animal life up close and personal with our vacation packages.

Yacht Your Way

We offer yachts which come fully equipped with all the equipment you need to make your ideal getaway a reality. Furthermore, you’ll be able to sample exquisite cuisine prepared to your liking by our world-class chefs and catering to fit any sized group and trip length.

Want to head out on the ocean for a day? How about the weekend? You can take a multi-day charter or even get out for a week-long trip if you just can’t get enough of the waves. With Luxury Liners, the choice is yours.

Book Your Hawaii Yacht Charter Adventure Today

Hawaii offers stunning coastline, clear blue water, and a wealth of extraordinary experiences waiting for you.

Are you ready to book your Hawaii yacht charter? Visit our Hawaii rentals page and pick the perfect yacht for you.

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