Castle on the Water: Inside the Infamous Luxury Yacht A

Updated: Jul 09, 2019
Reflections of the sunset in the windows of a modern cruise ship at dusk

Ever wondered what it would be like to cruise off into the sunset on the world’s largest sailboat?

We have, too.

We can’t exactly take you for a ride on the colossal luxury yacht A ourselves, but we can regale you with tales of its controversial secrets and exquisitely beautiful countenance.

One of the largest and most extravagant crafts on the water today, this stout sailing vessel encompasses astronomical proportions and boasts features to make even the most elite cruisers green with envy.

Are you ready to step inside? Opulence awaits.

What Makes the Luxury Yacht A Sailing Vessel So Unique?

All 469 feet of the luxury yacht A will astound you. From her towering carbon-fiber sails to her secret underwater observation lair, this enchanting craft is pulling out all the stops.

Colorful History

Commissioned by Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko, A was quite an enterprise to manufacture. German boatbuilding masters Nobiskrug took on the job, partnering with expert French designer Phillippe Starck to put the beauteous behemoth together.

With parts coming in from all over the world, this is truly an international boat — France, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Spain were all happy to contribute to the project, each bringing a little something unique to the table.

She was set to be delivered to her owner in Monaco, but scandal struck the craft at a stop in Gibraltar where it was arrested and detained by government officials. Everything has since been smoothed over, however, and the boat is in the hands of its rightful owner.

Staggering Stats

This gargantuan girl has a 3-masted fore-and-aft sailing rig on her, each mast rising like a sleek alien antenna 328 feet up into the sky. To witness her sails unfurl is an experience in and of itself, but they aren’t the only thing propelling this creature through the sea.

Her variable-speed hybrid powerplant engine comes complete with two line-shaft controllable-pitch propellers, topping her out at a speed of 21 knots. She glides through the water with the greatest of ease, as she should — after all, Melnichenko did shell out around $500 million to have her built.

Special Features

As her owner is a rather private man, not much is known for sure about the interior of the yacht. However, we can say for a fact that she carries a gym, a helicopter, a helipad, and a private submarine for when the family wants to take an underwater stroll.

With luxe suites and rotating beds peppering 8 decks of pure opulence, luxury yacht A putters around crystalline coves with the kind of confidence only a true looker can have. She seems blessed with the knowledge of her own magnificence, dwarfing every other boat in sight as she announces her arrival.

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