Classy Cruisers: Discover the Top 3 Luxury Sailing Yachts in the World

Updated: Sep 24, 2019
Sailing yacht on big river
Do you love the idea of sailing but feel afraid to lose the amenities of a motorboat? Explore the luxury sailing yachts which combine freedom and comfort.

There’s no denying the appeal of a sailboat.

Freedom, mobility, and old-school charm make for the perfect craft, but it seems like sails have gone out of style in luxury cruising circles.

Many designers and owners gravitate more towards motorized vessels because they offer more space to fit in lavish amenities. However, they can’t compete with the liberty and grace of wind and canvas.

If you want the best of both worlds, luxury sailing yachts are the way to go. Read on to discover the top 3 wind-powered vessels on the water today and find out how you can hop on board and live the dream yourself.

3 Esteemed Luxury Sailing Yachts You Need to Know About

Luxury sailing yachts are where timeless beauty meets modern opulence, and these three queens are some of the most praiseworthy to set anchor in modern times. 

1. Maltese Falcon

The Maltese Falcon sure sounds like a luxurious cruiser, and the name fits her well. At 288 feet and outfitted with an ultra-accurate DynaRig sailing system, she’s a force to be reckoned with. Her three carbon-fiber masts are operated with a computer while a grand total of 15 individual sails help propel her through the water.

The Falcon has won over 18 awards for innovation in design and performance, as well as several racing regattas. She boasts a jacuzzi and a VIP lounge area for elite guests seeking relaxation, while cinephiles can enjoy the outdoor movie theater and poker sharks can settle down in the cardroom.

2. Eos

At 305 feet long and worth a reported $200 million, Eos is a 3-masted, Bermuda-rigged schooner sailboat with a whole lot of attitude. Rumors abound as to the extent of her interior features, but billionaire owner Barry Diller has done an excellent job of keeping them under wraps. We do know she has a roomy six cabins under her deck and has hosted many celebrities in these berths.

Eos is rumored to have a ravishing glass staircase hidden inside her, perhaps for the A-listers to walk down as they attend numerous parties hosted onboard. Though you may not find yourself on the guestlist any time soon, you can speculate to your heart’s content about the treasures lurking beneath this deck.

3. Athena

The 3-masted, gaff-rigged schooner Athena is a breathtaking beauty of epic proportions. Measuring in at just over 295 feet, she was originally built for Netscape founder James Clark. He’s been trying to sell her off for a while now for personal reasons, but the $53 million price tag may be scaring some people away.

However, she comes with a laundry list of fantastic features which more than justify the cost. Clark’s flair for the extravagant means Athena was blessed with a comprehensive film library and a movie theater in which to enjoy the extensive collection. A scuba diving launch station and a penthouse round out the luxury.

Set out Today to Taste the Luxury of Our Sailboats

The ocean is calling. If you’re enamored with these luxury sailing yachts, don’t hesitate to take a charter of your own aboard our wind-powered beauties.

Ready to set out on a sailing adventure? Check out our yacht rentals page to find the perfect craft for you.

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