Consider a Corporate Yacht Charter to Sail for Business Success this Year

Updated: Mar 05, 2019
Are you ready to step up your business game? A corporate yacht charter can help you win new clients, keep your old ones, and inspire your staff to shine.

In 2019, businesses across the board will have to think outside the box.

Promoting employee morale and productivity is more important than ever before, as is the task of impressing an increasingly fickle client base.

How can you ensure your success? A corporate yacht charter is the perfect way to stand out in 2019. Read on to discover how your company can benefit from taking a sail.

Courting Clients with a Corporate Yacht Charter

As our national economy grows, so does competition. You need to know every trick in the book to turn a potential customer into a contracted one, and be able to keep current clients loyal as well. Corporate yacht charters can help you do both.

Inspiring Customer Loyalty

There is no better way to express your appreciation for high-end clients than with a vacation. Preferably one with an ocean view.

To make sure your customers stay loyal, wine and dine them with a luxurious afternoon aboard a 5-star cruiser. Our vessels are sure to impress, and they’ll remember you when the competition comes calling.

Courting New Clients

Small business consultant and Inc. contributor Marla Tabaka encourages us to “think outside the box” when it comes to new client engagement. A yacht charter certainly meets that criteria.

Imagine taking the corporate lunch concept to the next level on board one of our luxury cruisers. Choose to take your potential clients on a day trip across the wide-open ocean, or even book a multi-day charter to ensure your business deal gets sealed.

Using a Corporate Yacht Charter to Improve Employee Performance

Harvard Business Review recently identified community as one of the three main motivating factors among employees.

Build a sense of community with your own staff by taking them on a luxury corporate yacht charter. The trip will make them feel appreciated and build motivation. It will also give them time to decompress, become closer, and have a little fun.

Teambuilding Exercises

If you want your company to function like a well-oiled machine, have them perform training exercises they’ll actually enjoy. Watersports, special excursions, and a variety of other teambuilding activities can be done on our corporate cruises.

Incentives & Vacations

If your employees did particularly well this past year, you’ll want to show some appreciation. Taking them on a corporate yacht charter will show them just how much you care.

It will also provide them with some incentive to do well again next quarter, as well as motivate other members to step up their game — after all, performance improves across the board when a vacation is on the line.

Taking Your Corporate Yacht Charter with Luxury Liners

Our yachts are available for charter from a number of destinations across California, Florida, Hawaii, and even in Mexico.

Our top-of-the-line catering options will ensure all your companies’ needs are met, while our plush seating and accommodations make the trip comfortable and effortless.

Luxury Liners Makes Your Corporate Yacht Charter Easy

Luxury Liners will be here with you throughout every step of the booking process, ready to answer questions and provide the kind of service which you, your employees, and your clients deserve.

Are you ready to take your business aboard one of our vessels? Visit our yachts page to pick out your dream boat and discover where a corporate yacht charter can take you.

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