Don’t Miss These 5 Astounding Attractions on Your Yacht Charter in Singapore

Updated: Aug 06, 2019
singapore downtown landscape
Want to sail a little differently this year? Take a yacht charter in Singapore to see gorgeous gardens and stunning views in this marvelously modern city.

Singapore is the city of the future.

Here you’ll find amazing architectural achievements which stretch their fingers up to reach the sky, while perfectly groomed greenery blossoms below in a collection of urban gardens.

Multicultural temples and delicious traditional cuisine dot the glittering cityscape, while contemporary shopping and exclusive 5-star spas await around the corner.

Want to experience everything this island nation has to offer? Taking a yacht charter in Singapore makes it easy to discover all her hidden gems, providing you with both luxury and flexibility on your trip.

5 Must-See Sights on Your Yacht Charter in Singapore

Your yacht charter in Singapore should deliver nothing but smooth sailing. For maximum fun, make sure to stop in at these breathtaking attractions.

1. Bask in Beauty at the Botanic Gardens

Designated as Singapore’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Botanic Gardens offer a unique array of tropical plant life guaranteed to entrance even the strongest cynics.

Walk through stunning rainforest, orchids, and gingers as you learn about the cultural significance of the fauna. Admission is free for most parts, and the gates are open from 5 AM until midnight.

2. Marvel at the Statuary in Merlion Park

Half-lion and half-fish, the towering Merlion dominates its park with silent authority. The statue is made in the image of Singapore’s national icon and measures just over 28 feet tall, one of only seven government-approved Merlion depictions in the country.

With perfectly manicured hedges and soft green grass, the Merlion Park makes for a great afternoon stroll. Lounge around in the shade while you’re here, or take a walk on the nearby Esplanade Bridge.

3. Hike the Stunning Southern Ridges

Want to visit all of Singapore’s parks at once? Hike the Southern Ridges, a connective walkway of intersecting trails and pedestrian bridges which hovers high above the city and offers the sweetest views around.

Here you’ll be able to watch exotic birds flutter their way across the skyline as you marvel at the scenery. The ridges offer 6 miles of gorgeous terrain to traverse, so bring water and sunscreen for the trek.

4. Go Shopping & Eating on Orchard Road

After all that hiking, you’re bound to get hungry. Orchard Road offers a smorgasbord of dining options, from traditional Chinese to fragrant Indian cuisine.

Stop in at a few street vendors to try it all before hitting up the various shops which line the street. Be sure not to miss out on Singapore’s oldest department store, C.K. Tang’s, while you’re here.

5. See Fantastic Creatures at the Zoo

Rare and exotic animals from all over the world call the Singapore Zoo home. You’ll be able to see some of the most marvelous mammals around, from the adorable cotton-top tamarin to the precious pygmy hippopotamus.

Reptiles, birds, and amphibians also abound here. With over 2,400 creatures thriving in this open-air paradise, you’ll find something to fascinate you at the zoo.

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