Eco-Friendly Sailing: How to Go Greener on Your Private Yacht Charter

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

Going green is all the rage these days, and it isn’t hard to see why.

Saving energy and reducing waste contributes to making the world a happier, healthier place.

Recycling plastics and toting reusable bags to the supermarket are almost second nature to many people, but did you know you can make an eco-friendly effort on your sailing vacation as well?

Read on to discover how you can curtail the environmental impact of your private yacht charter and have a rollicking good time on a green vacation you’ll never forget.

5 Ways to Go Greener on Your Private Yacht Charter

Want to learn how to protect the ocean as you sail? Here are five easy ways to go greener on your private yacht charter.

1. Charter a Sailing Boat

You get to pick the boat you cruise on, so choose wisely. If you opt for a sailing yacht rather than a motorboat, you’ll be using renewable and sustainable wind propulsion to power the vessel instead of gasoline, diesel, or other fuels. Wind on canvas is a truly clean source of energy and helps cut down on unnecessary emissions on the water.

2. Eliminate Disposable Plastics

Bringing plastic products or buying them can add a lot of waste to your trip. Choose a reusable water bottle instead of stocking the galley with disposable containers, and bring your own mug for coffee, tea, and hot beverages. For longer trips, buy a larger bottle of shampoo and conditioner rather than single-use or travel-sized containers, as these run out quickly and need to be replaced with more plastic.

3. Manage Waste Responsibly

When you do have plastics or other waste products, make sure you’re getting rid of them responsibly. Don’t ever toss anything overboard into the ocean, because it can hurt ocean wildlife and contribute to polluting the water. Instead, save your trash in a bag and recycle or dispose of it properly once you’re back onshore.

4. Choose Moorings & Marinas

If you have a choice, park in a marina or opt for a mooring ball rather than setting anchor. Dragging an anchor across the ocean floor could affect the marine life which thrives there, especially if you have to try a few times before it catches. Mooring balls are already secured to the ground, so you won’t disturb the environment by using them.

5. Respect Your Environment

It may be tempting to touch or take the local wildlife with you when you go, but you should refrain from interfering with anything. Don’t break coral or displace shellfish as you dive, as this can have a more significant impact than you may believe and could hurt the ocean habitat. The waters you sail on are incredibly pristine, and you should do your best to keep them that way.

Book Your Private Yacht Charter and Set Sail for Greener Pastures Today

If you’re a green-minded sailing maven on a quest for turquoise waters, we’ve got your back. Book your private yacht charter today and let the eco-friendly fun begin.

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