Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy a Yacht

Updated: Aug 16, 2019
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Want to live the sailing dream on your own terms?

Purchasing a boat for yourself is the perfect way to make that happen, but it can be daunting for many first-timers.

After all, buying a boat is akin to buying a house. It needs to be perfect, or you’ll end up with major buyer’s remorse and a vessel you can’t get rid of.  

To avoid any unnecessary heartache, we’ve put together this list of important aspects to consider before you buy a yacht.

Examine These Essential Factors Before You Buy a Yacht

When you buy a yacht, you don’t want to come into the purchasing process without any practical knowledge. Consider these factors before you whip out your credit card.

1. Price Range & Costs

Set yourself a price range to get a baseline reading on which yachts you can afford. If you have to make a hard choice, buy below your budget rather than above.

Remember that additional costs like equipment, maintenance, and insurance could tack on thousands of dollars to the initial purchase, as will paying for storage when you aren’t using your boat. Furthermore, the price of your actual trips (food, fuel, crew, etc.) must be calculated thoroughly.

2. Your Sailing Experience

Are you a seasoned ocean sailor or a greenhorn looking to dip your toes into adventurous waters? If you’ve never sailed on your own, you should consider buying a comfortable and stable yacht rather than something technically complicated.

If you know the ocean like the back of your hand, don’t be afraid of a larger or more complex craft which will keep you interested and engaged for longer. Have faith in your own abilities, and remember that you’ll grow into your boat.

3. Where You Want to Cruise

Do you want to sail for uncharted seas, or hang around popular sailing destinations which offer all the most modern amenities? If you’re planning on going for long-haul trips around the world, buy a bigger boat. They may be more intimidating, but they’ll make your life infinitely more comfortable.

If you just want to use your yacht for the occasional trip, pick something smaller which gets good mileage and is easy to handle. Your boat should have ample room, but it shouldn’t be too big. You don’t want to pay for what you don’t need.

4. Equipment You Require

Unless you’re ready to break out the sextant and plot a course aligned with the blazing sun, you’ll need to have navigation equipment on board. A chart-plotter, a GPS, and a depth-sounder are good to have, but they can add up. To combat this, try to find a yacht already outfitted with this kind of equipment.  

If you’re planning on living aboard for longer periods of time, you’ll need a kitchen and dining area. An autopilot mechanism is also essential, especially if you’re going to be sailing without crew.

Buy Your Dream Boat and Set Sail for Sunny Skies Today

When you decide to buy a yacht, making your purchase through the right broker is essential. We here at Luxury Liners will be with you every step of the way, helping you achieve your dream with confidence.

Want to shop around? Check out our yachts for sale to see if we have the boat you’ll fall in love with.

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