Experience Class, Style, and History on a Luxury Gulet Charter

Updated: Apr 09, 2019
Take a Luxury Gulet Charter for Smooth Mediterranean Sailing
Want to set sail in a piece of history? Try out a luxury gulet charter. These boats are expertly crafted to deliver a comfortable and stylish vacation.

Interested in doing some sailing around the Mediterranean this year?

Going in a gulet might tickle your fancy.

These vessels are gorgeous, but they’re not just a pretty face. They chronicle the tale of a different era as well. Taking a luxury gulet charter will allow you to explore scenic coastline in comfort and style while sitting in a veritable piece of history.

What a Luxury Gulet Charter Can Offer You

You may not have heard of the gulet, but we’re here to teach you all about it. Once you know the deal, you may just want to ride one all the way through paradise. 

Captivating History

The original gulets came from the southwestern coast of Turkey, specifically the towns of Bodrum and Marmaris. These ships were first used many years ago throughout the Mediterranean and Aegean seas as fishing vessels, and for transportation of the catch from port to port.

The word gulet itself is Turkish, and many theories exist as to where it originated from. Most believe that the name comes from Venetian word goletta, which itself comes from the old French word goélette, meaning schooner.

With the invention of the modern motor, gulets have become obsolete for fishing. But the Turkish tourism industry has seen a surge in recent years, and the gulet has made a comeback as a fascinating boat to take a charter in.

Workmanship & Style

Gulets are schooner-style vessels. They sport a mainsail and another foresail in the front, with larger boats having multiple masts. Typical designs have a sharp bow with a long bowsprit and a shorter, rounded aft.

They sit low in the water, making a luxury gulet charter perfect for gazing through crystal-clear seas to watch the fish flit around beneath you.

Gulets inspire awe with their regal design, and the boatbuilders of today employ state-of-the-art methods to ensure that the vessels both look good and feel comfortable. Large cabins, spacious decks, and modern amenities are all incorporated into the crafts.

Where a Gulet Charter Can Take You

The Mediterranean Sea is your best bet for taking a luxury gulet charter. Sail along the Turkish Riviera from any number of quaint cities, traversing breathtaking mountains and swimming turquoise waters as you revel in the culture of this astounding land.

If Turkey doesn’t entice you, it’s easy to charter a gulet from other countries as well. Croatia is a popular choice, sure to keep you occupied with an entrancing assortment of caves and hundreds of pristine islands ripe for exploration.

Head to Greece to parade around its impressive collection of islets, frolicking in the sunshine as you tour Corfu, Santorini, or Zakynthos. Sicily and Sardinia also offer gulet cruises, as do parts of Spain.

Options abound when you decide to take a gulet charter, so don’t hold back when choosing your itinerary.

Book Your Luxury Gulet Charter Today

Here at Luxury Liners, gulets are our game. We’re dedicated to smooth sailing the whole way, so you can rest assured you’re in capable hands.

Interested in taking a luxury gulet charter? Give us a call at +1 (310) 526-3429 or visit our bookings page to find how you can set sail today.

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