Explore the World in Style with a Monthly Boat Rental

Updated: Jul 30, 2019
monthly yacht rentals
Craving a major vacation? Take your pick of premium destinations and set sail on a monthly boat rental to experience long-term sailing the luxurious way.

If you’ve fallen in love with the freedom of sailing, chances are you’re craving a more extended voyage.

A monthly boat rental is perfect for those who want to go beyond a weekend charter and live the cruising dream to the fullest, exploring the world and all its treasures from the deck of a luxury yacht.

Read on to find out if renting a boat by the month is the right option for you, and discover where you can go on your adventure.

How to Know if a Monthly Boat Rental is Right for You

A weekend sailing getaway is an excellent spur-of-the-moment trip, but a monthly boat rental isn’t something you should undertake on a whim.

It should be planned according to your preferences and executed perfectly to ensure it goes down without a hitch. Spending a month on a yacht isn’t for everyone.

Before you book, answer these questions:

  • Are you a flexible personality, able to adapt to unforeseen changes which may occur in the weather and wind?
  • Do you feel at home on a yacht, and at ease with the idea of spending an extended period of time onboard?
  • Are you comfortable taking time away from your work, friends, or home life to hit the open water for a month or months at a time?

Your answers will give you some insight into whether or not this kind of trip is right for you. Once you decide, the next step is to choose the destination of your dreams.

Experience Jaw-Dropping Adventures and Luxurious Moments

We have a worldwide network of remarkable boats, charming captains, and stalwart crew at your disposal. You’ll be safe, happy, and satisfied throughout your journey.

Onboard Opulence

Our yachts offer luxurious accommodations, and our staff stands at the ready to guide you on the adventure of a lifetime. Choose between luxury yachts outfitted with all the most modern appliances, lavish quarters, and spacious interiors for your enjoyment.

You’ll be calling our boats home for a while, so it makes sense that you should have every creature comfort. Take advantage of private service staff, onboard catering, and personal bartenders to add a refined touch to your trip.

Dreamy Destinations

Exotic destinations and far-off lands have never been closer. Choose to bask on the deck as you putter around the balmy beaches of the Caribbean, or dine on succulent delicacies as you sail through the Mediterranean Sea.

Explore the icy majesty of Nordic fjords and the sunsets of starry Scandinavia, or breathe in the sultry dusk of the African coastline further south. The far-eastern marvels of Malaysia and Thailand are ripe for discovery, as are the warm gems of South America or the deafeningly beautiful coastline of the United Kingdom.

Try a Monthly Boat Rental to Plunge into Adventure this Year

A monthly boat rental offers long-term action and adventure to discerning travelers who want to do things a little differently this year. If you’re ready to take the plunge, give us a call today.

Your adventure awaits. Check out our itineraries page to get a feel for the kind of trips we can offer you.

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