FAQ Yacht Charter & Boat Rentals


Below you will find many of the frequently asked questions about yacht charters and boat rentals in general. If you have a question that is not answered below just give us a call or send us an email!

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YES!  It does, and no, nothing is hidden!  If you ask the captain to go faster, fuel cost increases, but if you don’t make any additional special requests it’s all online pricing!
SURCHARGES & GRATUITIES: Harbor fees vary by harbor and are included at checkout on luxuryliners.com. A service charge, plus sales tax, may be charged to you based on the food, beverage and all other services shown in the Reservation Confirmation. If purchased on luxuryliners.com, all taxes are included in the price.  Any gratuities which you may wish to leave in addition to the required service charge are entirely discretionary and should be based on the degree to which the service you received exceeded your expectations. Any such gratuities will be distributed to all of the members of our crew who performed services for your charter and you agree that we may do so.  A 4.75% surcharge will be applied to all credit card transactions NOT processed through our website, luxuryliners.com.  We accept all forms of payment such as wire, check, cash, and credit cards.  A valid credit card must be on file for all charters regardless of final method of payment. Payment method selected must have time to clear the bank BEFORE the charter begins.  A physical imprint of the credit card on file may be required prior to departure so make sure that the card holder as well as their card are on board prior to departure.
A confirmation email for the yacht!  A second confirmation once we confirm captain and crew!
You will receive an automated email instantly stating that your order has been successfully submitted and received.  A separate confirmation email will be sent to you as soon as we confirm the availability of boat and captain for your charter, usually within 24 hours. There is information regarding the picking up location and contact number of captain as well other important information for your coming trip, please read the confirmation email carefully.
Nope!  That is the short answer once you have signed the contract. If your product online did not have a contract, then yes, you can cancel at anytime for a full refund.  The main reason is because we have taken the vessel off the market away from other potential customers.  If you have a really good reason we may make an exception though. Our full policy is stated below.
CANCELLATION: Once the Charterer has posted the deposit and given us a signed reservation confirmation and/or Charter Summary when applicable that we have accepted, we will reserve the vessel for the times specified and start to make all necessary arrangements. Therefore, we will not book a conflicting charter and will be required to turn away other requests. For that reason and because of the work we will have done, we have a cancellation fee policy as follows: (a) In the event we receive a written cancellation notice from you 120 days or more before the date of your charter, we will refund your deposit equal to 50% of the reservation confirmation and/or charter summary less a 7.5% service charge; (b) If we receive a written cancellation notice from you less than 120 days before the date of your charter, but more than 10 days before that date, the Company shall be entitled to treat this agreement as having been repudiated by the Charterer and the Charterer forfeits all money paid before repudiation; (c) If we receive a written cancellation notice from you less than 10 days before the date of your charter, you will be liable for the full amount of the reservation confirmation fees shown at that time; (d) In addition, you also agree to pay a 50% cancellation fee based on the costs of any entertainment you have ordered, but then decide to cancel that order within 30 days of your charter.  Any deposits given to us less than 24 hours before departure are non-refundable.
Deposits are all non-refundable!  Unless you have not executed a contract so be sure you’re ready to move forward BEFORE you sign the contract.
RESERVATION AND DEPOSIT:  The minimum primary deposit amount is 50% of total cost unless otherwise noted on your reservation confirmation. Your charter reservation confirmation is not confirmed and we are not obligated to provide our services for your charter, until we receive your deposit and we also receive and accept the reservation confirmation with a charter summary when applicable, that you have signed. However, if we receive a deposit and completed Charter Agreement from another client for the same or conflicting services before we receive your deposit and signed Charter Agreement and Charter Summary, we will provide you with a right of first refusal which will expire after 24 hours. First come first serve.
Payment is due immediately to book the yacht. 50% is the minimum payment for some vessels.
PAYMENTS AND CHARGES:  Our charter price is based on your charter summary and reservation confirmation and the estimated number of guests you provide to us. Payment is due in full 14 business days prior to the charter. You must provide us with a final guaranteed guest count 14 days or more before the date of your charter, and that guest count will then be the basis for a minimum charge for your charter. If you do not provide us with that final guest count 14 days or more before the date of your charter, our most recent Charter Summary calculation will be the minimum charge. If you request any menu changes less than 14 days prior to the date of your charter, you agree to pay the full cost of any such changes as billed to you. All outstanding balances on your total charter price, including those based on the final guaranteed guest count, are due 10 days before the date of your charter. We will count the number of your guests boarding the vessel for your charter; this count will be final and, if greater than your guaranteed guest count, will be the basis for additional guest charges which you will be obligated to pay. Payments for any such additional guests, or additional services you request either before or during the cruise, are due at the end of the charter. The line items and totals on your invoice may reflect cash/check discounted prices; if you decide to make a payment using an approved credit card, this discount will be eliminated and the amount due shall revert to 103% of the discounted amount.  Credit card payments for balances exceeding 10,000 USD are not accepted. Final balances over 10,000 USD are to be paid by company check or wire only.
Deposits are all non-refundable!  Unless you have not executed a contract so be sure you’re ready to move forward BEFORE you sign the contract. Refund and credit policy is stated below.
REFUNDS AND CREDITS: The company is not responsible for items left on the vehicle. In the event of electronic failure of complimentary amenities (equipment, lavatory, TV, DVD, gaming systems, radio, aux inputs) or should they become unavailable, no refund will be given with future credits at the company’s discretion.  Chefs and caterers are independent contractors.  Quality of service is subjective.  No refunds will be provided for unsatisfactory service.
Call us at (310) 526-3429 to confirm availability in real time.
Call us at (310) 526-3429 and schedule a viewing appointment.  Typically appointments are Monday – Friday from 10 am to 2 pm.  There is a $300.00 viewing fee; which will be applied to any charter you book with us.
15 minutes prior to your start time.  Once captain, crew, and the yacht have been confirmed an email will be sent will detailed boarding instructions as to boarding and location of the vessel’s boarding area. Detailed policy is stated below.
You and your guests may begin boarding 15 minutes before the scheduled departure per the reservation confirmation.  We expect the vessel to return to the dock about 15 minutes before the scheduled end time, and for you to use that period of time for disembarkation.  If your guests have not disembarked within 15 minutes after the scheduled end time, we reserve the right to charge you an overtime charge as per the reservation confirmation if the charter should be extended past the scheduled end time.  Boarding locations will be sent upon confirmation.
6 or 12 passengers is the maximum for all small passenger vessels.  Party Yachts, allow more than 12 passengers because they are inspected passenger vessels authorized by the US Coast Guard to carry more than 12.
USE OF THE VESSEL:  Charterer and guests shall comply with the Law and Regulations of any country into whose waters the vessel shall cruise and enter during the course of this agreement. Charterer may not have more guests on the vessel than it is certified to carry. Charterer must provide parents, faculty or staff members to accompany groups under 18 years of age.  The company reserves the right to require security services for your charter and to charge you additionally for them. No one under 21 will be served or may consume alcoholic beverages on board.  Neither you, anyone acting for you, or your guests may bring animals on board without prior written permission from the owner.  Neither you, anyone acting for you, or your guests may bring alcoholic beverages on board without prior written permission from the owner. High heels and certain types of shoes are not allowed on certain vessels, as per the owner’s or the captain’s discretion.  Some vessels are non-smoking. Smoking is permitted in designated areas only, per the owner’s discretion. Any merchandise brought on board shall be cleared through customs before taken ashore when applicable. Client is responsible for the conduct and entertainment of any guest(s) on board.  This is not a responsibility of the company.
Kids do!  You just need to be safe and hold onto the rails when approaching the bow!

Under California law, every child under 13 years of age on a moving recreational vessel of any length must wear a Coast Guard-approved life jacket in serviceable condition and of a type and size appropriate for the conditions and the activity. The law does not apply to children under 13 years of age who are:

  • on a sailboat and are restrained by a harness tethered to the sailboat;
  • in an enclosed cabin;
  • on a vessel engaged in an emergency rescue situation.
A waiver may be required for you and your guests to sign prior to departure depending on the yacht owner’s policy with regard to waivers. The captain will have waivers on board for signature if not given ahead of time prior to your yacht charter. You and your guests are responsible for behaving appropriately while on board the yacht. Waivers are at the discretion of the owner and captain.
Yes!  However, most yachts that carry more than 12 passengers typically do not allow this. Also, if the yacht has a liquor license it is not allowed to let you bring your own alcohol on board. Check the product page for a galley fee option. If it has a galley fee, that means you can bring an outside caterer or bring your own food.
Please refrain from bringing things that stain like red velvet cupcakes, red wine, blue frosting, and glitter!  It is nearly impossible to remove glitter from a yacht.  You can bring alcoholic beverages, if you are of legal drinking age, and your yacht DOES NOT have a liquor license. All of the aforementioned items may cause damage to the teak, sofas, any leather on board, and the carpet.
In the morning!
Location. Location. Location. Generally speaking though the mornings are the best time for calm waters, mid day is the best time for catching some sun, and evening is best for dinner or sunset cruises on your yacht.
2-2 1/2 hours!  Unless you pay extra and/or get a really fast yacht.
Chartering a yacht to Catalina Island is 2-2.5 hours in travel time each way in most cases at 14-17 knots. It’s possible to get there faster if we go faster.  This will double or triple your fuel cost.  If you want to get to Catalina as fast as possible then please consult with a charter agent as to which  yachts are capable to reach the island in 1-1.5 hours and how much it would cost. In most cases 2-2.5 hours each way is ideal, as it leaves 3-4 hours of time on the island during an 8-10 hour day charter. Fuel cost is built into the online price unless you want to increase speed past 14-17 knots and may be done so at the discretion of the captain.
Hope not!
The waters are fairly calm but there are over the counter medicines that should be taken at least one hour or more prior to boarding. Consult your doctor before taking any sea sickness pills. The most popular are Bonine and Dramamine. They can be purchased in some grocery stores, pharmacies, and any local West Marine store should have plenty right by the check out counter. In our experience Bonine is best to avoid becoming drowsy or tired. Doctors can also prescribe a patch to be placed behind your ear to be worn the night before for those that are extremely prone to sea sickness. HUNGOVER? Don’t get on board the yacht. YOU WILL GET SEA SICK!  If you absolutely must get on board hungover then consult your doctor to get a patch to go behind your ear.
Stay up above deck and stare out at the horizon!
First, if you need to be sick then allow yourself to be sick. If you are just feeling a bit queazy then DO NOT go down below deck. Stay up top and find a point far out along the horizon to focus on. If you feel you need to return to the dock then let your captain know immediately. If someone else on board is feeling sick then please let the crew know. If your feeling is that the route is uncomfortable then also please let your captain know. If possible he or she will adjust the course to make things more comfortable or make a recommendation like returning to the harbor or bay, coming back in from the open water.
A fishing license and it’s better with a fishing boat!
Though most yachts will allow you to fish while on board it’s best to charter a sports fisher or fishing boat. If it’s not a fishing boat you will be required to bring everything you need like poles, bait, bait tank, licenses, etc. Fishing boats will usually have poles and a bait tank but read the product page description to confirm what is and is not included with your fishing charter. Some locations require a fishing license. In California you must have a fishing license to fish as a consumer. You can buy them online by clicking here.
Yes! Maybe!  Check your product page to see if paddle boards or kayaks are optional. Most are available through third parties only, not Luxury Liners. On the Luxury Liners website only our 85′ Pacifica is insured and permitted for swimming.
INSURANCE: The owner represents that the yacht is insured against Fire, Marine and Collision Risks, and with Protection and Indemnity coverage for the charter term and the Charterer, shall thereby be relieved of any and all liability for such loss or damage unless fire is caused by charterer or charterers’ guests. The Charterer is responsible for any damage incurred to the ship caused by the willful or negligent acts of himself, his or her guests, and third parties. In the event of accident or injury, the Charterer shall give the Owner or captain prompt notice of same. Said policies of insurance are to be held by Owner; but should the Owner fail to, or elect not to, carry such insurance, he shall then assume the same responsibility as if the yacht were so insured. Owner, the insurance company, and the charter agent accept no responsibility for accidents, injury or death due to swimming or diving of any kind after leaving the vessel(s) to enter the water, while in the water, or while boarding the vessel(s) upon return from the water. Additionally, this contract excludes all liability for injury of any kind or in any manner connected with swimming, diving, or watersport activities such as the use of snorkels, paddle boards, kayaks, water-skis, windsurfer or other sports equipment whether or not it is supplied by the Owner or Charterer. The Owner’s insurance policy does not include Protection and Indemnity coverage for the Charterer. A Remote insurance binder fee may be required for a repositioned vessel(s) and will be stated on the reservationn confirmation.
ILLEGAL DRUGS AND GAMBLING: Use or possession of illegal drugs (federal law applies), including marijuana on board the vessel shall result in immediate termination of the charter with forfeiture of  ALL monies paid. If there is any misconduct, possession or use of forbidden items including but not limited to illegal substances, firearms, explosives, or articles of a dangerous or damaging nature aboard the vessel, or if there is illegal gambling by you or your guests, the Captain can choose to immediately end the charter. You will still have to pay the full fees for the charter. Additionally, if anyone in your group brings aboard any of the aforementioned items, the Captain may confiscate them and you will be solely responsible for any damage that results. We can at any time refuse to allow any guest or other person to remain on board. ILLEGAL ACTIVITY: If the Charterer or their guests commit any offense contrary to the Laws and Regulations of any state, country, or province which results in any member of the crew or guests or the vessel being detained, fined, imprisoned, arrested, or seized the Charterer shall indemnify the Company against all loss, damage, and expense incurred by the Company as a result. The Company may give notice to the Charterer to terminate this agreement forthwith and any money paid by the Charterer shall be forfeited.
We love our captains and you will love them too!
CAPTAIN’S AUTHORITY: The Captain shall comply with all reasonable orders given to him by the Charterer regarding the management, operations, and movement of the vessel, wind, weather and other conditions permitting. The Captain shall not, however, be bound to comply with any order which might result in the vessel moving to any port or place that is not safe or proper to be in or might result in the Charterer failing to deliver the vessel upon expiration of the charter period. If in the reasonable opinion of the Captain, the Charterer, or any of his guests fail to observe all or any part of the aforementioned provisions and such failure continues after the Captain has given due and specific warning to the Charterer, the Captain shall be entitled to return the vessel to the port of delivery and upon such return on the charter period shall be terminated and the Charterer will NOT be entitled to a refund.
Let’s think positive!  However, if it happens we will fix it, replace it, or will most likely provide you with a charter free of charge at a later date.  In the rare cases where our yachts have malfunctioned prematurely ending a charter a free yacht charter has ALWAYS been provided in the past. Detailed performance policy is stated below.
PERFORMANCE: The Captain has total control over the vessel and your cruise, including navigation of the vessel, the route taken, and all safety issues. We do not have any control over fog, sea perils, storms, weather, strikes, accidents, breakdowns, or government requirements. If we do not perform the cruise for any of these reasons, or if the Captain deems it necessary to end the cruise in the interest of safety to the crew, vessel or guests, you agree that we do not owe you damages and you will be entitled only to an appropriate refund, which we will determine, of what you have paid but which we were not able to provide. If we do not cruise for the reasons listed above, and the charter can continue dockside, we will refund you 50% of the charter rental portion of the reservation confirmation. If for any reason, we do not provide the vessel you selected, we may provide one or more other vessels that are able to carry the same or a greater number of guests, and we may also change the location from which we sail, if circumstances require it. If we do not, we will refund 100% of the deposit and charter fees you paid, but we will not have to do anything more and will not have any other liabilities to you or your guests.
We have crew members that are familiar and experienced with yachting. The last thing anyone wants is a chef that gets sea sick. Trust us!
Yes!  But not like airbnb 🙂
We definitely offer longer fully crewed day charters, weekly charters, and monthly charters to popular as well as exotic destinations.  Luxury Liners will provide the minimum crew required by law or extend it to include servers, chefs, etc. LEGEND.CO