Fishing Boat Rentals: Your Versatile Vacation on a Yacht

Updated: May 10, 2019
fishing boat rentals
Care to wrestle with some deep-sea leviathans out on the open ocean? Try our fishing boat rentals to get the fullest hands-on experience of your life.

You and your crew already know what you want to do on your next holiday.

You’re itching to hit the water, cast a line, and reel in a leviathan the likes of which nobody back at the office has ever seen.

Fishing boat rentals are the perfect way to do it, and we’re here to let you in on all the secrets to building your perfect charter.

See the World with Fishing Boat Rentals this Year

If you’ve never considered renting a fishing boat, now is the perfect time. The water is teeming, the fish are biting, and the sun is shining somewhere.

Since our fishing boat rentals can take you pretty much anywhere, finding the perfect spot shouldn’t be a problem. You just have to pick where you want to go.

From pristine stretches of sand across the California coastline to the balmy tip of the Florida panhandle, we’ve got captains who know all the best spots. Choose to cruise in comfort around the sparkling Hawaiian Islands, or head south of the border to blast through Baja on the trip of your life.

Remember that fishing is the reason for the season, and what you catch depends largely on where and when you want to go. Make sure to read up on the best fishing spots in the country before you make a decision.

The Perfect Craft for Your Catch & Crew

The yacht of your choice is waiting for you. Choose between a myriad of unique vessels to find one which fits your needs.

What You Can Expect on Board

Our fishing boat rentals don’t just come with a pole. They come with all the luxurious amenities you’ve come to expect, and ample space to throw whatever kind of shindig you’re interested in.

Choose a fully-equipped sports fishing vessel for an action-packed vacation with everything included, or bring your own gear to hop on board any vessel you like. Keep in mind that you’ll need a fishing license in some parts of the country, and each yacht has its own regulations as well. You can learn more on our FAQ page.

Which Boat is Right for You?

We have dozens of boats for you to choose from, each offering something different. Take a family vacation while fishing to your heart’s content on our 74′ Striker out of Hawaii, which can carry you and up to twelve of your closest friends on a charter truly fit for a king. Enjoy the jacuzzi and dine on succulent treats as you fish for Marlin, Tuna, Mahi-Mahi, and Ono in these crystal-clear waters.

If you’re looking for a cozier or more versatile vessel, try the 68′ Queenship out of Cabo San Lucas. This ship is befitted with all your sportster needs, from kayaks to paddleboards to snorkeling gear. Head out for some deep-sea fishing to battle with Wahoo, Maker, Yellow Tail, Blue Marlin and more on this action-packed yacht.

Try Out Fishing Boat Rentals for Your Perfect Holiday

We’ve got the boats, the crew, and all the gear to make your holiday a success. You can’t go wrong with our hand-tailored experiences, so don’t hesitate to bait your line with us.

Ready to try out our fishing boats rentals? Peruse our yacht options and pick the perfect vessel to catch your monster.

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