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    Bareboat​ ​Charter​ ​Check In/Check Out

    Begin​ ​as​ ​follows:

    COMPLETEDCheck the Battery isolator switches are all in the "On" position. (2 red switches and 1 black).

    COMPLETEDFully inspect the vessel and find the “how to” book onboard.

    COMPLETEDCheck to insure the life jackets are onboard and located in the forward port deck.

    COMPLETEDThe voltage the boat has in both battery banks. 12.5 volts is necessary to start the engine.

    COMPLETEDYou can also use the LED display to check the fuel and fresh water status.

    Starting the Engine:

    COMPLETEDGo to the ignition panel and hold in the bottom button to turn on the ignition panel. Next, push the top button on the ignition panel to start the engine. Immediately check that exhaust water is pumping out the stern as soon as the engine starts running.

    Checking the Bilges:

    COMPLETEDYou can look under the port and state board cabin sole floorboards to visually inspect the bilge of the boat. If there is water, turn on electric bilge pump at the 12 V panel, or use manual bilge pump in cockpit.

    Check your Propane Container:

    COMPLETEDlift it to feel if the tank is heavy with gas, or light and needs re-filling. Solenoid switch in (12V panel, LP gas control) galley must be "ON" in order to light stove or stove top.

    Check out your Dinghy:

    COMPLETEDPump included? Fuel tank full? Oars included? Suitable tow line and briefing on keeping painter out of sailboat propeller.

    Emptying the Holding Tanks:

    COMPLETEDMost of the Lagoons, and even most Beneteau's have the gravity flow holding tank through-hull valves (one for each head/port one AFT S/R forward bulk head. STBD Forward S/R AFT bulkhead), with a large Red handle. If the handle is in line with the hose, the valve is open, and if the red handle if perpendicular to the hose, the valve is closed.

    The Refrigerator:

    COMPLETEDWhile all charter boats have one, the fridge unit will actively drain your house battery bank if left on, so all fridge units should be left off unless running the engine alternator, or the boat is plugged into the 110AC shore power cord.


    COMPLETEDWhether the toilets on your charter boat flush manually or with an electric switch, one rule is very important. NO PAPER PRODUCTS AT ALL IN THE TOILET, INCLUDING TOILET PAPER! There is a covered waste can or receptacle in the boats bathroom, please put all paper products in the waste can and NOT the toilet.

    Fire Extinguisher Locations:

    COMPLETEDUnder port AFT bench set.


    COMPLETEDPort AFT S/R Forward Bulkhead.

    Port AFT Bench Seat:



    AFT Island Seat:

    COMPLETEDFirst aid kit.

    COMPLETEDElectronic Manuals.