Fun, Fast, Fabulous: Your Weekend on a Yacht Awaits

Updated: Jul 19, 2019
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Need a mini vacation to brighten up your calendar? Spend a weekend on a yacht with us to enjoy deluxe services, fine dining, and tons of fun on the water.

Are you itching to sail off into the sunset, but just can’t seem to find the time?

It’s hard to get away. The office keeps you occupied all day, and the array of responsibilities always seems to get in the way of your vacation.

Fortunately, we’ve found the solution to your problem. Right now, you can spend your weekend on a yacht with us and be back at your desk come Monday morning.

What exactly can you get out of a two-day venture? Read on to discover all the exciting destinations, alluring activities, and deluxe onboard services you can expect on this jaunt.

What to Expect When You Spend Your Weekend on a Yacht

Spending your weekend on a yacht offers a wealth of rewards. You’ll be in charge of your own vacation atmosphere, picking and choosing your adventures as you see fit.

Choosing Your Destination

The world is your oyster for the weekend, so it’s important to choose your destination carefully. Flying to the other end of the country is fine for a longer getaway, but Saturday and Sunday tend to fly by quickly. The less vacation time you have, the more important it is to maximize it.

That’s why you should consider destinations closer to home for a weekend trip. We have charters leaving from both coasts, so you can head from sea to shining sea in search of the perfect American hotspot. Those living in southern locales can even choose to head beyond the borders, relaxing on the balmy beaches of the Bahamas or Cabo San Lucas in Mexico.

Electing Suitable Services

You want this to be a weekend you’ll remember forever, and we offer the full range of onboard services to make it truly stand out. Take advantage of our customizable catering options to munch on delectable treats whipped up by professional private chefs.

Relax as you sip on succulent handcrafted cocktails, prepared using the freshest ingredients by the most knowledgeable bartenders in the industry. No matter what your preferences are, we can create a menu to suit your needs and make this weekend a delicious one.

Picking the Right Activities

Some people prefer a low-key vacation spent lounging on the deck sipping mai-tais, while others prefer to be riding behind the boat on a jet ski — the choice is yours. You’ll have ample opportunity to watch dolphins dancing in your wake, or you can elect to go for more thrilling fun like scuba diving, snorkeling, or paddleboarding.

Want a taste of the local atmosphere? Disembark at your destination of choice to enjoy the food, culture, and nightlife of the region before retiring to your luxury yacht to catch some shut-eye before the next big day.

Don’t Hesitate to Book Your Weekend on a Yacht Today

Spending a weekend on a yacht is the perfect way to reconnect with family, friends, or that special someone in your life. Why not start planning your adventure today?

The ocean is calling. Check out our yacht rentals page to discover our boats and see where they could take you this weekend.

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