Handsome Highlights: Our Top 3 Luxury Mega Yachts for Sale

Updated: May 28, 2019
luxury mega yachts for sale
They say you can't buy happiness. We say you can. Explore our collection of luxury mega yachts for sale and get started purchasing your paradise today.

Thinking about purchasing your own luxury ocean liner?

The life does come with endless perks. You can set sail whenever you want and travel the world at your leisure, getting a sweet tan under the sun in whichever hemisphere suits your fancy.

We know that life is better when you wear the captain’s hat, which is why we’ve got a collection of luxury mega yachts for sale in harbors all across the seven seas. Even if you’re not interested in owning a vessel, these beauties are worth ogling.

3 Awe-Inspiring Luxury Mega Yachts for Sale

We have a myriad of marvelous luxury mega yachts for sale, but these three are some of the most pristine queens we’ve ever seen.

1. 120’ Tecnomar 2011

We’ll own up to the fact that we love to gush about boats. After all, it’s what we do — but a lifetime of dealing in watercraft couldn’t have prepared us for the 120′ Tecnomar.

Built in 2011, this Italian-made beauty has every mark of extravagance. From her teak decking to her fully equipped kitchen featuring Miele and Whirlpool appliances, the Tecnomar is ready to spirit you away to a whole new world of paradise.

Her style is unique to the Velvet 36 series, her color scheme an ultramodern wonderland of white sure to bring inspiration to every guest. Relax among her 5 staterooms or lounge on plush furniture up top as you enjoy the ocean view.

2. 96’ Ferretti 2016

The Queen B is an apt name for this 96′ Ferretti 2016, which has all the makings of royalty rolled up into one sleek vessel. The interior is spacious enough to move around in comfortably while still brimming with amenities and delightful design points.

With light streaming in from copious windows in all the right places, the craft has an airy atmosphere you just don’t get with other boats. In fact, you’ll feel more as though you’re staying in a 5-star hotel until you catch sight of the ocean around you.

Ferretti is a well-known name in luxury yacht manufacturing, and they definitely didn’t skimp out when creating this treasure. She also has a set of modifications which make her even better, like upgraded saddle leather accents and custom lighting which set a unique and awestriking ambiance.

3. 100′ Ocean Alexander 2018

If you’re not easily impressed, the 100′ Ocean Alexander is the yacht for you. This boat was custom-built for its original private owner with all the love, care, and devotion which an Alexander deserves. That means custom wood paneling across the floor, deliciously cool marble countertops in the kitchen, and all the comfy touches you need to feel at home.

You’ll find heated flooring in the bathroom and larger-than-life windows built in to enhance the view. This yacht is subtle yet opulent, a lesson in all things lavish. We’re already jealous of its next owner.

Luxury Mega Yachts for Sale Around the World

These crafts are captivating, but they aren’t the only ones we’ve got up our sleeve. If you’re ready to see the rest, you won’t be disappointed.

Interested in exploring more luxury mega yachts for sale? Check out our yacht listings page to get started.

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