How to Charter a Yacht: Your Comprehensive Guide to the Ultimate Vacation Experience

Updated: Aug 09, 2019
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Ready to put the wind in your sails?

Your cruising vacation should be a breeze, but you’ll need to know how to charter a yacht if you want it to go down without a hitch.

Luckily, we’re here to help you out with this complete guide to planning the perfect trip. Read on to discover all the tricks of the trade, and find out how to get started sailing the stress-free way.

How to Charter a Yacht for an Optimal Experience on the High Seas

The first step in learning how to charter a yacht is to think ahead. Consider where you want to go and what type of vessel you want to sail on, then decide who to book with.  

Figuring Out Your Destination

This might seem like a no-brainer, but the yachting experience varies wildly between destinations. If it’s warm weather you’re after, consider a jaunt to the tropics. The Bahamas are balmy all year, and the British Virgin Islands offer easy sailing and calm waters.

However, some people aren’t in it for the sun. A yacht charter can take you almost anywhere in the world and offers the perfect opportunity to get in touch with your adventurous side. Those who don’t mind getting their hands dirty can see wild sights like Icelandic fjords, Scottish cliffs, or Croatian caves. Once you decide which type of adventure you want, you’ll be better equipped to choose a boat.

Deciding on Your Dream Boat

While you don’t have to have a specific yacht in mind, it’s good to have a basic idea of what you want. Decide on your budget and work within your price range, considering how many people will be sailing and for how long. If it’s your first time chartering or if you have children, consider choosing a stable yacht rather than a complicated sailing vessel to increase your comfort while underway.

Next, think about which amenities and services you want to have onboard. Choosing a yacht with comfortable cabins and a kitchen is a smart move for family vacations, while honeymooners or people booking party charters may want to spring for extras like jacuzzis, flat-screen TVs, and sound systems.

Choosing the Perfect Broker

Working with a broker ensures safety and convenience when booking your charter. The best brokers have a network of captains, crews, and staff all over the world, and maintain these contacts to keep opportunities open for their clients. They’ll work with you closely to plan your trip, helping you learn the ropes of chartering and directing you towards the best options to fit your preferences and budget.

Here at Luxury Liners, we’re committed to matching you with the perfect craft. Our superstar captains know all the sweet spots, and our team of seaworthy sailing professionals is ready to bring it all together for you.

Charter a Yacht to Sail for Your Vacation Dreams Today

We know how to charter a yacht with style, bringing you the vacation you’ve always dreamed of. If you’ve got the sailing itch, let us show you why we’re the best choice.

Ready to start planning your dream trip? Check out our flexible itineraries page to get an idea of where we can take you.

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