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Duration: Half Day (4 Hours)

Enjoy the the calm waters of the Santa Monica Bay.

11:00 am: Marina del Rey

Board your yacht and enjoy a leisurely harbor cruise to the harbor entrance

11:20 am: Venice Beach and Venice Pier

Reach harbor entrance and prepare for open water. Travel north towards Venice Pier watching for whales and dolphins, and enjoy the gorgeous coastline view!

12:00 pm:

Enjoy the back drop of the Los Angeles coast line and take in the site of the iconic Santa Monica Pier, a great place for photos of you and your friends enjoying the day. Drop anchor or just cruise the bay relaxing and soaking up the sun.

03:00 pm:

Return to dock, then tell your family and friends about your extraordinary experience on the water! Luxury Liners is happy to assist with food and beverage accommodations, or you are welcome to make your own arrangements.

Duration: Half Day

Enjoy the the calm waters of Newport Harbor.

11:00 am

Board your yacht and enjoy a leisurely harbor cruise to the harbor entrance

11:45 am

Reach harbor entrance and prepare for open water. Travel south toward Laguna Beach…Watch for whales and dolphins, all while enjoying the gorgeous coastline view!

12:15 pm

Popular anchorages include Big Corona Beach, Crystal Cove and Emerald Bay. Anchor Up in a calm cove….Relax and soak up the sun…

03:00 pm

Return to dock…tell your family and friends about your extraordinary experience on the water! Food and Beverage Provisions, Luxury Liners is happy to assist with food and beverage accommodations, or you are welcome to make your own arrangements.

Duration: Full Day (8-10 hours)

A coastal yacht charter getaway to Catalina Island

09:00 am

Board your yacht; enjoy a leisurely cruise through Marina del Rey Harbor

09:15 am

Reach harbor entrance, prepare for open water…watch for whales and dolphins as you make the crossing!

11:45 am

Arrive to Avalon

12:15 pm

Suggestion: Lunch at Avalon Grille or Blue Water Grill…or lunch aboard your yacht!

02:15 pm

Suggestion: Private Avalon Scenic Tour or Catalina Zip Line…or relax in the sun and enjoy the water!

03:30 pm

Depart Catalina Island

06:00 pm

Return to dock; charter concludes

05:30 pm

Depart Catalina Island

07:00 pm

Return to dock as your charter concludes then tell your family & friends about your extraordinary experience on the water! Luxury Liners is happy to assist with food and beverage accommodations, or you may make your own arrangements. Island Activities Avalon Scenic Tour, Behind The Scenes Casino Tour,  Catalina Island Visitors Golf Course, Zip Line, Scuba/Snorkeling, Descanso Beach Club Cabanas. Restaurants, Avalon Grille Restaurant, Bluewater Avalon, Zest Catering.

Duration: Full Day (8 hours)

A coastal yacht charter getaway to Catalina Island

09:00 am

Board your yacht; enjoy a leisurely cruise through Newport Harbor

09:45 am

Reach harbor entrance, prepare for open water…watch for whales and dolphins as you make the crossing!

11:15 am

Arrive to Avalon

12:15 pm

Suggestion: Lunch at Avalon Grille or Blue Water Grill…or lunch aboard your yacht!

02:15 pm

Suggestion: Private Avalon Scenic Tour or Catalina Zip Line…or relax in the sun and enjoy the water!

04:30 pm

Depart Catalina Island

06:00 pm

Return to dock as your charter concludes then tell your family & friends about your extraordinary experience on the water! Luxury Liners is happy to assist with food and beverage accommodations, or you may make your own arrangements. Island Activities Avalon Scenic Tour, Behind The Scenes Casino Tour,  Catalina Island Visitors Golf Course, Zip Line, Scuba/Snorkeling, Descanso Beach Club Cabanas. Restaurants, Avalon Grille Restaurant, Bluewater Avalon, Zest Catering.

Duration: Full Day (8 hours)

A coastal yacht charter getaway to Catalina Island

09:00 am

Board your yacht; enjoy a leisurely cruise through Long Beach Harbor

09:45 am

Reach harbor entrance, prepare for open water…watch for whales and dolphins as you make the crossing!

11:15 am

Arrive to Avalon

12:15 pm

Suggestion: Lunch at Avalon Grille or Blue Water Grill…or lunch aboard your yacht!

02:15 pm

Suggestion: Private Avalon Scenic Tour or Catalina Zip Line…or relax in the sun and enjoy the water!

04:30 pm

Depart Catalina Island

06:00 pm

Return to dock as your charter concludes then tell your family & friends about your extraordinary experience on the water! Luxury Liners is happy to assist with food and beverage accommodations, or you may make your own arrangements. Island Activities Avalon Scenic Tour, Behind The Scenes Casino Tour,  Catalina Island Visitors Golf Course, Zip Line, Scuba/Snorkeling, Descanso Beach Club Cabanas. Restaurants, Avalon Grille Restaurant, Bluewater Avalon, Zest Catering.

Duration: Half Day (4 hours)

Enjoy the the calm waters of Long Beach and Alamitos Bay.

11:00 am

Board your yacht and enjoy a leisurely harbor cruise to the harbor entrance

11:45 am

Reach harbor entrance and prepare for open water. Travel south toward Laguna Beach…Watch for whales and dolphins, and enjoy the gorgeous coastline view!

12:15 pm

Popular anchorages include: Big Corona Beach, Crystal Cove and Emerald Bay Anchor Up in a calm cove….Relax and soak up the sun…

03:00 pm

Return to dock…tell your family and friends about your extraordinary experience on the water! Food and Beverage Provisions, Luxury Liners is happy to assist with food and beverage accommodations, or you are welcome to make your own arrangements.

Duration: Half Day (4 hours)

Evening dinner cruise for 2 or 12 in Marina del Rey

06:00 pm

Board Yacht and enjoy the sights of Newport Harbor

07:30 pm

Dinner Reservations at The Cannery

09:30 pm

Leisurely harbor cruise after dinner

10:00 pm

Return to dock; charter concludes Waterfront Restaurants  Cannery Seafood of the Pacific has been a fixture to Newport Beach for over 80 years. Located in the Cannery Village, specializing in more than the freshest and most flavorful seafood complimented by an award winning wine list. The water-level Grill Room offers a sophisticated menu of delicious steaks, chops and salads prepared with flair & imagination. Enjoy our famous margaritas or a favorite cocktail upstairs at the Jellyfish Bar, where you can choose from Japanese specialties & sushi at the Sushi Bar, or dine al fresco on our heated & enclosed patio where you can relax and watch luxury yachts pass by.

Duration: Half Day (4 hours)

Evening dinner cruise for 2 or 12 in Newport Beach

06:00 pm

Board Yacht and enjoy the sights of Newport Harbor

07:30 pm

Dinner Reservations at The Cannery

09:30 pm

Leisurely harbor cruise after dinner

10:00 pm

Return to dock; charter concludes Waterfront Restaurants Cannery Seafood of the Pacific has been a fixture to Newport Beach for over 80 years. Located in the Cannery Village, specializing in more than the freshest and most flavorful seafood complimented by an award winning wine list. The water-level Grill Room offers a sophisticated menu of delicious steaks, chops and salads prepared with flair & imagination. Enjoy our famous margaritas or a favorite cocktail upstairs at the Jellyfish Bar, where you can choose from Japanese specialties & sushi at the Sushi Bar, or dine al fresco on our heated & enclosed patio where you can relax and watch luxury yachts pass by.

Duration: 9 Days

The grandeur of Alaska an amazing Alaskan luxury yacht charter itinerary.

Day 1 – Ketchikan to Boca de Quadra

Depart Ketchikan heading south, cruise past the coast guard base and leave town to rescind in the distance. Once past Mountain Point the roads come to an end and the wilderness begins. Breathtaking George Inlet comes into view followed by Thorne Inlet. As Misty Fjords looms large the yacht cruises into Boca de Quadra, Mink Arm to anchor for a peaceful night under a spectacular canopy of stars.

Day 2 – Hugh Smith Lake

Hugh Smith Lake, Alaska Yacht CharterAwake in the morning to a hearty breakfast set against a background of awe-inspiring scenery. Disembark after breakfast for a short, easy hike to Hugh Smith Lake, a picture postcard vision in the soft light of morning, to spend an exhilarating day of exploration. Return to the yacht and as dinner is being prepared, the yacht pulls up anchor to get underway to Ella Bay. On the menu, fresh caught Dungeness crab and salmon accompanied by a delectable array of side dishes and perfect wine parings.

Day 3 – Ella Bay and Lake

Watching the wild mink clean themselves in the riffles is an especially charming delight. For anglers, the trout fishing along the river is known as some of the best around. After an exciting and memorable day, pull up anchor and prepare for the most spectacular destination yet to come.

Day 4 – Punchbowl Cover

The amazing Rudyerd Bay and Punchbowl Cove is just across Behm Canal, extraordinary among canals for its length and depth. Boating through spectacular Punchbowl Cove has been likened to a cruise through Yosemite. Here the terrain of rock walls is not just steep it is straight up. After exploring the magnificent fjords for the day cruise into Manzanita Bay to anchor for the night.

Day 5 – Manzanita Bay

A shore excursion along the lake trail, which is a little rough but well worth the hike, reveals breathtaking waterfalls that abound in this region, plunging down through narrow clefts and coursing across great granite shoulders. Superb fishing here helps reel in fresh catch for dinner, and on returning to the boat the crab pots also yield a bounty of fresh Dungeness crabs. The peaceful and relaxing bay is a superb setting in which to linger one last night.

Day 6 – Walker Cove

It is a short cruise to picturesque Walker Cove, another dramatic vista marked by stark 4000ft mountains rising straight out of the saltwater. Birdwatchers may catch a glimpse of trumpeter swans, herons, bald eagles, even humming birds.

Day 7 – Behm Canal and Burroughs Bay

Traveling farther north through Behm Canal past the Chikamin river cobalt waters gradually change from the clear deep blues of the depths to a surreal aqua imparted from the glaciers that feed the Unuk river and Burroughs Bay.

Day 8 – Bell Island Hot springs

Nothing is so soothing as a soak in the waters of a natural hot spring. Relax and enjoy the company of the resort guests and staff. Now is the perfect leisure time to sit and regale others with the exploits of the past week over cocktails and canapés.

Day 9 – Ketchikan

On the return trip to Ketchikan, past the glorious Alaskan scenery, take some final photographs of a pristine wilderness that few are fortunate enough to behold. Disembark and allow time to visit the city, nicknamed the Salmon Capital of the World, that also has the world’s largest collection of standing totem poles.

Duration: 8 Days

Set out from Anacortes on your yacht charter to explore the San Juan Islands, which are plentiful in beautiful landscapes and animal life. See more about bareboat yacht charters on the West Coast.

Day 1: Anacortes to Lopez Island

Enjoy a leisurely cruise from Anacortes to the 130-acre Spencer Spit State Park. Located on Lopez Island there are several places to moor here. The park has an excellent reputation for crabbing and clamming, and also is a good location for a short hike.

Day 2: Lopez Island to Friday Harbor, San Juan Island

Friday Harbor is a popular tourist destination, the island community offers one of the best spots for heading ashore to shop and dine. The restaurants range from fine dining experiences to ice cream parlours.

Day 3: Friday Harbor to Roche Harbor, San Juan Island

Roche Harbor is one of the most picturesque places on San Juan Island, so make sure that you’re prepared to take some photos! Once a trading post for Hudson’s Bay Company, nowadays this is a must-see destination for yachters, and there’s also a sunset flag ceremony which you cannot miss.

Day 4: Roche Harbour to Reid Harbor, Stuart Island

Reid Harbor offers plenty of mooring buoys and floats within 360 degrees of protection from the wind. Stopping here, stretch your legs on shore by going for a hike around the island.

Day 5: Reid Harbour to Sucia Island

Sucia Island is said to be the number 1 park in the San Juan Islands, so get here early enough so that you can do all the exploring that you need to! Explore all of the island’s bays, whether you choose to do this on foot or by dinghy. The Sucia Island State Park has 77,700 feet of shoreline waiting for you!

Day 6: Sucia Island to Rosario Resort , Orcas Island

At the foot of Mount Constitution on the horseshoe shaped Orcas Island, lies Rosario Resort, which used to be a mansion owned by Seattle shipbuilder, Robert Moran. The resort comes complete with island history, fine dining, an outdoor pool and spa, surrounded by rugged landscape. Stop here to enjoy a relaxing evening.

Day 7: Rosario Resort to Hunter Bay, Lopez Island

Work your way through the San Juan Islands in to Lopez Sound, where you will fins a quiet anchorage at Hunter Bay. Catch crab for your dinner and enjoy a tranquil evening for the last night of your charter.

Day 8: Hunter Bay back to Anacortes

A short cruise back to base will take you past both Cypress Island and Guemes Island for your final helping of sailing scenery, before disembarking.

Duration: 6 Days

The Exumas are a never-ending stretch of flawless coastline dotted with dreamy cays in the Bahamas over 100 miles long across twinkling turquoise seas. This is a tropical paradise in which you and your family can collect your own washed up treasures and enjoy incredible diving sites, peaceful anchorages and fresh food on every day of your crewed motor yacht charter. Read on to see what a 6 Day charter in the Exumas will involve.

Day 1: Highbourne Cay to Highbourne Spring

Embark on your yacht charter in Highbourne Cay and start getting to know your crew! This is a good chance to familiarise yourself with the boat and learn the ropes! Highbourne is the perfect place to begin your charter- feel the sand on your feet as you enjoy an afternoon walk along any of the eight deserted beaches, all within walking distance of the Marina. In the evening, you will be able to attempt catching your own dinner in a night-time fishing trip!

Day 2: Highbourne Spring to Warderick Wells

Wake up in paradise before enjoying a personalised breakfast on board, prepared by your crew. This morning will be an easy cruise south east to Warderick Wells past Shroud Cay through crystal clear waters. From rocky cliffs to sand dunes, mangrove creeks and sandy beaches, this island has it all. Anchor for an early lunch on board- whether you wish to take a break from the sun and enjoy lunch in the saloon, or make use of the luxurious exteriors, the choice is yours! The afternoon is your time to explore the stunning surroundings- look out for the skeleton of a 53’ Sperm Whale which is always a fascinating find for both children and adults alike! Look out for blow holes which spurt water out from the ocean at any given moment! If you’re keen to get back in the water, this is a perfect time to snorkel around old ship wrecks and catch sight of spotted eagle rays.

Day 3: Warderick Wells to Compass Cay

Day 3 is sure to be an action-packed day full of activities so start off with a hearty breakfast in the gentle morning sunshine! Your captain will begin cruising southeast towards Cambridge Cay past cays, gorgeous waters and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world- this will take roughly 2.5 hours. Anchor at Cambridge Cay to enjoy lunch in leisure aboard your yacht. Take a tender to spend the afternoon swimming with nurse sharks at Compass Cay! If you’d prefer to keep your distance from sharks, there is always the option to go snorkeling at Rocky Dundas- a string of caves in which you can find bubbly pools fed by water from the lava rocks. Enjoy sundowners from the aft deck of your yacht as the sun slowly sinks into the sea, before dinner on board.

Day 4: Cambridge Cay to Shroud Cay

Day 4 will take you on an underwater adventure through colourful coral reefs and aquariums. After breakfast, take a dive into the turquoise sea for a morning swim through the Coral Garden before you leave Cambridge Cay. Enjoy a leisurely lunch on board before you take a tender to the Sea Aquarium off O’Briens Cay. By mid-afternoon, your captain will begin to take you to Shroud Cay while the crew serve you with delicious sundowners. Relax into the evening with another mouth-watering meal prepared by your crew.

Day 5: Shroud Cay to Norman Island

Spend the morning rushing through the water on the jet skis and exploring the mangrove creeks on Shroud Cay. Later on you can take the tender to the Northern end of Hawksbill Cay to explore all the secret spots that it has to offer. Enjoy lunch on board before you take the tender to see what Hawksbill has to offer- a trail from Adler Beach runs across the cay and then branches off to the sound side North and South Beaches. Find your very own sandspit to enjoy the last sundowners in the Exumas. Take the tender to Norman Island to enjoy cocktails at the charming McDuffs, the only bar and restaurant that you will find on this island. Get a good night’s sleep as you’ll have to be up early in the morning to catch a flight back home!

Day 6: Norman Island to Nassau

Today marks the last voyage of your charter holiday before you say your goodbyes before your early morning departure to Nassau. The crew will prepare your breakfast for you to enjoy before you arrive in Nassau before your flight back home. Other popular places to visit are St. Martin and St. Barts so wherever you choose, get in touch today with our expert broker who can personalise an itinerary thats suits you and your guests.

Duration: 7 Days

Explore the coast of Mexico on a bareboat yacht charter. This seven day sailing itinerary starts and ends in La Paz, allowing you to explore the Gulf of California.

Day 1: La Paz to Isla Partida

Ensenada Grande on Isla Partida welcomes you with gorgeous turquoise waters, sandy beaches and rocky cliff faces. Ramble through the creeks to explore the area and discover the waters by snorkelling along side the rocky shore.

Day 2: Ensenada Grande to San Evaristo

Just northwest of Isla Partida you will find Los Islotes. This small collection of islands is home to a colony of Californian sea lions – think Pier 39, but far less commercial – here, you can see the sea lions in a more natural habitat. Southwest of Los Islotes is the popular dive spot of El Bajito, where you can see a range of tropical fish. Sail to San Evaristo for the evening, and you can anchor at this well protected fishing village.

Day 3: San Evaristo to Isla San Francisco

The bay of Isla San Francisquito / Francisco makes another popular anchorage with red rock cliffs, crystal clear water and white sand beaches. There is space for many boats at anchor, and you can head to shore for a hike or lie in the sand, and cool off by snorkelling in the water or maybe a spot of fishing?

Day 4: Isla San Francisco to Isla San Jose

Spend the night anchored at Amortajada, on the southwestern tip of Isla San Jose. Explore the mangroves and lagoon in your dinghy or by kayak, and you can spot herons and white egrets either on land or flying through the air.

Day 5: Isla San Jose to Isla Espiritu

Santo Bahia San Gabriel on Isla Espiritu Santo is a stunning large bay and is linked to one of the most beautiful beaches on the western shore of the island by a trail through a small creek and this also leads to Playa Bonanza which is on the eastern shore of the island, so there is plenty of exploring for you to do both on foot and with your snorkel gear.

Day 6: Isla Espiritu Santo to Puerto Balandra

Puerto Balandra is a picture perfect anchorage, where you will find the famous mushroom rock, El Hongo. Here you can hike, kayak and snorkel to your heart’s content!

Day 7: Puerto Balandra to La Paz

Take a short sail back to La Paz for the inescapable end of your charter!

Duration: 7 Days

This itinerary is for the adventurer who is interested in Eco Tourism and experiencing the contrasts between the desert and sea. Quiet Anchorages, Fishing, Hiking, Delightful Sunsets and Total Relaxation!

Day 1: Loreto

Mexico, Arrive at the dock in what is considered the oldest human settlement on the Baja Peninsula, Loreto population 11,800. Loreto is on the inside of the Baja, on the indigo blue Sea of Cortez. Your crew will welcome you aboard with a cool refreshing cocktail and get your group orientated to the yacht and your new surroundings. Loreto’s weather is good all year round, averaging in the 80’s with a dry tropical heat enabling you to take part in many of the local favourite activities which include: Things to Do: The Loreto National Marine Park (which has over 800 species of marine life many of them endangered), tour the beautiful restored Mission of San Javier in the mountains behind the city, kayak, dive, ride horse, go mountain biking and beach combing. Evening stop at Isla Coronado.

Day 2: Isla Carmen

Distance to cover 26 Miles to Isla Carmen. The highlight activity on Isla Carmen is the kayaking circumnavigating the island, swimming and snorkeling.

Day: 3 and 4 – Isla Espiritu Santo and Isla Partida

Mexico, Isla Espiritu Santo and Isla Partida 90 miles south of Isla Carmen –The island is uninhabited but exceptionally beautiful due to the contrasting landscapes of blue sea and reddish limestone cliffs.We recommend touring the Natural Marine park of Isla Espiritu Santo. UNESCO protects this island as a biosphere and its ecotourism draw, is the main tourist attraction. The region as well as Loreto Bay rank among the highest in biological and ecological value. Ensenada del Candelero (Candlestick Cove) is another special spot to explore. Great for snorkelling and kayaking. You could also venture out to the Roca monument, which is a nearby reef that truly will open your eyes to the amazing diversity of sea life. Move the yacht 3 miles to a neighboring island called Isla Partida. Anchor out and hop on the tender over to Los Islotes, an amazing rocky protrusion right on the tip of Espiritu Santo Island. This is the place that you can actually swim with the sea lions and their pups! Ensenada Grande beach on Isla Partida was voted the most beautiful beach in Mexico by the UK publication, The Travel Magazine, February 2007.

Day 5: La Paz

Move 20 miles south and pull into La Paz, the stunning capital of the state of Baja California Sur.  La Paz is a genuinely charming place to visit with an array of things to do. The city has interesting history, yet offers most modern conveniences that you might need ashore. After spending 4 nights aboard the yacht take the opportunity to experience La Paz’s delicacies, dining and nightlife. Shopping is found in the town plaza, and is boarded by a long waterfront that extends for several miles. Local artistry abounds and is scattered all along the waterfront.

Day 6: La Paz

Use the day in La Paz to explore the region. Excursions are always readily available. Head out to the artist pueblo of Todos Santos for some local talent. A famous landmark worth seeing is in downtown La Paz, the Wayland wall, well known around the world.

Fishing is always a popular sport in Mexico, especially in La Paz. Try it either off the back of the yacht or perhaps hire a sport fishing boat to really try your hand at the big game.

Day 7: La Paz

Say goodbye to the crew, promise to return, head for the airport 20 minutes from the airport with wonderful memories and fabulous photographs.

Duration: 5 Days

For a North American itinerary that encompasses both the delights of the coast and the highlights of the luxury resort towns, the Mexican Riviera are an ideal choice. Including both well-known cities and more secluded bays, this five day itinerary offers just a glimpse into what this alluring stretch of coastline has to offer. From the sailing majesty of the Puerto Vallarta to the luxurious hideaways in Bahia Careyes, visitors to Mexico will find calm anchorages, pristine beaches, warm translucent waters and atmospheric towns.

Day 1 | Puerto Vallarta – Bay of Banderas

Start this dazzling journey along Mexico’s glittering coastline from the bustling, vital city of Puerto Vallarta which rests on the incredible Bay of Banderas, touted as one of the best sailing locations in all of Mexico. Shopping enthusiasts will adore the upscale boutiques and local crafts available throughout Puerto Vallarta while naturalist will enthuse over the bounteous marine life. Swim with emerald-backed sea turtle, or sail out to watch the incredible breaching of humpback whales and smaller.

Day 2 | 15 Miles Bay of Banderas – Yelapa

Head from the lively beat of Puerto Vallarta and the glistening Bay of Banderas down to the small fishing village and popular overnight anchorage of Yelapa. Once an old hippie hangout, this lovely locale is bursting with the vibrant traditions and customs that epitomize Mexico. Explore the steep-pathed village proper and take the time to speak to the locals, many of whom are artistic ex-pats who took up residence in the 60’s with a flood of beatniks and celebrities, such as Bob Dylan. There is a waterfall behind the village which tends to dry up quickly, so it’s best to visit during the rainy season. Failing that, trekking or horseback riding are popular choices for exploring this lush area.

Day 3 | 50 Miles Yelapa – Bahia de Camela

Head from the relaxed and retro atmosphere of Yelapa down the shimmering coastline to the secure and well-protected anchorage of Bahia de Camela. This long travel down the coast will leave you wanting to do little more than soak in the sun and then find an ideal spot to anchor for the intense Mexican sunset: Bahia de Camela is perfect for that. A small village with a long stretch of pearly beach, it is also near to several small islands perfect for daytime exploration or nighttime star-gazing.

Day 4 | 15 Miles Bahia de Camela – Bahia Careyes

This is the more luxurious leg of the journey, as Bahia Careyes is surrounded by several resorts able to cater to any indulgent whim that may possess you. This small anchorage is close to several resorts and is also home to a large turtle nesting area, and provides great opportunities for swimming with these gentle giants in the warm waters off of the coast.

Day 5 | 21 Miles Bahia Careyes – Bahia de Tenacatita

Head from the resort local of Bahia Careyes to the large and well-protected bay of Bahia de Tenacatita with its host of calm anchorages. Nearby is the town of La Manzanilla, but this remains an area of feral and exquisitely lush beauty. The beach of Bahia Tenacatita is a glorious example of traditional beauty, with its palm huts and the schools of vivid tropical fish swimming among the rocks. Head down the coast to the town of La Manzanilla to see its Crocodile pond, or explore the inland lagoon and mangrove-lined river. Head to ‘The Aquarium’ for picture-perfect snorkeling.

Duration: 7 Days

Explore The Abacoas, a true beach paradise! The Abacos Islands are known to be one of the world’s top boating and sailing destinations. With calm turquoise seas, quaint colonial towns, two golf courses, miles and miles of stellar beach, great fishing and diving and a wonderful selection of restaurants and bars, The Abacos are without doubt, the ideal vacation destination in the Bahamas. The Abacos Islands consist of a 120-mile-long island chain, frequently called the ‘mini Bahamas’. Great Abaco Island and Little Abaco serve as the “mainland,” with a string of barrier islands separating them from the Atlantic. The body of water separating these two hotspots is the calm, shallow Sea of Abaco, a turquoise Nirvana for boaters and sailors.

Day 1: Marsh Harbor

Arrive in Marsh Harbour (easily accessible from any US airport) and board at the Abaco Beach Resort, a large resort and marina that caters to the mega yacht and sport fishing scene. Once you’re settled aboard your yacht, enjoy lunch from the aft deck as you slowly make your way south to Little Harbour – a fun spot with white sandy beaches. Little Harbour’s remote and lush surroundings offered inspiration for the late bronze sculptor Randolph Johnston. Johnston’s family settled in this harbour over 50 years ago and have built a bronze art foundry to cast their renowned sculptures. Peter Johnston continues his father’s art in bronze and gold depicting the marine wildlife around him. On the harbour beach is a small Tiki bar called Pete’s Pub, where they serve the freshest seafood and refreshing Caribbean cocktails! Enjoy a quiet night at anchor and soak up the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere that only the Abacos can offer. Take in the stars from the sundeck Jacuzzi with friends or family.

Day 2: Pelican Cay Land & Sea Park / Elbow Cay

After breakfast head north to the Pelican Cay Land & Sea Park, a vast 2,100-acre nature reserve. It is home to some of the most unique and beautiful marine life in the world and features an extensive number of undersea caves, coral reefs, flora and fauna. From here enjoy a private beach picnic on one of the gorgeous, uninhabited islands in the park. Leaving here, enjoy a short hop up to Elbow Cay, home of the famous candy striped lighthouse. Depending on your preferences and weather permitting, you can enjoy a night at anchor or tuck into a slip in White Sound or the main harbour. Hope Town offers great dining, local art galleries and of course the lighthouse. This famous lighthouse is one of the last manually operated in the world and is a must see! From Lighthouse Marina you can explore the lighthouse and the amazing views from the top!

Day 3: Hope Town and Elbow Cay

Enjoy breakfast aboard before heading ashore to explore Hope Town and Elbow Cay. The most popular way to experience the island is by golf cart – head off to the southern end and enjoy the beautiful beaches, the surf break and some great drinking and dining spots that are along the way. Enjoy lunch ashore with breathtaking ocean views. From Elbow Cay, you can visit Lubber’s Quarters, Cracker Pea’s – a fun seaside restaurant overlooking the Sea of Abaco, or Tahiti Beach – a surfer’s paradise. Of course you can always just relax and enjoy the tranquility from the beach or your yacht. Elbow Cay is a lively island with great beaches, fun resorts, restaurants and island nightlife and it’s well worth the extra time ashore to explore and relax. Firefly Resort is a great spot for cocktails and the perfect vantage point for a romantic sunset. The Abaco Inn and Hope Town Harbour Lodge are great dinner spots with views of the lighthouse, the Atlantic Ocean and another pristine Abaco beach.

Day 4: Man-O-War Cay / Guana Cay

Just a quick trip from Elbow Cay is the historical boat-building island, Man-O-War Cay. Enjoy breakfast on the aft deck as you cruise the calm waters of the Sea of Abaco. Visit Joe’s Studio on the harbour front and catch Joe at work handcrafting his world famous Man-O-War sailing dinghies. Another must-see is Albury’s Sail Shop and Sally’s Seaside Boutique, both right on the waterfront. Man-O-War is one of the last “dry islands” in the Bahamas yet still hosts some of the best cocktail parties in Abaco! Once back aboard, pick up anchor and head to Guana Cay. There is great snorkelling along the way at the Fowl Cays and a good reef break for surfing. The Sea of Abaco offers great conching grounds in these parts for the trained eye. Bakers Bay Resort is a new development with a beautiful yacht facility. The Tom Fazio golf course at the resort offers world class golfing and views. There is great snorkelling and diving just off the reef to the north end and one of the most spectacular beaches in all of Abaco. Guana Cay is home to famous Nipper’s Beach Bar & Grill and is definitely worth the trip up the hill. Enjoy the quintessential beach bar overlooking white sand and every hue of turquoise and aqua imaginable while sipping on a Nipper’s cocktail.

Day 5: Green Turtle Cay

Depart Guana Cay for Green Turtle Cay. Along the way is another beautiful snorkeling spot just off No Name cay. There is a great marina facility in White Sound at the Green Turtle Club, or depending on your preference, nice spots to anchor in New Plymouth near a historic settlement. Take a stroll to the small museum and historical gardens. You have to take a trip to Miss Emily’s Blue Bee Bar, a friendly spot known to all boaters, where you will likely find Miss Emily herself pouring her famous Goombay Smash cocktail! The Green Turtle Club, Bluff House and Pineapples are great spots for dining ashore.

Day 6: Manjack Cay

Depart Green Turtle for Manjack Cay. Depending on weather, Manjack offers two great anchorages. The south end near Rat Cay is a fantastic spot to relax and enjoy water sports and the cut offers great paddle boarding and kayaking. Spend the day exploring and enjoying the peaceful tranquility of Abaco in and on the water. The north end is also a fantastic spot and provides some of the best sunset views over the water. Enjoy dinner aboard and another peaceful evening under the stars.

Day 7: Treasure Cay

It’s just a short trip to Treasure Cay, your last stop of the week. So enjoy breakfast on the aft deck and wind down before departure. Treasure Cay has yet another gorgeous beach, noted by National Geographic as one of the World’s Top Ten. Enjoy a peaceful stroll and admire the unbelievable vistas before you prepare for departure and begin making plans for your next yachting vacation!

Duration: 7 Days

Known to possess some of the most exquisite cruising grounds, turquoise waters and unrivalled anchorages in the Western Hemisphere, see the possibilities of your next Bahamas Crewed Motor Yacht Charter in this 7 day itinerary.

Day 1 – Nassau to Highborne Cay

Nassau island, Bahamas. Stunning sunset over the BahamasBegin your first day in paradise in Nassau, both a tropical utopia and the bustling metropolitan capital of the Bahamas. From here you can cruise 38nm to Highbourne Cay, shaped like the letter H, found at the northern end of the Exuma Chain. On the eastern shore, you will discover some of the world’s most beautiful beaches as you trail along three miles of powdery white sand- whether you want to drop the anchor or spend the night in a modern marina with all amenities, the choice is entirely yours.

Day 2 – Normans Cay

Day 2 will bring you to the notorious Norman’s Cay- once a drug smuggler’s heaven which has now been transformed into a sleepy resort with miles of never-ending beaches. Stop here to snorkel at the sunken smuggler’s plane wreck and relax at MacDuff’s, the only restaurant and bar on the island to enjoy a cool beverage and a bite to eat.

Day 3 – Warderick Wells

A favourite amongst boaters and sailors for its beauty and colourful history, Warderick Wells has it all- from sand dunes, swamp creeks and ghostly legends of shipwrecked missionaries from long ago. Here you can visit the Exuma Cays Land Sea Park, a protected wildlife haven, full of some of the oldest living creatures. On a moonlit night, listen out for a ghostly congregation signing hymns followed by voices calling one another…

Day 4 – Staniel Cay

Staniel Cay, Bahamas. Carefully navigating through the shallow waters, cruise for 18 nautical miles to anchor at Staniel Cay. Jump in the crystal clear waters to explore life underwater and an afternoon of beach games with flowing rum punches. Spend an evening at Kermit’s Hilltop Restaurant and Tavern to enjoy unrivalled views, live music and dancing all night long!

Day 5 – Staniel Cay

The Staniel Cay Yacht Club accommodates boats up to 90ft with 18 berths and the regular marina facilities. Rent a golf cart and go exploring, fill the dive or LP tanks. Choose from the range of events such as Bonefishing tournaments, deep sea fishing, beach picnics and a New Years Regatta. Ask for Hugh, Burke, Sandy Gray, Tony Gray or Wade Nixon any of whom will gladly guide you to Thunderball Cave where a number of underwater James Bond scenes were filmed in the legendary Thunderball and Never Say Never. Anchor off Big Major’s and take the dinghy and some carrots with you as you may come across the wild pigs that swim up to the dinghy.

Day 6 – Eleuthera

Crystal clear cerulean waters. Day 6 will be spent in Eleuthera, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful islands of the Bahamian chain settled in 1649 after 100 people from the British Clergy arrived. It is here that the dark Atlantic seamlessly meets the sparkling turquoise waters of the Caribbean, a “glass window” which you will be able to cross during your Bahamas charter. Relax beneath the craggy cliffs on pink sandy beaches whilst enjoying a pineapple in the pineapple capital of the world! At Spanish Wells, pick up the pilot “Little Woody”, who may even bring you homemade carrot cake to help take you through the Devils Backbone to Dunmore Town and Harbour Island. Mingle in the Rock House to spot celebrities on Harbor Island, also known as the new ‘St Barts’! Take a golf cart to explore. Dunmore Town was settled more than 200 years ago by the British and has colonial architecture with a charming Caribbean flare. Here you will find old churches, art galleries, quaint shops, straw items and beautiful gardens. Ask for the House of Assembly – a local spot under the shady Christmas bedecked tree with a bench to rest on. Some unusual dive tours can be arranged which includes a sunken train on the Devils Backbone or an underwater ride through Current Cut. Note: Little San Salvador’s Half Moon Bay boasts the Best Beaches in the Bahamas and has been a delightful and memorable stop amongst cruises for many years but sadly is now privately owned by Holland America Line Westours and prohibits yachtsman from anchoring in any of the bays or the lagoon. If you require shelter from bad or inclement weather contact the island Manager on the VHF

Day 7 – Return to Nassau

Sadly, it’s back to Nassau to return home with new friends and memories of a liftime!

Duration: 7 Days

Your 7 day British Virgin Islands itinerary will begin and end on Tortola in Road Town. Look forward to a week of private beachside dinners, bubbling natural jacuzzis and sunken ships as you explore this boater’s dreamland with your family and friends on your private yacht.

Day 1 – Road Town to the Bight, Norman Island

Day 1 of your charter is an easy sail through the Sir Francis Drake Channel to Norman Island, passing by some of the best snorkelling spots before stopping off at the legendary floating bar in the BVI. Spot the Indians, a dramatic series of rocks jutting out of the sparkling blue sea- this makes for a great snorkeling spot, with a unique series of fish to find. Spy the legendary Caves on Norman Island- with a kaleidocsope of marine life, it is no wonder that these caves inspired the classic novel Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. Stop off at Willy T’s, the pirate ship-turned-floating bar that everyone can’t stop talking about!

Day 2 – Norman Island to Peter Island

On day 2, you can look forward to a gentle cruise north east from Norman Island to Peter Island, with a swim and a snorkel at any one of the 5 paradise beaches. Deadman’s Beach is always a good idea if you’re looking to escape the sun for lunch at Deadman’s Beach Bar and Grill. Expect to find wood-fire pizzas, signature sandwiches or finger-lickin’ ribs while a steel band plays and charms their guests. If you can’t bear to leave, why not stay for an intimate dinner at Tradewind’s Restaurant which features the Caribbean’s most renowned chefs serving delicious Asian-Caribbean cuisine such as their sous vide duck breast or ricotta gnocchi. Before you leave, don’t forget to visit their new wine room with a collection of 300 selections.

Day 3 – Peter Island to Salt & Cooper Island

Day 3 will take you to two of the smaller islands of the Archipelago, Salt and Cooper Island. On the south-western tip of Salt Island, you will find the legendary diving spot called the Wreck of the Rhone. Rewind to nearly 150 years ago, when a Royal Mail Ship heading from Southampton to the Caribbean, was hit by a devastating storm and sunk, leaving behind this fascinating time capsule. Today, you can explore the remaining skeleton surrounded by crystal clear waters and new species of fish. Continue to Cooper Island to find the family owned eco resort- here you can spend the afternoon browsing charming boutiques, coffee shops or even treat yourself to a massage at the Solé Spa.

Day 4 – Cooper Island to Ginger Island to the Baths, Virgin Gorda

Visit Foxy’s restaurant and relax on your next visit to the BVI. Your fourth day will begin shortly after breakfast on board, passing by the privately owned Ginger Island which rises gracefully from the sea, surrounded by luscious mangroves. Beyond the hilly landscapes of Ginger Island and you will spy the Baths on Virgin Gorda- these natural jacuzzis that fill with seawater will certainly be a hit with both kids and adults. After a fairly complex trail, you will find colourful groves and dramatic granite boulders rising from the sea.

Day 5 -The Baths to the North Sound

Enjoy a slow morning on Virgin Gorda, snorkeling in the crystal clear waters before continuing to the North Sound- a dazzling area of water on the northern tip of Virgin Gorda that is fringed by smaller islands of Moskito, Prickly Pear and Saba Rock, offering protected anchorages and exclusive resorts. Located in the North Sound Playground, stop off for an afternoon of kiteboarding, paddle boarding or even windsurfing!

Day 6 – Bitter End, Scuba Rock, Mosquito, Prickly Pear Island

Enjoy the sixth day of your charter further exploring the smaller islands within the North Sound Playground. Bitter End Yacht Club is always a popular place amongst our clients who come ashore- this is where “love of the water, family tradition, welcoming staff and the generous Caribbean spirit matter most”. Watch the sun set on your last evening at a private beachside dinner with your family and friends and choose from a tailored menu, suited to your preferences.

Day 7 – North Sound to Road Town

The gorgeous white beaches of TortolaYour seventh day marks the end of your sailing charter in the BVI. Enjoy breakfast on board before beginning your final sail through the Sir Francis Drake Channel passing by Scrub Island and Beef Island back to Road Town.

Duration: 8 days

A bareboat charter in the British Virgin Islands gives you the freedom to go where you want and when during your charter, but a bit of guidance will never go a miss. So, here is our sample eight day itinerary starting in Tortola to kick start your plans.

Day 1 – The Bight, Norman Island

Tortola. Set off from Tortola and cross the Sir Francis Drake Channel. You will arrive at The Bight on Norman Island, where R.L. Stevenson is said to have based Treasure Island. Swim and snorkel at the Indians before you experience your first Caribbean sunset. Either head ashore to Pirates Bight, or visit the floating Willy T’s for great food and casual dining in the evening.

Day 2 – Cooper Island

Head to The Caves on Norman Island, where you can snorkel around the coral reef and colourful marine life that live there. Set sail towards Cooper Island and find yourself a mooring buoy for the night. If you are there early enough you can snorkel some more off Cistern Point or relax on the beach.

Day 3 – The Baths, and Trellis Bay, Virgin Gorda

The Baths. Arrive early at The Baths to avoid the crowds and queues to explore these spectacular rocks, as late morning and early afternoon can be a bit busy. Spend the morning and have lunch here as well, while marvelling at the impressive formations. Spend the night at Trellis Bay; either dine on your yacht or head ashore to one of many places to eat ashore. There are also monthly full moon parties at Trellis Bay, so make sure you don’t miss that if you’re there at the right time. There’s also a chance to buy local arts and crafts to take home as souvenirs.

Day 4 – Bitter End Yacht Club, Virgin Gorda

Sail to North Sound on Virgin Gorda – if you want to stop off en route for snorkelling, it’s great at the Dogs or Mountain Point. You have quite a choice of places to anchor overnight as well! The Bitter End Yacht Club offers entertainment and music most nights, and you can also pick up provisions, try your hand on a Hobie Cat or practice your windsurfing for a sample of the many opportunities on offer. Or you can use the marina at Leverick Bay where there’s a good restaurant for your evening meal if you’re looking for something quieter, and if neither of those tickle your fancy why not go to Yacht Club Costa Smeralda to look at the superyachts? You could dress up for the evening and go to Biras Creek, where there is an evening dress code and first class service at one of the best restaurants and wine cellars in the British Virgin Islands.

Day 5 – Guana Island and Little Harbor, Jost Van Dyke

An anchored Catamaran in the BVI. Explore the waters off Eustatia Island, north of the Bitter End Yacht Club. Take your dinghy around and you can snorkel along the reef. Or you can sail for your snorkelling experience and head for Monkey Point, Guana Island, arriving for lunchtime. Cruise along the unspoilt northern shore of Tortola with its rugged landscape and reach either Little Harbour or Great Harbour on Jost Van Dyke where you can indulge in the local lobster for dinner.

Day 6 – Sandy Cay then Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Head to Sandy Cay, a prime example of a desert island! Search for shells and splash around in the sea before lunchtime, then sail to your overnight stop at Cane Garden Bay. Have dinner a Quito’s, serving BBQ chicken, ribs and fish fry, and then you can dance the night away on the beach!

Day 7 – Cane Garden Bay and Sopers Hole

Spend some time relaxing, or playing, on the beach at Cane Garden Bay, then you can either sail to Soper’s Hole, West End or head further to Little Harbour on Peter Island. Enjoy the view as the sun sets on your last evening in the BVI.

Day 8 – Tortola

Get up in time for one more swim before you head back to the base on Tortola. Unfortunately it’ll be time to go home, but you can always come back soon!

Duration: 7 Days

A charter holiday in the BVI offers endless activities to enjoy- stunning beaches, divingand a whole sea of popular BVI attractions. The following itinerary has been designed for familes ensuring that there’s something for everyone to enjoy and will be adapted by your captain based on their favourite destinations, activities, and weather conditions.

Day 1 – Road Town to the Bight, Norman Island

Step aboard your luxury crewed catamaran to get your sea legs, learn about the boat and get to know the crew. Relax into the BVI rhythm as you set sail for one hour to Norman Island where you can snorkel at “the Caves”, and visit the famous Willy T’s floating bar. Begin your first day by snorkeling in “The Caves” in the BVI, directly around the corner from the Bight. Don’t forget to bring a waterproof flashlight as you explore the abundance of colourful fish that live deep within the caves. After snorkeling the Caves of Norman Island, motor around the corner to anchor in the Bight and watch the gorgeous sunset. Dine on the aft of your catamaran and try the delicious cusine created by your talented chef and served by your attentive stewardess! The Bight, Norman Island. The Bight is a large, protected bay on the north side of Norman Island. The Bight features two Bar/Restaurants – the Pirates Bight and Willy T’s. Spot Pirates Bight at the end of the Bay, and enjoy island specials such as conch fritters, bootsrap burgers and pulled pork nachos. It has recently been remodelled and upgraded, but still has a rustic, eat with your feet in the sand, feel. The Willy T Floating Bar and Restaurant. Visit Willy T Floating Bar and Restaurant on your next visit to the British Virgin Islands. Willy T’s is a bar/restaurant on an old sailing boat that we would not recommend for children or the faint – hearted! It is known for multiple people doing shooters by tipping up a water ski with shot holders in it and dancing until the late hours.

Day 2 – Norman Island to Deadman’s Bay, Peter Island and then to Cooper Island

Day 2 begins with a short motor to “the Indians”, a collection of rocks extending out of the water that resemble an Indian headdress. After this, sail to Peter Island in time for lunch and watersports in beautiful Deadman’s Bay. This will be followed by a second sail to Cooper Island to spend the night at the Haulover. Snorkeling at “the Indians”. There’s great snorkeling at the ever-popular Indians, as you swim between the protruding rocks and peer into the depths. It is a very popular destination, with easy access to mooring balls. Diving is also a very popular part of yacht charters, whether you throw on a snorkel and flippers or choose a yacht fully equipped for scuba diving. There is so much to see once you take the plunge! Deadman’s Bay, Peter Island. After snorkeling around the Indians, raise sails and head up the Sir Francis Drake channel to Peter Island. If you’re up for a challenge, hike to the top of the island for a superb view over the cerulean blue waters. Anchored in Deadmans Bay, Peter Island. Deadman’s Bay comprises of five pristine white sand Caribbean beaches, each unique and a great place to make the most out of the water toys and beach toys- choose from waterskiing, tubing, windsurfing or paddle boarding. Spot the sea turtles in the bay whilst you paddle board. The beach at Deadmans Bay, Peter Island. Powdery white beaches, Deadman’s Bay. The palm lined beach offers clean white sand, nice breakers to play in and beautiful views from all angles. This is a fantastic picture perfect Caribbean beach with golden sand and turquoise waves lapping gently up the beach. Perhaps you could ask your crew to prepare a BBQ on the beach, for a memorable dinner during the sunset! Cooper Island. After a fun-filled day of watersports, beach games and hiking the trails of Peter Island, pull up anchor and head to the Haulover at Cooper Island. If you’re looking for a less remote place to anchor for the night, you may want to anchor at the Cooper Island Resort nearby. You will pass the Wreck of the Rhone, which will be your first stop tomorrow morning. Sunset from the Haulover, Coopers Island

Day 3 – Wreck of the Rhone, The Baths and the Bitter End Yacht Club on Virgin Gorda

Day three has two world famous stops – “the Wreck of the Rhone” and “the Baths”, and then an easy sail up Virgin Gorda to the protected North Sound, home of the Bitter End Yacht Club. After breakfast, backtrack to the far end of Salt Island to the Wreck of the Rhone National Park. There are several mooring balls available for snorklers/divers (no anchoring, it’s a national park!). The Wreck of the Rhone. Immediately upon diving in you see a huge sunken ship stretching out into the depths, most obviously the huge propeller and the long drive shaft. A stunning sight! Here’s a taste of what it looks like when diving through the propeller area: The Baths. Set sail for the famous “Baths”, a 40 foot rock formation that lies at the southwestern tip of Virgin Gorda, formed when molten lava slowly cooled, creating a hard crystalline granite layer. To avoid the crowds, you may want to anchor at the beautiful beach at Spring Bay, have lunch, and then take your dinghy over to Devil’s Bay Beach.The Baths Rock Formations on Virgin Gorda in the BVI”The Baths” Rock FormationsThere is a nice path with steps and handrails through the rocks of the Baths. It is best to do the hike early or late in the day, as it can get hot and crowded. This is the perfect place to bring your children who will undoubtedly love swimming in the pools around the rocks.Walking through the Baths on Virgin Gorda in the BVIEnchanting light effects in the BathsAfter enjoying the Baths, climb up to the bar/restaurant appropriately called the “Top of the Baths” to enjoy a refreshing drink or lunch. Your afternoon will take you past Virgin Gorda on the way to the Bitter End. This beautiful coastline has some of the most exclusive beaches and homes in the world, several of which are owned by movie stars.The Bitter End Yacht Club. The North Sound at Virgin Gorda is well protected by islands and reefs, making it an ideal place to anchor for the night. Leverick Bay Resort is on the right and the famous Necker Island (owned by Sir Richard Branson) on the left as you approach. Sunset at the Bitter End Yacht Club on Vigin Gorda in the BVI

Day 4 – Virgin Gorda to Anegada

Day 4 of your crewed catamaran BVI sailing vacation will bring you to the North Sound Virgin Gorda- this is a boater’s dreamworld where you will find several beautiful anchorages and some of the finest resorts and restaurants in the territory. Make a splash in the waves and make the most of the water toys on board- whether you prefer waterskiing, paddle boarding or windsurfing, there’s something for everyone to enjoy! After lunch, you will have a one tack sail up to Anegada, which takes just over an hour in the fresh trade winds. Experience the lobster in Anegada, Infamous lobster! Leaving the Bitter End Yacht Club, pass by Richard Branson’s exclusive Necker Island before taking the dinghy ashore for an excellent lobster dinner- this will be one to remember so make sure that you reserve a table in advance! As you reach Anegada, you will notice that it is dramatically different from all the other islands in the BVI chain. Composed entirely of coral, Anegada is known for excellent snorkeling on its reefs and long white beaches. You’re also nearly guaranteed to get a beautiful sunset from your mooring.

 Day 5 – Anegada to Little Jost Van Dyke

Loblolly Bay, Anegada. The white sandy beach at Loblolly Bay. A day in Loblolly Bay takes relaxation to a whole new level- your fifth day will bring you to a 2km stretch of deserted beaches, relaxed lifestyle and excellent snorkeling on the reef. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of the famous pink flamingos on the north side of Anegada! Jump ashore to enjoy a refreshing beverage at one of the beach bars whilst listening to the waves crash against the beach. Sailing to Little Jost Van Dyke. After returning to the boat for lunch, set sail for a calm 3 hour sail to Little Jost Van Dyke. Don’t forget to scan the sea, as often whales and dolphins are spotted! At Manchioneel Bay, you will find a quiet anchorage on Little Jost Van Dyke. Here, on a small, remote beach lies a wind-battered out-of-business bar that is tended by a scarecrow. This is the perfect place for a bonfire and a dance on the beach in complete privacy!

Day 6 – Little Jost Van Dyke to Sandy Spit and White Bay, Jost Van Dyke

Today you’ll take a dinghy to the pier at Foxy’s Taboo in order to hike to the “Bubbling Pools” – a natural bubbling jacuzzi and an inlet continually refilled by the crashing waves. You will also be able to enjoy a spot of snorkeling at our favorite deserted island, Sandy Spit, and later onward to White Bay, Jost Van Dyke, home to the Soggy Dollar bar and one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The Bubbling Pools. See the bubbling pools on your next BVI yacht charter, A natural jacuzzi. After breakfast, take a 5 minute dinghy ride to the pier at Foxy’s Taboo at Diamond Cay at the far eastern end of Jost Van Dyke. A walk along the beach will bring you to a sandy path that takes you through mangroves, past a lake and over the rocks (where you can usually see wild goats) and you’ll soon reach the Bubbling Pools. This is a great place to swim in the gurgling waters, climb on the rocks and enjoy the rhythm of the waves.Sandy Spit. Sandy Spit is perhaps one of the most delightful attractions in the BVI. It is simply a deserted island home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches surrounded by swaying trees and beautifully healthy coral reefs. Perfect for swimming, snorkeling, beach games and dreaming what it would be like to be shipwrecked on an island. Anchor on the leeward side, jump in with your snorkeling gear and swim ashore to discover the underwater aquarium that awaits you…White Bay, Jost Van DykeWhile you will see many yachts moored in Great Harbor drawn to Foxy’s (the most famous bar and dancing spot in the BVI), we recommend escaping the noisy crowd and opting for the tranquility of White Bay for a night of excellent food and dancing. Local Wisdom at Corsairs. Local Wisdom at Corsairs in Great Harbor, Jost Van Dyke. Corsairs is known as one of the best restaurants in the BVI (local fish, meats, pizza, pasta etc.), which is always packed because of its excellent service. And of course, you won’t be able to avoid  spending a couple of hours dancing at Foxy’s and meeting the locals.

Day 7 – Soggy Dollar Bar, White Bay, Jost Van Dyke to the Bight, Norman Island

Sadly, this is your final full day, but in many ways, you’ve saved the best for last! White Bay, Jost Van Dyke, and the Soggy Dollar BarWake up to the peace and beauty of White Bay. If you have kids, the first activity may be to snorkel around the bay hunting for “soggy dollars” – a lot of people lose dollar bills when swimming to and from their boats. You can then enjoy a beach walk to the eastern end, which is pristine and much quieter. This beach is also home to “Ivans Stress Free Bar” which has thousands of shells incorporated in its construction and is bound to carry all your worries away. Continue your walk to the end of the beach and climb the hill to get a good view of the magnificent White Bay panorama.White Bay Beach, as seen from the Soggy Dollar BarUndoubtedly, you’ll want to spend the entire day at White Bay- as one of the world’s best beach bars, make the most of the requisite “painkiller” drink at Soggy Dollar Bar as you watch dozens of boats coming and going. Back to the BightIn order to get to Road Town by noon tomorrow you’ll want a short final sail, so we recommend you head back to the Bight, Norman Island, in the late afternoon.  The route passes the West End of Tortola, with a nice view some of the villas and Soper’s Hole, then past St Johns to Norman Island. If you have time, you may want to revisit the Caves or the Indians, or perhaps celebrate your final night in the BVI with drinks and dancing at the Willy T.Final Sail – The Bight, Norman Island to Road Town, Tortola, Snorkeling, Paddle Boarding and Water Skiing in Privateer Bay. Make the final morning a fun one by starting the day with a light breakfast and then cruising around the point to Privateer Bay- a quiet place with a nice reef for your final snorkel, water ski and paddle board excursion.Back to Road Town. All good things must come to an end, but you still have a nice sail across the Sir Francis Drake Channel to Road Town. Time to pack your bags, say goodbyes, sign the guest book, tip the crew and get ready to leave the boat. If you’re leaving by ferry, your captain will be able to take you very close to the Ferry Building by dinghy.

Duration: 6 Days

This luxury yacht itinerary will take you through the best of the Aeolian Islands, combining the stunning and stark natural beauty, secluded beaches, quaint Italian towns and peaceful anchorages. See our Aeolian Yacht Charter Guide for a complete overview of Chartering in the beautiful Aeolian Islands.

Day 1: Vulcano to Lipari

Navigation from your port of departure to the island of VULCANO. Enjoy lunch by anchor at the beach of Porto di Levante, take a mud bath and swim in the bubbling, hot offshore water. In the afternoon head over to LIPARI to either Marina Corta (if you prefer to spend the night by anchor) or to Marina Lunga (if you prefer to have a secure mooring for the night with water and electricity, recommended to call for reservations). Lipari has a vibrant night life with numerous restaurants, bars, and discos. The restaurant “Filipino” is the most famous and offers excellent seafood (reservations absolutely required).

Day 2: Panarea Yacht Charter

In the morning visit the Archeological Museum and the Castle in the town of Lipari. Then navigate to the island of Panarea staying clear of the hazardous shoals. Stop for lunch at the beautiful Bay Cala Junco with excellent swimming and a nice hike to scenic ruins. In the afternoon move up the coast to either Cala Milazzese or to Scalo Ditella where you can lay anchor or rent a buoy in front of the small town. In the evening enjoy a drink at one of the numerous bars or discos, the most famous being “La Raya.”

Day 3: Stromboli

Navigate to the islands offshore of Panarea, either to Lisca Bianca or to Basiluzzo, enjoy a nice swim and then navigate to Stromboli. Navigate past the small town of Ginostra and then up the western facing coast keeping a good distance from the coast to better enjoy the view of the volcano in eruption.Lay anchor at Ficogrande or rent a buoy at Scari. In the evening take a guided tour to the top of the vulcano (very difficult hike, reservations required), or relax in the quiet town and have dinner at the restaurant “Punta Lena” overlooking the black sand beach.

Day 4: Salina

Navigation from Stromboli to Salina with a quick pass by Strombolicchio. In the afternoon anchor offshore Lingua and visit the small town with excellent Granita sold from “Bar da Alfredo” (a Sicilian icy dessert). Head up to Santa Marina for the evening and either moor within the private marina (reservations required, offers water and electricity) or lay anchor offshore. Numerous restaurants are available in Santa Marina, from the family run “Mamma Santina” to the chic “Malvasia Resort” (reservations required).

Day 5: Filicudi

If you are an early riser there is a nice hike up Salina to the Nature Reserve. Otherwise navigate over to the scenic bay of Pollara and anchor offshore the large sea arch for great swimming. Then navigate over to FILICUDI, lay anchor at Filo di Lorani or rent a buoy at Pecorini a Mare. Enjoy a peaceful night at one of the more rural islands and enjoy dinner at the restaurant “La Canna” with panoramic view of the bay Filicudi Porto.

Day 6: Lipari Yacht Charter

Those on charter boats will have to return to port by this evening. Stop first at the Northeastern coast of FILICUDI for beautiful swimming. Otherwise, navigate to LIPARI and lay anchor at Porticello. Enjoy the Pumice beach and swim in turquoise, crystal clear water.

Italy | Amalfi Coast Private Yacht Charter

Duration: 7 Days

The Amalfi Coast is one of our favourite destinations; we know you will be stunned by the impressive rock structures, clifftop towns and authentic Italian restaurants. It is a popular honeymoon destination as the towns are oozing with romance and charm, it also makes a great family holiday due to the endless activities for children. Have a look below for an example of some places to visit and how your charter may pan out!

Day 1: Salerno

Welcome to the beautiful Amalfi Coast and the start of your bareboat charter in this iconic and stunning world heritage site. Board your yacht in Salerno making sure you stock up on all the delicious local foods and wines for your 7-day adventure. Salerno is the capital of the Amalfi coast and is a very pretty town to explore with many medieval churches, trendy shops, restaurants and a vibrant historical center.

Day 2: Salerno – Sorrento (31 NM)

Head off along the coast and anchor off the cliff-hugging fishing village of Positano for lunch and a swim. This is the best place to get the best view of this colourful village of houses in pink and yellows which adorn the cliffs – and you avoid climbing all the steep steps!After a relaxing stop it’s anchors away to the next destination of Sorrento. Overlooking the Bay of Naples, from Sorrento you can take in Mount Vesuvius, the city of Naples and the islands of Ischia and Capri – a breathtaking and truly panoramic view!

Day 3: Sorrento – Procida (17NM)

At only 4 square kilometres, Procida is the smallest island in the Bay of Naples and one of the most picturesque. Studded with lemon groves and the pastel hued houses this region is famous for. This small island has managed to retain a natural feel and outside of August will not be overrun with tourists, but rather you can mingle with the fishermen and other locals that fill the narrow paved streets. Explore the island on foot or just sit on the deck of your yacht and take in the tranquil natural beauty in peace and quiet.

Day 4: Procida – Ischia (5 NM)

Enjoy a leisurely breakfast on deck because the next destination, Ischia, the biggest island in the Bay of Naples is just a short hop from Procida. If eternal youth is what you are looking for then you have come to the right place! This volcanic island is renowned for its thermal springs, hot mud pools and sands which have been curing and relieving visitors for centuries of whatever ails them.Ischia is covered in lush forests, vineyards and rocky outcrops and is less crowded than neighbouring Capri. Head to Ischia Porto, a bustling little town where you can relax in one of the waterfront restaurants and enjoy some fresh fish caught by the local fishermen.

Day 5: Ischia – Capri (13NM)

The name Capri is instantly evocative of old school glamour and jet set chic. Super yachts and famous visitors are regular sights here dating back for centuries when the Roman Emperors made this their favoured resort. If rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous is not your cup of tea then you will find something that is on this very beautiful island. Visit the temples and ruins that date back for 2000 years, walk in the rocky interior and visit the busy but incredible Blue Grotto. Dive into the warm, crystal clear waters and enjoy one of the quiet coves at anchor with a cold drink in hand and soak up the beauty that people have been flocking to admire for centuries.

Day 6: Capri – Amalfi (16NM)

A trip to the Amalfi coast would not be complete without a visit to the town that gave this stunning coastline its name. Not only was Amalfi one of the first luxury resort locations with the Roman Aristocracy building holiday villas here in the first century A.D but it was once also one of the most powerful Maritime bases in the Mediterranean. Not much evidence remains of this however as it is now a small, vibrant yet relaxed holiday destination. Wander the bustling sun filled piazzas with a gelato in hand and visit the Arab-Norman cathedral at the heart of town, with its striped Byzantine facade.

Day 7: Amalfi – Salerno (8NM)

Have an easy sail back along the rugged Amalfi coastline to return to Salerno and save some time to explore this fascinating and beautiful town. Renowned for being the birthplace of the Scuola Medica Salernitana, one of Europe’s greatest medieval medical institutes, there is much to see of historical interest as well as the more modern additions such as the new ferry terminal designed by Zaha Hadid. Stroll the tree lined waterfront promenade and try some of the local fare in one (or several) of the local wine bars, trattorias and cafes and plan your next bareboat charter!

Italy | Amalfi Coast Yacht Charter

Duration: 7 Days

The Amalfi Coast is one of our favourite destinations; we know you will be stunned by the impressive rock structures, clifftop towns and authentic Italian restaurants. It is a popular honeymoon destination as the towns are oozing with romance and charm, it also makes a great family holiday due to the endless activities for children. Have a look below for an example of some places to visit and how your charter may pan out!

Day 1: Naples to Sant’Angelo

Your starting point is Naples, climb onboard and get familiar with the yacht and meet your crew, who are excited to have you join them! Once you are comfortable, the Captain will begin the cruise to Ischia, a unique volcanic island in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Here you will find the best beaches along the coast, these are often overlooked by tourists so you should have plenty of space and tranquillity! Anchor out in the sparkling waters and dine al fresco on the aft deck for lunch, when you are ready it’s time to get the toys out! Dart about on the jet ski or enjoy some more therapeutic paddling on the kayak. In the evening you will spend the night at Sant’Angelo, where you can choose to dine onboard or go on land to a highly recommended restaurant.

Day 2: Sant’Angelo to Ischia

Rise and shine in your own time, then after a breakfast of your choice get ready to start exploring this astonishing island. The crew can take you to Castello Aragonese, towering high up on the rocks for anyone interested in history or just a sucker for a good view! Another attraction is the Gardens of la Mortella, originally the property of an English composer. Here you can absorb the stunning surroundings and the clear view over the city and harbour of Forio. In the quaint village of Forio, make sure not to miss the spas which are Ischia’s pride and joy! The volcanic activity provides thermal springs and volcanic mud, to cleanse and relax.

Day 3: Sant’Angelo to Amalfi via Sorrento

Time to head to the infamous city of Pompeii, possibly one of the main reasons you are in the amazing Amalfi! You will be awestruck by the city, completely buried after a volcanic eruption. Step back in time and discover the history and story of the events that occurred in 79 AD. Regardless if you are interested in archaeology this experience shouldn’t be missed, the quality of preservation here means you can explore shops, houses and even a brothel!

Day 4: Amalfi to Capri

There is no mad rush to leave this morning, so lounge on the sunpads, take a dip in the warm ocean, or read your book on the couch before departing the late afternoon. It is time to head to Capri! This should excite any shopaholics in the group, as well as foodies or photographers. The ‘Blue Grotto’ is a popular attraction where you can get extremely close to the boulders with your luxury yacht, then dive off the platform and be dazzled by the water shining a neon, brilliant blue. This stylish Italian destination is increasingly popular due to the boutiques, designer shops, restaurants and lemon trees!

Day 5: Capri to Sorrento

Enjoy the cruise to Sorrento, get up on the flybridge and feel the wind in your hair whilst enjoying cool beverages served by your crew, and socialising with your friends and family. Lunch will be at anchor on the way, with the opportunity to have a swim before continuing the journey if you need a refreshing dip. If you want to hop on land, go for it! Explore the classic Italian streets and see which restaurant catches your eye, then sit down and soak up the atmosphere with delicious and traditional cuisine.

Day 6: Sorrento

This clifftop town has fantastic views of Mount Vesuvius, as well as panoramic views of Naples, and the sister islands. The locals are heavily complimented by previous guests, due to their warm and hospitable attitudes. When in Italy… you need to try Limoncello! The traditional drink here, It is obvious where this traditional drink comes from, due to the larger than life lemons scattered around the town! This is a truly romantic place because of the colourful flowers, cobbled streets and endless views to embrace with a glass of Italian wine.

Day 7: Sorrento to Naples

Cruising back to Naples in your stunning yacht. Disembark the yacht in Naples. We hope you had a fantastic time and look forward to seeing you next summer! Fancy trying different destinations? Other popular places are the French Riviera and Corsica, or if you want something completely different look towards the Caribbean or Thailand! If you are a keen sailor, have never sailed before or would rather stick to a motor yacht, we have endless options on how you can experience the idyllic Amalfi coast. This itinerary is one sample of the incredible activities and sights you can see, if you want a variety of options then get in touch with our expert broker who can help personalise an itinerary thats suits you and your guests! Amalfi is a true gem of the Italian Riviera and deserves to be enjoyed by everyone, as it is brimming with romance, culture and breathtaking scenery. Now you have read our itinerary, check out our blog for an experts opinon on this desirable destination.

Duration: 5 Days

This itinerary is a fantastic way of combining the delights of the French Riviera and Italy, as well as the captivating charm of Corsica! Bear in mind this is only a guide, we can personalise an itinerary to your requirements and preferences. It is certainly possible to extend the trip so you can fully enjoy each town without feeling rushed (which is the last thing you want on a holiday!).

Day 1: Cannes

Begin your charter in Cannes arguably the most glamorous destination on the Riviera and an epicentre of celebrities brimming with prestigious events! Start as you mean to go on, as Luxury Liners can organise a pick up from the airport, so you can cruise in style both on land and on sea! The crew will greet you at the yacht, and you can get familiar with the boat and the crew before settling for a delicious dinner on the aft deck. After dinner take a stroll along the Croisette to absorb as much of this glamorous hotspot as you can; Cannes looks spectacular at night all lit up, with the restaurants, sports cars and yachts sparkling in equal measure.

Day 2: Cannes – St Florent

Time to start cruising! The destination being Corsica, to a beautiful town called St Florent, a popular favourite of many past guests. Relax on the bow and watch the islands float past, whilst being served refreshments from your attentive crew. You will arrive in the late afternoon, so hop on land and see what St Florent has to offer. The colourful houses with the warm sun shining onto them are your first view as you gently cruise in!Saunter down the winding, cobbled streets to the markets; if you spot some Brocciu cheese, dont miss the chance to taste this local delicacy! If you are a seafood fan, bag a table by the waterfront overlooking all the yachts in Corsica. Taste the local produce whilst the sun sets around you, and the street music continues to play traditional music into the warm evening.

Day 3: St Florent – Bonifacio

Wake up in your own time and enjoy a fresh breakfast on the aft deck, as the day starts to warm up and the sun begins to beat. The crew will get the boat cruising for mid morning, so pick your favourite spot to relax before the cruise to Bonifacio. The limestone cliffs will tower over the yacht, and you can spot the medieval town dotted along the coast in a dramatic fashion. Saunter through the streets and head to the churches and chapels oozing in history and culture.Bonifacio is a popular kayaking spot, so get closer to the water and have a splash around in the sparkling blue ocean. For dinner, a fantastic restaurant in the town is called ‘Kissing Pigs’; pig out to your heart’s content in this special meat restaurant serving generous and delicious portions, paired with local wine. With the rustic interior and Corsican cooking, you can really enjoy an authentic experience!

Day 4: Bonifacio – Ischia

On to the next country! Italy being the country, Ischia the final destination. Whilst the tourists flock to Capri and Amalfi, you will go to the largest island in the gulf of Naples, an understated town! After a tasty lunch at anchor created by your talented chef, you can take the plunge with the water toys. If you fancy staying dry and checking out the town by all means do! To continue the relaxing vibe of the trip, the thermal springs will cleanse your body and mind and are highly recommended. If you want to burn some pent up energy, a slightly ‘off the beaten track’ activity is Monte Epomeo, providing a nice hike with a rewarding view! What to see? There is the iconic sight of Castello Aragonese, as well a wealth of tropical gardens and beautiful beaches spoiling you for choice. Tonight you can dine in a special restaurant for your final night! Ristorante Alberto stands proud on stilts over the sea, creating a wonderful setting. With no deep freezer the food is all local, fresh and cooked ‘Alberto style,’ leading them to gain a Trip Advisor excellence award.

Day 5: Naples

It is time to disembark the yacht unfortunately! We hope you have had a fantastic time with this itinerary. To beat the holiday blues start planning your charter for next year, a different location perhaps? Check out our French – Italian riviera itinerary for more ideas, or if you want a complete change of scene we also have operations in the Caribbean and Thailand!

Duration: 7 Days

This glorious motor yacht itinerary will take you to the best ports, beaches and sights in Sardinia and Corsica. It combines stunning natural beauty, secluded beaches and peaceful anchorages with luxury resorts and Michelin starred restaurants, to provide you the very best of the Mediterranean.You will begin in Porto Cervo, the ultimate Italian luxury yachting destination, and then travel north along the exquisite west coast of Corsica. Corsica has over 1000km of coastline – so there is plenty to explore, admire and enjoy! Then an overnight cruise to the French Riviera, to finish in the world-famous ports of Monaco, Cannes or St Tropez.

Day 1 – Porto Cervo, Sardinia

The chic port town of Porto Cervo, SardiniaThe chic port town of Porto Cervo, SardiniaMeet your Captain and crew in Porto Cervo to lunch aboard and settle into your yacht for the week.Enjoy early evening cocktails at Sardinia’s 5-star Cala di Volpe resort. With its charming archways, porticoes and turrets, this enchanting Hotel on the Costa Smeralda faces the glittering waters of the Mediterranean – and normally an impressive array of celebrities and the world’s finest superyachts.

Day 2- Porto Cervo to Bonifacio, Corsica (3 to 4 hours)

After breakfast, set off for a one/two hour cruise to La Maddalena’s National Park, a beautiful set of protected islands between Corsica and Sardinia. Anchor and stop for lunch for afternoon swimming and water sports. Exquisite views of the National Park. After lunch, enjoy a gentle afternoon cruise to Bonifacio, a striking town perched on limestone cliffs, where you will want to explore the old citadel, and marvel at the medieval houses and the Old Town’s labyrinth of streets and buildings. It’s a unique, enthralling place to visit and spend the evening.

Day 3 – Cruising day to Ajaccio/Porticcio via Propriano (4 hours)

Approaching Ajaccio, birthplace to Napoleon. There are some beautiful long stretches of beaches near Ajaccio and plenty to do ashore, depending on the requirements of your charter. In fact, Napoleon Bonaparte was born here and you can visit his family’s house. Dinner at L’Arbousier, Le Maquis Hotel, Porticcio. The terrace at this restaurant, in the beachside resort of Le Maquis is a Mediterranean dream. It faces west toward the sea, capturing the sunset, and after dark, glows magically with candles and lamps for a setting that nearly outshines the delicious food they serve. Suggest night cruising to Girolata or very early morning cruising (4 hours)

Day 4 – Cruising from Girolata towards Calvi (2 hours)

The red rocks of the surrounding Girolata Cove are out of a sailor’s dream. In addition to pristine beaches, there are some creative rocky outcrops with a watchtower from the 17th century. It resembles a small castle and overlooks the cove. After swimming and relaxing, we continue cruising north to the delightful port of Calvi. Calvi has another beautiful old citadel, long ramparts and a quaint marina, perfect for a late afternoon stop for some local shopping!Dinner at La Villa is a must! Under the benevolent gaze of the statue of Notre Dame de la Serra is La Villa; almost reminiscent of a Corsican dream as it overlooks the citadel and one of the most beautiful bays in the world.

Day 5 – Cruise around Calvi and L’Ile Rousse (one hour)

Head towards L’Ile Rousse in the afternoon.

Day 6 and 7 – Cruise to Saint-Florent (one hour and a half)

Enjoying the pristine waters near Saint Florent. St Florent is situated at the base of the Cap Corse, which is often referred to as an island within an island – white sand and turquoise water! St-Florent offers one of the most wonderful, isolated beaches of the Desert des Agriates, and is considered the idyllic location to spend the last few days relaxing at the end this charter. With Captain and crew, we would plan a special day out on one of these pristine, deserted beaches and set up a BBQ for the evening. Overnight cruise to Monaco (11 hours)

Day 8 – the French Riviera – Monaco/Cannes/St Tropez!

There are a large number of  ‘land’ activities that can be organized during your charter, such as hiking and walking trips, trip to Reserve Naturelle de Scandola – a UNESCO world heritage site with dramatic 900 meter high red cliffs and the chance to sport seals, dolphins and osprey, wine tasting. If you are interested in a luxury yacht charter in Sardinia, Corsica and the French Riviera, Luxury will work with you to understand your needs and match them to the perfect yacht. We specialise in matching the Captain, Crew and Yacht with your needs so you have the holiday of a lifetime!

Duration: 7 Days

Corsica is an amazing island for a yacht charter, with unlimited intinerary combinations for both sailing and motor yacht holidays. We’ve highlighted just one of the possible itineraries, which will take you past breathtaking natural beauty, charming and chick ports, quiet anchorages and famous ports. We invite you to contact us for all of your Corsica Yacht Charter needs – and we’ll be happy to recommend Corsica charter yachts and crews, plus additional sailing itineraries that are most suitable to your needs.Berth your yacht in Girolata port in Corsica

DAY 1 – Bastia to Saint-Florent

Our Corsican charter itinerary begins in Bastia, the old Genoese capital. After exploring the port town, you are in for a glorious cruise around Cap Corse, with its amazing cliffs and rock formations. End this stunning day in the protected and chic port of Saint-Florent.

DAY 2 – Saint-Florent to Calvi

Day two takes us across the north coast of Corsica, past L’ille-Rousse and over to the delightful port of Calvi. Calvi has its beautiful old citadel, long ramparts and a quaint marina below, perfect for a stop at a cafe after the cruise. See the sights and explore in CalviCalvi!

DAY 3 – Calvi to Girolata

Day three is a 33 mile cruise down the rugged and beautiful west coast of Corsica to the small, protected port of Girolata. This port is a little village with rocky inlets, and a superb anchorage.

DAY 4 – Girolata to Ajaccio

From Girolata, we continue south down the beautiful coast, finally entering the Gulf of Ajaccio, with it’s amazing mountain-encircled bay. Stroll the old port of Ajaccio, a distinguished town that also boasts the birthplace of Napoleon.

DAY 5 – Ajaccio to Propriano

Continue down the west coast; an area of outstanding and varied natural beauty, cliffs, rock formations, and mountainous vistas. Enter Propriano in the narrowest part of the Golfe de Valinco. Propriano is an ancient town, but was redeveloped in the 1990’s and now has a thriving marina and port scene. Propriano is well known for it’s excellent beaches.The dramatic cliffs in Corsica

DAY 6 – Propriano to Bonifacio

From Propriano, continue to the southernmost major port in Corsica – Bonifacio, a striking town perched on limestone cliffs. Here you will want to explore the old citadel and relax in the café and restaurant-lined harbour while you admire the views.

DAY 7 – Bonfacio to La Maddalena’s National Park

From Bonifacio, you can cruise to La Maddalena’s National Park, a beautiful set of protected islands between Corsica and Sardinia. Depending on how much time you have, continue on toward Sardinia if you can!

Duration: 7 Days

A yacht charter in Greece provides countless picture-perfect islands where ancient villages tumble down into beautiful bays. Imagine twinkling turquoise waters, ancient town walls, sweeping sunset views and superb food as you fulfill your Greek Island dream on your luxury yacht charter.

Day 1 – Athens – Kea

Kea is an exceptionally picturesque island. On the south side of Nikolaos Bay – which was a pirate stronghold in the 13th c. lies the little port of Korissia, built on the side of ancient Korissia. There you can visit the remains of the ancient town walls and a Sanctuary of Apollo. The famous lion, carved from the native rock in the 6th c. BCE, can be seen just north-east of Kea town. Another highlight is the beautiful anchorage of Poleis. Vourkari is a small bay with many traditional taverns, small shops and bars and is certainly worth a visit.

Day 2 – Kea – Syros

Confident about its beauty and its finesse, with a harbor that is a landmark in Greek history, Syros is ready to seduce and lure you to its unique rhythm. The beauty of this island is mostly due to its superb capital, which has many Venetian and Neo – Classical buildings, and to its many small villages which are examples of Cycladic settlements.

Day 3 – Syros – Mykonos

Charter a yacht in the stunning Mykonos. Mykonos is the most popular island of Cyclades Group, famous from the international jet set visitors and the atmosphere of celebratin which is encompasses the island. A very active night-life in combination with beautiful beaches and excellent restaurants makes Mykonos a must see in your list.

Day 4 – Mykonos – Paros

Paros is considered as one of the most beautiful islands of the Cyclades. Three bays cut deep inland – in the west, the sheltered Paroikia Bay, with the island’s capital that serves as the main sailing port. In the north, a bay shelters the little town of Naoussa, which in Roman times was the island’s main port for the shipment of Lychnites marble. In the east the flat, protected Marmara bay. Paros is also known in Greece for its ideal weather conditions for windsurfing. Paros is on the way of becoming the next Mykonos, especially among Greeks, it has fantastic night life and plenty of choices for dining.

Day 5 – Paros – Naxos

Stunning clear blue waters in NaxosNaxos is one of the biggest islands of Cyclades. The old town market, the Venetian castle, the church of Panagia Mirtidiotissa are only but a few of the many things that Naxos has to offer to the visitors. Naxos is an island with impressive mountainous landscapes with many isolated traditional villages and some of Europe’s most beautiful golden sandy beaches. Everybody who visits Naxos comes back, it is a unique place with more than 98 km of breathtaking sandy beaches.

Day 6 – Naxos – Ios

A small island in the heart of the Cyclades – iOS is said to be the island of youth, where young people from all over the world meet and enjoy their summers. Famous for its vivid nightlife with an uncountable number of bars, cafés, clubs and restaurants and for its beaches with crystal clear waters. The little port of Ios, with the domed Church of Ayia Irini (17th c.) lies in a sheltered bay on the west coast of the island. One kilometre up the fertile Kato Kampos Valley, conspicuously and picturesquely situated on the hillside, is the chief town on the island, Ios.

Day 7 – Ios – Santorini

Eat with a stunning view in SantoriniMany reasons have made Santorini famous worldwide. Its great wines, the international and local cuisine but most of all, the villages which are situated on cliffs and offer breathtaking views over the submerged volcano (and some of the best sunsets in the world).The island also has impressive beaches with the sand of tour choice: black, red or white! Thira (Santorini) together with the smaller islands of Thirasia and Aspro are part of a volcanic crater, which exploded and was engulfed by the sea. In the centre you find the Kammeni islands, the cones of later volcanoes, which came into being in historical times. Hot springs and emissions of gas bear witness to continuing volcanic activity.Santorini is a must-see destination, but not a particularly good island to sail around because there are few ports and the cliffs are exceptionally high – so it is recommended that you make this your last stop on the charter and stay after for a few days on the rim of the crater, high above the sea! Luxury Liners can find you the ideal charter yacht in Greece. Click here so see our Greece Charter Yachts or simply contact us and we’ll recommend the best boat for you.

Duration: 8 Days Beautiful Kefalonia. Greece 8 Day Motor Yacht Charter Itinerary in the Ionian Sea including Kefalonia, Corinth, Galaxidi, Killini, Lefkas, Ithaki, Zakynth and the Corinth Canal. Here’s an itinerary for a motor cruise of the most beautiful islands and ports in the Greek Ionian Islands. Guaranteed to provide for the Holiday of a lifetime!
Day 1 – Athens
Corinth. You will start your cruise from Athens, the capital of Greece and chaos! If you have some time, you should not miss this great city full of contrasts. Start with the Acropolis and the ancient sites of the Agora surrounding the area. Stroll around the charming streets of Plaka and Thiseo, do some shopping and have some local food in one of the tavernas on the streets before heading to the gorgeous Ionian Islands. Corinth Canal. The Corinth Canal is the canal that connects the Gulf of Corinth with the Saronic Gulf in the Aegean Sea. It cuts through the narrow Isthmus of Corinth and separates the Peloponnesian peninsula from the Greek mainland and therefore effectively making the former an island. The canal is 6.3 kilometers long and the crossing is a truly unique experience.
Day 2 – Galaxidi
This historical village is located in the centre of Greece. Built approximately in 1400 BC, this gorgeous town lays on a hill 130 meters above sea level. It is well worth strolling through the picturesque streets lined by mansions and dotted with little tavernas full of geraniums and jasmine. Of interest is the Church of St Nicholas, famous for its carved wooden icon screen, and Ayía Paraskeví, which has the zodiac cycle inlaid in its floor and a sundial in its forecourt
Day 3 – Kefalonia
Kefalonia. One of the most popular destinations in Greece, Kefalonia is the largest of the Seven Islands on the Ionian Sea. Breathtaking scenery, crystal clear waters and sandy beaches have made this island a must see destination. Aside from the obvious, Kefallonia offers much more, picturesque villages, the National Park of Mount Ainos, great dining and fantastic night life.
Day 4 – Lefkada
Lefkada is a very green island, which has kept its genuineness despite the thousands of visitors it receives every year. Wonderful beaches and bays await for you in this small paradise. A tranquil destination, yet one that has much to offer to the visitor. Fantastic local fresh food, waterfalls, charming villages etc. This island is popular for its bright colour houses and the hospitality of its people.
Day 5 – Ithaka
Home of Ulysses and Homer, this is a small stunning island, surrounded by greenery and transparent waters. Because of its tiny size, and slightly difficult access, it does not attract the mass tourism; therefore it has one of the clearest seas in the Mediterranean. If you’re looking for peace and quiet in a little paradise, this is your place.
Day 6 – Zakynthos
Also known as Zantes, this island receives the yearly visit of and endangered and very rare species of turtles called Caretta- Caretta, which come to the island during their reproductive period to lay their eggs in its long sandy beaches. A haven of beauty and tranquility, Zakynthos is one of the most beautiful and special islands in Greece.
Day 7 – Killini
The small country town of Killini is located about 43km to the northwest of the city of Pyrgos. It is one of the most important ports in Greece. The town was famous from the ancient years, for its natural spas and baths. And today it is still a popular spa destination. Náfpaktos. Náfpaktos (Naupaktos) is a charming little port on the north side of the Gulf of Corinth. It was known to the Venetians as Lepanto, and became famous as the scene of the naval battle of Lepanto in 1571. This beautiful town is one of the most popular destinations in Sterea. Full of history and tradition, you will find proof in its narrow cobbled streets and the castle, unique in Europe.Luxury Liners can find you the ideal charter yacht in Greece.
Duration: 8 Days

The Cyclades are the picture-perfect cluster of Greek islands where ancient villages tumble down into beautiful bays. According to Greek mythology, in a state of rage, Poseidon (God of the Sea) transformed the Cyclades nymphs into the group of islands that we know today. Imagine twinkling turquoise waters, sweeping sunset views and superb food as you fulfill your Greek Island dream on your luxury yacht charter.

Day 1: Athens to Kythnos

Embark on your yacht charter in the beautiful and ancient city of Athens. As your captain takes you southeast through crystal clear waters towards the rugged and mountainous island of Kythnos, you can start getting to know your crew! The most traditional villages in Kythnos island are Chora and Driopida with stone houses and winding cobbled streets in the mountains, while Loutra and Merihas have many tourist facilities. Whether you prefer to make the most out of the watersports on board or spend the afternoon on the most beautiful beach on the island called Kolona, the choice is yours! Head back to your yacht in time for dinner on board, prepared by your crew.

Day 2: Kythnos to Mykonos

After breakfast on board, spend the morning swimming in the turquoise waters that lap the shores of Rineia Island. Later on, cruise to Mykonos, once known as the ‘Island of the Winds’ where you will find charming places to visit such as Little Venice. Imagine sunset bars and restaurants balanced precariously besides the water’s edge offering some of the freshest fish and unmissable views- try Katerina’s Restaurant and Cocktail bar for a relaxing meal in gorgeous surroundings. End the night in style at Mykonos’ Mediterranean Mecca Cavo Paradiso, the number 1 club in Greece. You might even be able to catch the sunrise if you stay out until the early hours of the morning!

Day 3: Mykonos

Your third day in the Cyclades will bring you to Kalafatis Bay, a stunning bay that stretches out on either side of a narrow, rugged headland. This is the perfect place for trying out the water toys on board before cruising to Psarou Beach. This is where you’ll find the trendiest beach restaurant in Mykonos, Nammos. Known for its bustling dinner scene and casual approach to Greek cuisine in an open air setting, an evening at Nammos is bound to be one to remember during your yacht charter! If you prefer a more intimate and romantic setting however, Eva’s Garden is your best bet- serving local specialities such as spanikopita (spinach pie) to tzatziki and grilled fresh bream, dine beneath hanging vines for a delightful evening.

Day 4: Mykonos to Paros

On your fourth day, your captain will take you to Naoussa, one of the few islands to retain its authenticity, character and charm among the archipelago. Located in a huge bay in northern Paros, explore the underwater life for an hour or two deep-sea diving or if you prefer to stay on land, try horse riding! Explore the rocky terrain before spending the evening wandering around the streets of Paros for some shopping and fresh octopus in the famous Greek taverna Tsahpinis.

Day 5: Paros to Santorini

After breakfast on board, cruise to the stunning and volcanic island of Santorini. This is perhaps one of the most popular islands and one of the most romantic in the world. Dive into warm waters or walk up to the volcano summit Thira either by foot or by the traditional route, on a donkey. Enjoy sweeping sunset views over the main fishing port and the island’s best seafood at Psaraki.

Day 6: Santorini to Milos

Cruise to Kleftiko Bay in Milos, once a pirate hideaway that can only be reached by the sea. The horse-shoe shaped island of Milos is a warm welcome from the tourist crowds of Santorini, offering quieter shores, excellent food and friendly locals! Choose to swim in the gorgeous waters or climb on the rocky terrain for unparralleled vistas over the sea. Cruise to Milos port for the night and enjoy a relaxing evening on board as you watch the sun set from your aft deck.

Day 7: Milos to Sifnos

On your seventh day, cruise to the small and sheltered bay on the north side of Milos called Voudia. Relax here for a couple of hours before continuing to cruise to the sparkling bay of Sifnos Platys Gyalos. From here you can take buggies to drive to the capital of the island called Plaka. Built on the top of a hill, you can enjoy magnificent views over the bay. Here you will find winding streets of restaurants, bars and shops to pick up souvenirs for friends and family! Return to the yacht to enjoy one last exquisite meal on board your yacht.

Day 8: Sifnos to Athens

Today marks the last voyage back to Athens so enjoy a superb breakfast in Tropicana before preparing for your departure. Other popular places to visit are the the Ionian Islands so wherever you choose, get in touch today with our expert broker who can personalise an itinerary thats suits you and your guests.

Duration: 8 Days

Croatia is home to crystal blue waters, red bricked roofs and stunning island archipelagos, making it a beautiful destination for a bareboat charter. Whether you wish to take a sailboat into the historic city of Hvar or a catamaran into the stunning caves of Biševo, Croatia is jam packed with fascinating destinations.

Day One – Embark in Solta

Rogac. The island of Solta, nine nautical miles from Split, is a magical place to begin your Croatian yacht charter. You can be picked up from Split airport and transferred to the island in a speedboat, rock-star style to begin your yacht charter. Board your yacht in the historic coastal town of Rogac, surrounded by pristine beaches and clear waters and head to the neighbouring island of Brac. Stipanska Bay on the west coast of the island is a perfect place to spend the first night on board; it is sheltered from all winds and unlike the barren North Coast is covered in thick forests. Drop anchor, dive into the crystal clear waters and watch the sun go down with a glass of crisp Croatian wine in hand!

Day Two – Hiking in Brac

Brac. After breakfast on deck, taking in the incredible scenery and tranquility of the island, head south along the Brac coast to Blaca Bay. If you feel like stretching your legs and exploring the fascinating local history, then visiting the 15th century Blaca Monastery is a must. After a steep climb through the forest for roughly an hour you will be rewarded by this historic and architectural treasure, settled by hermit monks.Head back to the yacht and off to the town of Bol which is situated at the foot of the largest hill in the Adriatic and is home to a host of Baroque summer houses, palaces and many other buildings of historical importance. The beaches here are worth a visit; try Zlatni Rat (the Golden Cape) if sunbathing and chilling is your thing. To end the day, sail to the next island of Hvar and find a peaceful spot to anchor in. You can stay on board and cook a fantastic meal under the stars or venture into Stari Grad, once known by the ancient name of Faros, and eat in one of the towns many taverns and restaurants.

Day Three – Hvar’s Coast, Culture and Cocktails

Hvar. The town of Hvar is one of the busiest in the area and renowned for its party atmosphere. If you would like to secure a berth in the marina then be sure to head off early from Stari Grad as it fills up fast in the summer months. Not to worry if you miss out, head over to Klement on the other side of the bay, moor in the Marina Palmizana and travel to Hvar by water taxi or use your dinghy. Explore the many historic buildings, including one of the oldest theatres in Europe. After a day of culture hit the bars and restaurants to soak up the festive atmosphere.

Day Four – Culinary Komiža

Korcula. Sail to the island of Vis, around eight nautical miles from Hvar and Klement. This island is set apart from the other islands of the Adriatic by its wild beauty, steep shores and its rich history and culture. Visit the town of Komiža, with its streets, or ‘kalas’, which are lined on each side by narrow, stone houses reaching five stories high. Komiža is famous for its unbeatable food. Sample the korniska pogaca – a pastry topped tart of sardines, onions and tomatoes or go straight for the very popular local lobster.

Day Five – the Caves and Cliffs of Vis

Baska Voda, Opposite Komiža bay, there are several islands belonging to the Vis archipelago with many natural wonders to discover. Biševo, with its famous Blue Cave, Svetac (a former habitat of the Mediterranean monk seal) and the volcanic islands of Jabuka and Brusnik. Sail to Biševo and take a swim in Spilja Cave which you can enter with a dinghy. The rays of sunshine entering the cave create a stunning blue hue and taint everything under the water with a silvery glow. Arguably the most attractive bay in the Vis region is Stiniva, surrounded by stone cliffs up to 100m high. The bay is uninhabited and is a protected nature reserve. This is a fantastic spot for diving. With stunning caves, including the Green Cave on Ravnik islet and the beautiful lagoon of neighbouring Budikovac Island, there is no shortage of ways to spend the day in this natural paradise. In the evening, sail into the picturesque town of Vis or remain on board to make the most of the quiet beauty.

Day Six – Return to Solta

Dalmatia. Head back towards the island of Solta and for the Bay of Sesula. Lush vegetation and pristine waters for swimming and snorkelling surround the bay. With six smaller islands facing the bay the outlook is very beautiful and there is good shelter here from any northern winds.

Day Seven – Raise a Glass to Rogac

Split On the way back to Rogac, where you will spend your last night on board, explore the tiny islets of Mali and Veliki Drvenik. Berth in Krhnjasi Bay on the east coast of Veliki Drvenik and take advantage of the crystal clear waters for a swim and a picnic. Once safely tied up in Rogac marina, take some time to wander the streets of this beautiful and historic town before having a charter debrief over a cold glass of one of the many delicious Croatian beers or wines and enjoying your last meal in a local taverna!Take me there!

Duration: 6 Days

Ionian Islands Yachting Itinerary: Marina Gouvia | Mourtos (Sivota) | Lakka Bay | Fiskardo | Kioni| Vassiliki

Day 1 – Marina Gouvia, Corfu – Arrival Day

Corfu is one of the favourite sailing destinations within Greece. It is the second largest island of the Ionian, after Kefallonia. Your sailing holiday starts at Marina Gouvia, which is the main marina for visiting and charter boats, about 15 minutes by taxi from Corfu airport (the fare is about Euros 25). Depending on the time of your arrival, you can visit Corfu town (7 km away), rest, go for a swim or set sails.

Day 2 – Mourtos, Sivota (24 nm)

Charming Sivota, Greece Mourtos is a small village on mainland Greece, hidden behind a group of tiny islands, called Sivota. Mourtos has a beautiful boulevard and a number of terraces along with to stroll, take a cold drink and admire one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world!

Day 3 – Lakka Bay, Paxos Island (12 nm)

From Sivota you will sail across to the picturesque bay of Lakka, on the north Coast of Paxos Island. Approaching the entrance to the bay the waters are turquoise and a number of small white beaches surround you. Most of the time during July/August the village is crowded and mooring on the small quay is difficult, but the bay is protected and secluded and there is anchoring room for everyone.

Day 4 – Fiskardo, Kefalonia Island (50 nm)

Murtos Beach, Kefalonia. Kefalonia is the largest island of the Ionian group and definitely one of the most beautiful ones. Fiscardo is a colourful little port on the north east tip of Kefalonia, 50 kilometres from Argostoli – the island’s capital. It is the only village to have survived the 1953 earthquake almost unscathed, and the architecture of the Venetians is in rich evidence. The village waterfront plays host to whitewashed shops, balconies decorated with bright flowers, coffee places to enjoy a Greek frappe (local frappuccino), and fishing boats.

Day 5 – Kioni, Ithaca Island (12 nm)

The beautiful and peaceful island of Ithaca is famous for being home to Odysseous (Ulysses), Homer’s hero of the epic poem the Odyssey. Kioni is a charming traditional seaside village, 24kms north of Vathi, the islands capital. Kioni is a conservation area built in the heart of an inlet. All around the harbour there are beautiful houses which survived the earthquake of 1953, preserving most of its history and charm. This village has become the leading tourist resort on the island.

Day 6 – Vassiliki, Lefkada Island (13 nm)

Located above the island of Kefallonia and Ithaca, it is separated from the mainland by a narrow channel, which makes it the only island of the Ionian reachable by road. Vassiliki’s port is located in the south-east of Lefkas. In the west side of this bay -close to village Pondi- there is a nice anchorage (4-8 m. depth). The actual port is located in the east of the bay and is very shallow. A natural spring favours this part of the island and runs through the south of the village. Luxury Liners can find you the ideal charter yacht in Greece. Click here so see our Ionian Islands Charter Yachts or simply contact us and we’ll recommend the best boat for you.

Duration: 14 Days
1st Day Rhodes
2nd Day Simi 23 NM
3rd Day Palos (Nisiros) 32 NM
4th Day Kos 21 NM
5th Day Leros 27 NM
6th Day Patmos 20 NM
7th Day Lipsos 10 NM
8th Day Levitha 23 NM
9th Day Kalimnos 27 NM
10th Day Astipalaia 39 NM
11th Day Tilos 53 NM
12th Day Halki 14 NM
13th Day Lindos (Rhodes Island) 49 NM
14th Day Mandraki Marina 23 NM

Luxury Liners’ itineraries for every set of islands in Greece: Athens to Ionian Sea Itinerary – Lefkas – Ithaki – Zakynthos – Killini – Nafpaktos, Corfu to Lefkada in the Ionian Islands,Saronic Islands Itinerary, Saronic and Cyclades Sailing itinerary – Poros, Paros, Mykonos, Sifnos, Cyclades Sailing Itinerary – Athens to Santorini, Cyclades and Saronic Sailing Itinerary – Kalamaki, Sounion, Ios, Santorini, Milos, Hydra Eight Day Motor Yacht Itinerary From Dubrovnik Croatia

Duration: 13 Days
Day 1 – Kalamaki or Athens to Cape Sounion

Starting from Kalamaki or Athens, head to Cape Sounion. Greece sailing itinerary – sounioun and the temple of poseidon, Cape Sounion – One of the most beautiful areas of Greece, here you will find the Temple of Poseidon, which can be seen from a distance and is easily reached by foot once ashore. The ideal time to visit is in the morning before the tourist crowds arrive. The best place to anchor is in the North of the bay where there is a patch of sand and weed, which makes for good holding. The area is exposed to gusts and yachts if not anchored properly may drag.

Day 2 – Kithnos

Kithnos – This is a fairly untouched island from tourism and has very nice serene bays for swimming. The main town, Chora, is located on the hill above Merikha. The small gulfs, which keep the sea peaceful, the white houses, the streets and the old windmills, are some of the attractions of this charming island. Places to Moor: Ormos, Fikiadha – there are two bays located here for mooring. You should be careful of underwater rocks located on the south side of the entrance. Both bays offer good shelter from North winds. This is a nice area for a swim.Ormos Kolona – another deserted bay for a swim with nice sandy beaches. Also provides good shelter from the meltemi.

Day 3 – Serifos

Serifos, Greece – A typical Cycladic island. Not too toursity, the main harbor of Livadhi is very picturesque with its green valleys. Take a stroll or the bus to the main village, Chora, which is situated at the top of the harbor. The view is magnificent. Places to moor: Livadhi – You have the choice to anchor in the bay or on the jetty, which is located on the South side of the bay. The harbor offers good shelter from the meltemi. Water and fuel are available at the jetty. Most provisioning can be found in the harbor. There are several tavernas in the village and on the waterfront. Ormos Koutala – The bay is located on the South side of Serifos and offers good shelter from the meltemi.

Day 4 – Sifnos

Sifnos – The main part of Sifnos is Kamares, from which the road leads to the capital, Apolionia, dedicated to the god Apollo. Places of interest are the old capital, Kastra, the 300 or so churches of the island, including the Roman Catholic cathedral, as well as the village Artemonas, surrounded by hills full of windmills. In ancient times, the island was known for its gold and silver mines, but today, the only ancient craft remaining is pottery and ceramics. Places to moor: Kamares – You can either moor on the quay between the two moles or drop anchor at the head of the bay. Kamares provides faintly good shelter from the meltemi. Water is available at the quay and fuel is available via mini tanker. Most provisions can be found. Agios Yeoryios – This islet is located on the NW tip of the island. It provides excellent shelter from the meltemi. There is a small quay to moor onto or a the head of the bay. There are a couple of tavernas for eating out.

Day 5 – Ios

Ios, Greece. Ios – A barren island east of Sikinos. Ios is supposed to be the burial place of Homer. The island can get over-crowded in high season as it is loved by young people especially due to its great nightlife. Places to moor: Ios main harbor – Can be a bit noisy at night from the bars, if this does not bother you, the harbor offers a good shelter from the meltemi. The yachts can anchor on the north side of the bay. Water is limited, fuel can be obtained from mini tankers and most provisions can be found in the main town. Ormos Koumbaras – A bay located North of the main port, this is a nice bay for swimming and offers fairly good shelter from the meltemi. Ormos Milopatamou – This is a large bay located south of Port Ios. There are four coves on the north side of the bay. Choose anywhere. This bay offers good shelter from the meltemi but open to the west and south. There are several taverns ashore. Ormos Manganari – This bay is located on the south coast of Ios. Be careful of the rocky islet on the Northeast side of the bay. Offers good shelter from the meltemi there are a few tavernas. Beware this is a nudist hot spot. Ormos Tris Klises – Good shelter from the meltemi but be careful of the reef on the West side of the bay as well as a shallow patch near the east cove.

Day 6 – Santorini

Santorini – Otherwise known as Thira, this volcanic island is unique. From Skala, the main harbor, sit comfortably on a donkey and climb up to Fira, the capital. Experience this charming town with its old Frankish quarter and its magnificent view of the bay where you can see Kamenes, two tiny islands made of lava. Thirassia is also worth visiting, the second largest island left from previous eruptions. But apart from the gray sand and pebble beaches and the many archaeological sites, make sure you also visit Oia, a fascinating town close to Fira. Places to moor: Finikia – Lies on the North end of Santorini. There is a small pier but it is usually very crowded. There is some shelter from the meltemi. There are also a couple of tavernas ashore.Skala Thira – This is the main harbor for Santorini. There is a small quay where you can tie up. There is a buoy of the quay where you should tie onto as it is too deep to drop anchor. There are several cafes and tavernas in front. There is water on the quay. You can get provisions from the main town, which you can go either by donkey or the funicular. Nea Kameni – The small island located between Santorini and Thirassia. The best place to anchor is in the cove in the SE corner. There is fair shelter from the meltemi. No facilities available.

Day 7 – Folegandros

Folegandros– Is a barren rocky island with sheer cliffs. The main town Chora sits on the edge of the cliffs and is quite worth the visit. The small pathways in the town, which is a green haven unlike the rest of the island. There are several cafes and restaurants with a spectacular view. Places to moor: Karavostasi – There is a mole that you can moor on to but do check the ferry schedule you might be asked to move. From Karavostasi there is a bus to take you to the main town. There are limited facilities but does offer good shelter from the meltemi. Vathi – Is a large bay west of Folegandros. It is recommended to anchor there in calm weather. A nice bay for a swim or lunch.

Day 8 – Milos

Milos– The island that rises welcomingly out of the sea in the southwest corner of Cyclades. Milos has always sheltered ships from strong winds and offered refuge and rest to travelers. This island has a special charm due to the rare combination of its terrain and its mineral wealth.Places to moor: Adhamas (Port Milos) – Care must be taken of rocks and reefs bordering the E side of the entrance to Ormos Milou. Water and electricity are available at most berths and a mini-tanker can deliver fuel and calls around twice daily.

Day 9 – Hydra

Hydra, Greece. HYDRA – Hydra is an island with many admirers, among the international community of writers, actors and artists in general. Perhaps because of its unique charm, or perhaps because of its rare combination of simplicity and sophistication. You can walk, under the shade of grapevines, on its narrow cobblestone streets that lace around the old houses following their wild climb, almost to the top of the steep hills. Or you can just rest, lying on a rock by the sea. No matter what, Hydra will charm you just the same. Hydra, with its well preserved architecture, its numerous churches, and its donkey transportation, is one of the most picturesque islands in Greece. Places to moor:Hydra Main Harbor – If you want to tie in the main harbor we suggest you get in early, especially on the weekends as it is a favorite for the Greeks. Care must be taken when they are N-NW winds and you should opt for the N mole. As the harbor is overcrowded in the summer, it is normal for yachts to be three out from the quay. Crossed anchors are a common event, so don’t be surprised. Water is available on the quay, as well as provisioning. Mandraki – This bay is located ¾ of mile E of Hydra. It is a nice bay for a swim. There are taverns ashore. The bay is fairly sheltered except to northerly winds. Petassi – There are several small coves in the area that can be used as a shelter. Ag. Nikolaos – This is a beautiful bay with nice surroundings and crystal clear water for a swim but can only be used in calm weather. Nisis Dhokos – A barren island SW end of Hydra. The winds in the channel vary and usually die down. A safe anchorage, which is well protected. Ormos Skindos – This is a large bay the has numerous coves and provides good shelter.

Day 10 – Poros

Poros, Greece. Poros – Just two or three miles off the mainland shore, stands Poros, decorated with green hills that reach the sea and main port with numerous seaside cafes and tavernas. An ideal spot for those who want both a quiet swim and intense nightlife. Across the water, on the Peloponnisos shore, you can enjoy an evening stroll among the lemon trees in the renowned ‘lamonodassos”. Places to moor: Poros Harbor – Offers generally good shelter from the weather. Care must be taken when entering the channel. Make sure you stick close to the side of Poros and not that of the Peloponese as there are shallow patches. There is a large quay located on the North side as well as into the channel. The North side is far quieter, as there are no bars located on that side, but can get rough from the wake of the ferries. Fuel and water are available as well as provisioning. There are several tavernas and bars in town. Ormos Daskalia – This bay offers good shelter for the prevailing winds. It is also offers pleasant scenery with its silver green pines surrounding the bay.Ormos Vidhi – There are several coves surrounding the bay, which is located on the North side. The water is a bit murky but due to the fresh water river that runs into the bay.

Day 11 – Epidauros

Epidauros Theatre, Greece. Epidauros- The road from Nafplio to Epidaurus passes through the vineyards and ancient olive groves with the mountains looming hazily in the distance, Mt Arahneo rises directly above Epidaurus. The breeze carries waves of sweet fragrances from the woods, resin and turpentine. On a hillside, within the sanctuary, lies the theatre of Epidaurus (3rd c. BC), the most famous and best preserved of all the ancient theatres in Greece. Built of limestone, it can seat 12,000 spectators. Every summer it comes alive. Attending a performance of ancient drama in this theatre is almost a mystical experience. Never to be forgotten. At Epidaurus the actors don`t need to shout or speak loudly. The acoustics are so perfect that the merest whisper can be heard in the last row. The entrance to the sanctuary lies to the north of the theatre.Asklepios was worshipped here. Though he was a god, Zeus struck him down with his thunderbolt because he wanted to destroy death. Among the ruins, one can see the foundations of the temple of Asklepios (Doric, 4th BC), the quest house, the tholos, the Abaton or sleeping porch, the temples of Artemis and Thernis, the gymnasium and many others. Apart from the historic side of Epidaurus, you can visit the New Epidaurus where you will be tempted by the wonderful smells of roasting lamb and kokoretsi.

Day 12 – Aegina

Aegina, Greece. Aegina – The closest island as you depart from Kalamaki marina and is usually the first or last stop of your trip if you are sailing the Saronic Gulf. The Temple of Alphia is well worth a visit. You can go by taking the bus from the main harbor or moor in Agia Marina and take the caique. This is one of the most beautiful classical temples in Greece. Don’t forget to stock up on pistachios as they are produced on the island of Aegina and are probably the best in Greece. Places to moor:Aegina Main Harbor – A well sheltered harbor but when there are strong southerly winds it does have a bit of a swell. Mooring is stern-to or bow to the quay. A good place for provisioning, water and fuel.Perdika – Small bay on the SW of Aegina. It is a good shelter from normal winds the bay is open to the west but Nisis Moni does offer protection from westerly winds. Care must be taken if you decide to tie quay. Depths vary from 1,5M to 1,9M so some care must be taken. No fuel available, water can be arranged. The taverns on Perdika have excellent fresh fish.Ag. Marina – A large open bay located in the NE corner of the island. Mooring is in the bay. This area is not well sheltered but if the weather is calm it is a nice area to moor in.

Day 13 – Kalamaki

Time to return the boat in Kalamaki, after having spent 2 glorious weeks in the Greek Islands!

Duration: 8 Days

This itinerary is good for exporing two of the key Greek island groups – the Saronic and the Cyclades by sailboat or catamaran. You get to experience all that these islands are famous for – whitewashed cubic houses stacked on atop each other, clear blue waters, key historical sites such as the temple of Poseidon and Delos, and of course the innumerable friendly tavernas and shops along the way.

Day 1 – Alimos (Athens) to Poros

Leaving Alimos port for a sail.

Day 2 – Poros to Kithnos

Sailing with the prevailing wind on day 2 you will reachyour first island in the Cyclades – Kythnos. The first stop is a unique isthmus on the west side of the island that makes a great beach. Go ashore, swim, walk up the hill or to the taverna just above the beach. It’s a great place to watch the sunset! Next morning, stop is the town of Sifnos, with its hot springs – good for a couple of hours lounging and looking up at the white cubic houses and the castle just above the beach.

Day 3 – Kythnos to Serifos

Spectacular Serifos! Sailing south, you will reach Serifos. Moor in Livadi which is a quiet, pretty town that is great for hiking up into the hilltop town of Serifos while taking in the stunning views. There are also plenty of tavernas lining the port if you need a refreshment after your hike.

Day 4 – Serifos to Paros

A longer sail today to the famous and beautiful island of Paros. Anchor in the bay near the town of Nousa. If you’re into water sports, this is a great place to pull out the toys and enjoy the clear water, then head over to Nousa, which is a delightful town perfect for a coffee while watching the town stroll past.

Day 5 – Paros to Delos to Mykonos

Pristine Paros! History lovers will love Delos, one of the major trading centers of the ancient world – in fact it was the world’s first duty free port, once welcoming 30,000 people at a time to trade their goods. The town is well preserved enough to imagine what Greek life was like, and you can also see several important shrines. Then head off to famous Mykonos, the jet set center of the Cyclades. Walk the port, see the preserved windmills and then follow its winding, impossibly clean roads to see what restaurants, bars and shops may await you.

Day 6 – Mykonos to Kea

Leaving Mykonos, you have a fairly lenghty upwind sail to Kea. Kea will relax you and entice you with its beaches and quaint, welcoming port towns.

Day 7 – Kea to Sounion (Poseidon Temple) to Poros

Leave early for the long, upwind sail back to Poros. The first stop is on the mainland, where you can visit the beautiful Temple of Poseidon, one of the top 3 attractions in all of Greece. You can anchor in the bay just below the temple towering above you, take the tender to the shore, and walk the short distance up hill to see the stunning temple and walls of the ancient city.This evening you can really explore the town of Poros, which has an architecture that is completely different than the cyclades, but just as beautiful as it covers the pretty hillside above the port. Poros, with the Peloponnesian mainland behind

Day 8 – Poros to Aegina

Anchor off the famous port town of Agia Marina, which has several nice restaurants, and is a quick drive up the hill to the important and well preserved fertility shrine. We have itineraries for every set of islands in Greece:Athens to Ionian Sea Itinerary – Lefkas – Ithaki – Zakynthos – Killini – Nafpaktos,Corfu to Lefkada in the Ionian Islands,Saronic Islands Itinerary,Cyclades Sailing Itinerary – Athens to Santorini,Cyclades and Saronic Sailing Itinerary – Kalamaki, Sounion, Ios, Santorini, Milos, Hydra.  Chartering a Yacht in Greece…We hope this has gotten you excited to charter in these beautiful islands!

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