Legend Yacht: The Ice-Breaking Queen of the North

Updated: Sep 17, 2019
Legend Yacht
Want to meet a masterpiece? The Legend yacht offers expert craftsmanship, lavish features, and expedition extras sure to make your head spin.

Every once in a while, you see a yacht which takes your breath away.

It’s a rare find. These vessels have qualities that other boats don’t, delivering an endless supply of elegance and features fit for royalty. It’s the loving quality of craftsmanship, the artistic flow of the lines, and the attention to every lavish detail which makes a yacht a true masterpiece.

The Legend yacht is one of these wonders. Read on to learn more about this enchanting beauty, and see how you can get a legendary experience of your own.

Legend Yacht: A Boat to Remember

The Legend yacht has always had that special something. She’s a true northern queen, steeped in style and serving up a fabulous story to go along with her good looks.

Fascinating History

Our girl was first built by Dutch masters in the IHC Verschure shipyard for Russian owners during the height of the Cold War. She’s seen her fair share of action as an icebreaking tugboat in the Soviet Union, but the real magic began when she was sold privately around the turn of the century. Her new owner converted her into a pleasure yacht and christened her Giant, but she was laid up in 2005.

It was Jan Verkerk who saw her true potential as an expedition yacht — after all, she was built as a Class 1 Icebreaker, with capabilities extending fay beyond pleasure cruising. Verkerk took this opportunity to transform Giant into Legend, a world-class charter yacht running ice expeditions to both poles and outfitted with luxuries to make even her most wealthy passengers titter with excitement.

Fabulous Features

What makes Legend so good at her job? She combines all the most lavish features with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure passengers arrive safely and comfortably before setting off to see the wonders of the icy Arctic landscape. A helipad, gym, spa, swimming pool, whiskey bar, cigar room, waterfall, and opulent dining and lounge areas all make for a sweet ride.

With names like Paris and New York, Legend’s staterooms don’t disappoint. Each spacious cabin boasts televisions, surround sound, and the plushest beds in the arctic. The truly adventurous can (and should) take advantage of her submarine, which can carry two passengers and a pilot into the glacial depths to view shipwrecks and marine life as they please.

Where is She Now?

Legend is currently a working girl, running expeditions for the uber-wealthy to the Arctic, the South Pole, and some destinations in between. With 13 cabins and room for up to 26 passengers, she’s an exclusive charter which most can only dream about.

A crew of 19 ensures comfort with cooks and masseuses, while a secondary expedition crew of 10 includes a doctor, naturalist, and ice-pilot for venturing off the boat. With opportunities to explore on, above, and below the ice using a variety of contemporary equipment, her trips are nothing short of spectacular.

Book your Own Legendary Charter and Set Sail Today

Does the Legend yacht awaken your inner explorer? Even if this particular beauty might not suit your needs, you can still head out on a daring and luxurious expedition of your own aboard one of our cruisers.

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