Take a Day Trip Through Paradise with Our Yacht Rentals

Updated: Feb 01, 2019
55' Monte Carlo Miami Yacht Charter
Yacht rentals are the perfect way to relax with friends and family. Let us take you on a day trip to your dream destination.

Are you looking to take your crew out for a few hours of cruising on the water? Here at Luxury Liners, we offer a multitude of day trips for you to choose from. 

Whether you’re situated on the west coast or the southern side of the country, we have yacht rentals to suit your needs. 

Yacht Rentals from Premium Destinations

Our yachts are plush. Our food is tantalizing. Our experiences are top-of-the-line ventures into the world of sailing. Examine our options below and discover your next destination.

Yacht Rentals by the Day from Florida

Miami is a mesmerizing city full of jaw-dropping sights, sounds, and experiences waiting for you to dive in. The ocean around it is just as exciting. 

The crystal-clear subtropical bay gives way to endless miles of sun-drenched ocean, and you can enjoy it all from one of our luxury cruisers. Choose any Miami yacht you wish, from a stylish hot-tub equipped Feretti to a stately yet speedy Rodriguez catamaran.

Miami Beach, Florida

Yacht Rentals by the Day from California

Whether you want to sail from Marina del Rey, Los Angeles, San Diego, Malibu, Long Beach, or Newport Beach, we have a private yacht charter to satisfy you. 

Sail along the harbors, cruise along the coastline, or go out for an island adventure on the channel. Day trips to the stunning Channel Islands are an increasingly popular destination. Many of them lie in Marine Protected Areas, ensuring beauty which passes on through generations.

San Diego Harbor, California

You can hike around exploring the sunny beach and island caves, or choose to participate in the islands’ special brand of luxury activities. Snorkeling, fishing, and golfing are all available to occupy you until sundown. 

And, if you prefer not to leave, you can look into one of our overnight yacht charters to extend your time with us on the water.

Yacht Rentals by the Day from Mexico

Mexico’s awe-inspiring Cabo San Lucas offers otherworldly entertainment. Cruise along the coast as you sit back and enjoy handmade treats from our world-class chefs, or choose to do some paddle boarding on the bright blue water. 

Choose a sunset cruise in Cabo to have the perfect romantic evening for you and your partner, or hop on a fishing charter to test your wit against the waves. We also offer overnight yacht rentals for those who can’t get enough.

Cabo San Lucas Harbor

Yacht Rentals by the Day from Hawaii

Hawaii is already a stunning destination, but our day trip tours will make your memories last a lifetime. Sail through the waters around Oahu as you view all the splendid wildlife this great island has to offer, or get right in the water with them — our Hawaiian yacht charters have special offers for dolphin swimming. 

Whether you opt for cozy yacht like the 31’ Bayliner or choose to go with a larger one such as the 79’ Gold Coast vessel, your trip will be an unforgettable foray into Hawaii’s most rewarding attraction.

Honolulu, Hawaii Harbor

Our Yacht Rentals Provide Picture-Perfect Fun

We offer yacht rentals in Marina del Rey, Los Angeles, Miami, San Diego, Hawaii, Cabo San Lucas, Newport Beach, Malibu, and Long Beach. Our day trips are available for small groups, or we can accommodate larger parties. 

Visit our website or call us at +1 (310) 526-3429 to ask about our adventures today.

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