Prepare to Be Mesmerized on a Marmaris Yacht Charter

Updated: May 31, 2019
Marmaris yacht charter
Ready to soak up some sun? Explore lush greenery, dip your toes in a Turkish bath, and sample the vibrant local culture on a Marmaris yacht charter.

Traveling to Turkey might not be on your bucket list yet, but we’re here to change that.

This cozy corner of the world is home to captivating coves, balmy beaches, and some of the most incredible cultures in the world.  

We’re ready to sail away right along with you, so strap in and prepare to be amazed by all the possibilities a Marmaris yacht charter brings to the table.

See and Do it All on Your Marmaris Yacht Charter

Marmaris is located in that sweet spot right between the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas, making it the perfect launchpad for vacation victory. There are a few activities you can’t miss while you’re here.

1. Hop the Islands

The city full of surprises, but the real treasures lie beyond the town proper. The islands which pepper the seas around the busy port are home to astounding beaches, each one a small piece of paradise just waiting to be discovered.

Head to the Sedir Islands where Marc Antony allegedly wooed Cleopatra with beaches of pink sand and stunning sunsets. You’re sure to have a happier ending than they did on these gorgeous shores, but there’s no need to tempt fate — if you aren’t into historical romance, head to the Greek Island of Simy or Rhodes to bask under the palm trees.

2. Live Like a Local

You can’t leave this country behind without dipping your feet into the water of an old-style Turkish bath. Relax and enjoy hot soaks, massages, and spa treatments which will leave you with dazzlingly fresh skin and a relaxed disposition.

Eating, drinking, and being merry are as much national pastimes as the baths, so don’t neglect the nightlife or the local cuisine on your Marmaris yacht charter. Take dinner along the beachfront at a traditional Turkish tavern, being sure to try a handful of the distinct Middle-eastern appetizers known as mezze.

Head back toward the marina to get your dance on in the numerous clubs along Bar Street, each one offering up unique musical genres for the crowd to enjoy. Gyrate your way along to the Uzunyali district for more American and European-style venues.

3. Hike the Park

The Marmaris National Park is a true gem, home to a parade of paradisiacal flora and fauna which will make your head spin. Breathe in the aroma of fresh pine and cypress trees as you gaze up at eagles and falcons soaring above.

Catch sight of lynx, jackals, and wily foxes darting through the underbrush, or trek your way down to the coastal region to lounge around the azure waters here. A private charter affords you the coveted opportunity to drop anchor nearby, so you’ll be close to the action.

Take a Boat Tour of Marmaris this Year to See Turkey in Style

Headed out to traverse the Turkish shoreline? You’ll want to do so in comfort from the deck of a luxurious Marmaris yacht charter.

Your sailing adventure awaits. Call us at +1 (310) 526-3429 or visit our bookings page for more details.

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