Price Breakdown: How Much Does It Cost to Charter a Yacht?

Updated: Mar 22, 2019
cost to charter a yacht
Ready to set sail? You'll want to know all about the cost to charter a yacht. Luckily, we've got you covered with a price guide which explains it all.

Do you find yourself daydreaming about fruity drinks on white sand beaches, surrounded by crystal-clear ocean as far as the eye can see?

It’s probably time to take a vacation.

Booking a yacht charter is the perfect way to relax. Why not take a trip to indulge your every whim in the tropical paradise you’ve been craving?

We can make it happen for you.

You’re probably wondering how much this little excursion will set you back. The truth is, the cost to charter a yacht varies depending on a few factors.

The Cost to Charter a Yacht by Type of Vessel

All of our vessels are sleek, modern, and high-end luxury yachts. However, they do vary as far as size and onboard amenities — that’s where the price difference comes into play.

We have more intimate boats available from $844.21, like the 38′ Lotus Lagoon catamaran out of Hawaii. This beauty carries six guests and comes equipped with paddle board gear, snorkeling equipment, and complimentary beverages and snacks.

If you want to bask on the bow of a bigger boat, you might find something like our California-based 108′ Monte Fino is more up your alley. Flat screen televisions, plush staterooms, a jacuzzi, and spacious lounging areas are all available for up to twelve guests on charters from $7,937.49.

The Cost to Charter a Yacht by Trip Length

The length of your trip also affects the cost to charter a yacht. For example, the base price of the Lotus charter mentioned above is $796, which includes two hours of sailing. If you want to sail for three hours, the price will increase by half to $1,194, and go up accordingly for every hour you add on.

What if you want to go out for a few days, or even a few weeks? We offer multi-day charters and excursions to many exciting destinations for a base price of $13,000 per day, excluding gratuity and any provisions or catering.

You could putter around exploring the Channel Islands for a few days, or you could go even further. Why not discover the best of Hawaii’s hidden gems on a week-long coastal cruise? You can head to Greece, Italy, Mexico, or wherever the wind may take you.

Other Factors Affecting the Cost to Charter a Yacht

Say you fall in love with a particular vessel, located in Marina del Rey, but you want to cruise around San Diego. We totally understand. We’ll move it for you, which will incur an additional fee.

Which type of sailing you want to do will also affect the cost to charter a yacht. Base prices listed are for sailing in the harbor. For coastal sailing, an extra hourly fee will be added to your rate.

Keep in mind that Luxury Liners operates in the spirit of complete transparency. When you book a yacht charter with us, there are no hidden fees. Everything is displayed before you pay, and the price you see is the price you get.

Bring Down the Cost to Charter a Yacht by Booking with Us

Our mission is to bring you the most high-end vessels at the best prices. We’re ready to help you book your dream charter today.

Want to see what we have to offer? Have a look at our yachts page to see our prices and learn more.

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