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97′ Sport Fisher (NPB)

Yacht Rentals From: $8,253.28

Minimum Charter:

Guests: 12

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Newport Beach Luxury Yacht Charter by Luxury Liners in a 97' Sport Fisher. Yacht charters and rentals in Los Angeles, Newport Beach, and Malibu.

We spare no expense when it comes to outfitting our vessel with the finest gear. From high-performance fishing equipment to cutting-edge water sports gear, every piece is meticulously selected to ensure your experience is nothing short of exceptional. With top-of-the-line gear, you’ll embark on adventures with confidence, whether it’s fishing, diving, or water sports, and experience a level of quality that matches the luxury of the yacht itself. This 97′ Sport Fisher luxury yacht is available for a yacht rental in Newport Beach, California for up to 12 guests. Perfect for a harbor or coastal cruise. Enjoy your charter within the harbor or just outside the breakwater of the Newport Beach Harbor.

This amazing 2022 97′ Sport Fisher luxury yacht in flawless in design and splendor. Enjoy the water on this lovely lady along the coast of Newport Beach, Emerald Bay, and more. Travel up the coast or cruise down toward Emerald Bay.

Luxury yacht charters in San Diego

Newport Beach Luxury Yacht Charter Getaway for up to 12 guests in our 97′ Sport Fisher.

Key Features

Craftsmanship in Detail

97-foot Sport Fisher

6 Comfortable Staterooms

Recent Extensive Refit

Upgraded Interiors & Electronics

Versatile Charter Options

Comprehensive Water Toy Collection

14’ Inflatable Tender

Inflatable Trampoline

Dive Compressor Onboard

Top-of-the-Line Fishing Gear

40 Years of Combined Crew Expertise

Sport fishing charters in San Diego

World Class Fishing

Unparalleled Adventure

For all anglers, from the most avid to the newest, we offer top-of-the-line gear and electronics for a memorable fishing experience. Our experienced crew, with 40 years of combined knowledge, ensures you’ll reel in your dream catch or have the time of your life trying. ​

The 97′ Sport Fisher is your gateway to world-class fishing adventures. With 40 years of combined knowledge among our seasoned crew, you can trust that your angling experience will be nothing short of extraordinary.​

Our vessel is equipped with top-tier fishing gear and electronics, ensuring that you’re fully prepared for any class of fishing. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned angler, our crew’s expertise guarantees an unforgettable fishing expedition. Cast your lines, reel in your dreams, and immerse yourself in the world of world-class fishing on this 97′ Sport Fisher.

Enjoy the water on this luxury yacht along the coast of Newport Beach and Emerald Bay.

Newport Beach Luxury Yacht Rental & Yacht Charter

Sport fishing charters in San Diego


First of all, yachting in Newport Beach is a top thing to do anywhere and especially here. Because nothing beats a yacht charter in the OC. The unique subtropical climate allows for a year around boating season. It’s what makes a Newport Beach yacht rental so enjoyable. Enjoy the crystal clear tropical ocean. The beautiful harbor and marina, beaches, bay, and lagoons.

Newport Beach Harbor Cruises


Newport Beach Coastal Cruises


While Newport Beach offers celebrity’s water front residences and sand bars, that’s not all. She probably offers on of the most stunning skylines which are awesome for even a short Newport yacht charter. Visit a private island with loved one, snorkel at a coral reef, and explore Catalina Island. Plan your getaway with one of our private yacht charter itineraries or just board a water front sports bar to chill out.

Newport Beach to Emerald Bay


Furthermore, let Luxury Liners provide your captained Newport Beach yacht rental so you may experience your own private charter boat cruise in Newport Beach.

Newport Beach to Catalina Island

Catalina Island, Avalon


Catalina Island, Two Harbors


Also a Newport Beach luxury yacht charter may include a charter sailboat, Malibu catamaran charter, or other Newport Beach luxury yacht charter. Other possibilities include sailing a luxury yacht charter from Marina del Rey to the Channel Islands. Explore nature in comfort snorkeling in the pristine waters near Avalon Harbor. Maybe take a trip in a Two Harbors. Take in the sites of Catalina to experience one of the world’s best islands in style.

Another thing you could do is take a minute to review Luxury Liners’ itineraries and destinations. Those pages have  our yacht rental locations and details of your trips. Because we probably have already found the best ideas for your yacht charter! Due to the great weather Newport Beach is always a great place to rent a yacht!

Additional information


Newport Beach, CA


Catalina Island, Catalina Island (Avalon), Catalina Island (Two Harbors), Santa Catalina Island, CA

Year Built






Minimum Charter

Half Day (4 HRS)