Sailing yacht in San DiegoSailing yacht in San Diego

65′ Sailing Yacht

Yacht Rentals From: $6,000.00

Minimum Charter:

Guests: 30

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San Diego sailing yacht charter rental in an 65' Sailing Yacht near San Diego. Yacht charter rental for San Diego.

San Diego sailing yacht charter in a historic 65′ foot sailing yacht. A custom-built versatile yacht exuding impressive qualities such as the endless possibilities of seating and event opportunities to be held at our idealistic venue. Floating on water for casual cocktail receptions, white linen wedding extravaganzas, small-group school related outings, and perfectly progressive networking sessions.

She was built over seventy years ago as a solid and fast passage making vessel, and even today with the advent modern fiberglass sailing vessels, Jada is still considered a fast boat. Her full keel and yawl rigged sails make her a very stable and safe vessel, even for crossing oceans on extended voyages. She is now available for a boat charter San Diego, California.

This beautiful yacht is perfect for a harbor or coastal cruise in San Diego. Enjoy the water on this luxury yacht within the harbor of San Diego. Due to the great weather all year round, San Diego is a great place to rent a yacht.

San Diego Sailing Yacht & Yacht Rentals

Sailing yacht in San Diego

First of all, yachting in San Diego is a top thing to do anywhere and especially here. Because nothing beats a yacht charter in San Diego. The unique climate allows for a year around boating season. It’s what makes San Diego yacht charters so enjoyable. Enjoy the crystal clear tropical ocean. The beautiful harbor and marina, beaches, bay, and lagoons. She probably offers one of the most stunning skylines which are awesome for even a short San Diego yacht charter.

San Diego Coastal Cruises


Furthermore, let Luxury Liners provide your captained San Diego sailing charter so you may experience your own private yacht in style while visiting. To charter a yacht in San Diego or for a luxury yacht simply choose among our collection of San Diego yacht charters. Luxury Liners works hard to find you the best of the best, highest quality yacht rentals in the San Diego area at the best prices.

San Diego Harbor Cruises


Plan your getaway with one of our yacht charter itineraries or just board a water front sports bar to chill out. Furthermore, let Luxury Liners find your captained San Diego yacht charter so you may experience your own private charter yacht cruise in San Diego.

San Diego to Ensenada


Take in the sites of San Diego to experience the west coast in style. In conclusion, for a yacht charter San Diego style, we have the yacht rentals for you.//

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San Diego, CA



Year Built


Minimum Charter

Half Day (4 HRS)