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Three Course Menu

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Yacht Catering

Three Course Menu


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Balsamic Mushrooms

Caprese Salad

Green Salad (Lettuce & Arugula)

Greek Salad (Black Olive & Feta)

Chinese Sesame Chicken Salad

Vegetable Platter (celery, carrots, peppers, cucumber) w/Hummus & Pita Bread

Vegetable Platter (celery, carrots, peppers, cucumber) w/Lemon Dill Yogurt Dip

Spinach Artichoke Dip w/Crostini

Cheese & Cracker Platter

Tortilla Chips w/Salsa & Guacamole

Shrimp Cocktail


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Lemon Cucumber Orzo Salad

Mushroom, Garlic and Lemon Orzo Salad   

Creamy Mushroom and Asparagus Risotto

Mediterranean Couscous Salad

Quinoa and Lentil Salad

Wild Rice w/Onion & Garlic

Falafel w/Tahini Sauce

Cheesy Zucchini

Sauteed Spinach

Ginger Carrot Puree

Corn On The Cob


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Spicy Jamaican Jerk Chicken

Greek Chicken Skewers w/Bell Peppers & Red Onion

Middle Eastern Turkey Sliders w/Arugula & Muenster Cheese

Ginger & Sake Japanese Steak

Sesame Chilean Sea Bass

Meat & Veggie Wraps (Spicy tuna, ham, turkey, veggie)

Caprese Sandwiches (Mozzarella Cheese, Basil, Tomato) with or without chicken  


Assorted Mini Lite Bites


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