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Yacht Rentals From: $3,812.00

Minimum Charter:

Guests: 125

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Yacht charter Long Beach in an attractive 90′ attractive party yacht. This lovely yacht can be ideal for corporate parties, private parties, or weekend getaways to Catalina. It features stadium seating and has great stability to support your pleasures floating atop the sea. The more than memorable design proves this would be a wonderful venue for any occasion.

90′ Motor Yacht Up to 125 Guests Yacht charter Long Beach | Catering is required on this vessel with 60 guests minimum per charter on Saturdays, all other days 50 guest minimum. Guest count can be lower however the fees charged will be for a minimum of 50 or 60 guests. Parking is validated and guests are advised to arrive 30 minutes early for parking. Up to four guests may board the vessel 30 minutes to decorate. The cruise is for 2.5 – 3.5 hours with additional 30 minutes of setup time for your event for up to four people. Self Catered events are required to book for 3.5 (4) hours. The DJ must bring his own compact equipment and set-up upstairs. The downstairs deck is our dining room. comfortably seats about 90 guests all at once. We have 15 tables that are 30″ round and seat 4-5 guests each. The Buffet, with unlimited food, is open for two hours on a 2 1/2 hour charter and open for three hours on a 3 1/2 hour charter. Photo booth rentals must fit thru the entry doors. Most are separate flat panels with a camera unit that is assembled aboard the yacht and are allowed.

The photographer(s) are in addition to the four decorators and not included in the guest count. There is no smoking on this vessel and no hookahs. There is a bluetooth connection for the iPhone 12.

This vessel is perfect for harbor and whale watching tours, Catalina Island charters, private parties, burials at sea, and weddings.

All cruises include a Cash Bar with No Minimum and a Sound System for your Dancing & Listening Pleasure.

This beauty is available for a yacht charter in Long Beach, California. This beautiful yacht is perfect for a harbor or coastal cruise. Enjoy the water on this luxury yacht within the harbor of Long Beach. Due to the great weather all year round, Long Beach is a great place to rent a yacht.

Yacht Charter Long Beach & Yacht Rentals

yacht charter Long Beach 90' Westport

First of all, yachting in Long Beach is a top thing to do anywhere and especially here. Because nothing beats a yacht charter in Long Beach. The unique climate allows for a year around boating season. It’s what makes Long Beach yacht charters so enjoyable. Enjoy the crystal clear tropical ocean. The beautiful harbor and marina, beaches, bay, and lagoons. She probably offers one of the most stunning skylines which are awesome for even a short yacht charter Long Beach.

Yacht charter Long Beach 90' Westport Catering

Long Beach Harbor Cruises


Long Beach Coastal Cruises


Furthermore, let Luxury Liners provide your captained yacht charter Long Beach  so you may experience your own private yacht charter in style while visiting Long Beach. To charter a yacht in Long or for a luxury yacht simply choose among our collection of Long Beach yacht charters. Luxury Liners works hard to find you the best of the best, highest quality yacht rentals in the Long Beach area at the best prices.

Plan your getaway with one of our yacht charter itineraries or just board a water front sports bar to chill out. Furthermore, let Luxury Liners find your captained Long Beach yacht charter so you may experience your own private charter yacht cruise in Long Beach.

Take in the sites of Long Beach to experience the west coast in style. In conclusion, for a yacht charter Long Beach style, we have the yacht rentals for you.


Your charter fee includes a cash cocktail bar and bartender with complimentary soft drinks and coffee.

If you prefer to host the bar, please select one of the following three options:

Metered Tally that is payable at the conclusion of cruise

Prepaid Per Person, which varies by type of service (options below)

Drink Tickets that are calculated according to specific drink and the number of total tickets used; payable at

conclusion of cruise

Bottled Beer $ 7.00

Ship Wine (Chardonnay, White Zinfandel, Cabernet & Merlot) 7.00

Well Cocktails 7.00

Premium Cocktails, Wine & Liqueurs 10.00 – 12.00

Ship Champagne (please ask a charter coordinator) 22.00 per bottle

Prepaid Per Person Packages (Unlimited Services)

A/ Imported & Domestic Beer*

B/ Beer & Ship Wine*

C/Well Cocktails, Beer & Wine

D/Premium Bar: Cocktails, Beer & Wine

*Assumes cash bar available for cocktails; if not add $2 per person



Absolute Vodka, Tanqueray, Chevas Regal, Seagram’s VO, Hennessy VS, Sauza Gold Tequila, Kahlua

Woodbridge Wines & LaTerra Wines: Cabernet, Chardonnay & White Zinfandel


Captain Morgan’s, Johnny Walker Red Label, Seagram’s 7, Wolfschmidt Vodka, Calvert Gin, Montezuma Gold Tequila, Carolans Irish Crème

Inglenook: Chablis/House White Wine


Modelo, Coors Lite, 805, Heineken


Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Coffee

Note: All above are subject to availability on day of charter


Available for private charter for clients to conduct a burial at sea for up to 111 passengers. Morning departures are required for calm wind and sea conditions. The charter fee includes the ship, captain and crew for a morning departure. The approximately one hour cruise will take you off the coast where you may conduct a ceremony and scatter the ashes.

There are additional fees if bar service is requested or if food is to be brought aboard ship and for other departure times. We reserve the right to upgrade to larger vessel at our discretion. We suggest that you place the ashes in biodegradable paper (ie: tissue paper or paper bag) and place it in a basket. Weight the basket and cover it with flowers (we will provide approximately 10’ of line to attach to the handle). When the Captain stops the ship off the coast, you may then lower the weighted basket into the sea. The flowers will float to the surface as the weighted basket sinks and the paper bag will open and disperse the ashes into the sea. This method not only allows for a serene ceremony atmosphere, but also employs the use of only biodegradable items that are environmentally safe to be left at sea.

The client is responsible for compliance with all applicable government regulations and filings. All charter dates & departure times are subject of availability. To book your burial at sea on the vessel of your choice, please call our office.

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Long Beach, CA





Minimum Charter

3.5 Hours on Saturdays and Sundays, 2.5 Hours

Overnight Capacity


Year Built