Rent a Boat for a Day to Live the Ocean Life in Style

Updated: Jul 02, 2019
smiling friends sitting on yacht deck

Have you always wanted to experience the action and adventure of sailing life?

Feeling the wind in your hair and the sun at your back sounds like an awesome vacation, but you may not have the time to spend on an ocean crossing.

The good news is, we’re offering you the chance to experience the cruising lifestyle the easy way. We’ll help you have your adventure on the high seas and be back before bedtime to regale your friends with tales of your triumphs.

How does it work? Read on to find out all about your daily yacht charter options, and discover how you can rent a boat for a day with us.

Rent a Boat for a Day to Experience True Luxury on the Water

We don’t want to brag, but our boats are the best around. Our experienced crews know how to guide you through paradise, and our private services ensure you’ll remain comfortable throughout your trip.

Luxury Yachts

No matter how big your party size is, rest assured we’ll be able to accommodate you. For larger groups and special events, consider renting one of our luxurious party yachts complete with vast reception halls and dining areas. We also have an extensive collection of more intimate vessels sporting every amenity imaginable, including jacuzzies, entertainment systems, and plush tanning decks for lounging in the sun.

Expert Staff

Your staff of industry experts stands ready to spirit you away to sailing paradise at the drop of a hat. Friendly captains will guide your craft with skill and precision, while a crew of knowledgeable sailors will answer any questions which may arise during your trip. When you sail with us, you’ll be able to relax and unwind knowing you’re in the most capable hands.

Private Services

With all that cruising going on, chances are you’re going to get hungry while on board. We’re here to take care of your appetite with private on-board catering and bartending options. Take your pick of fresh seafood, appetizers, desserts and more with our handcrafted menus.

Choose from Exciting Destinations Around the World

So, where can you go when you rent a boat for a day? It may seem as though your options are limited, but we offer daily sailing trips from destinations around the world.

Choose from exciting points on the west coast like Los Angeles, San Diego, and the Channel Islands, or head south of the border to take a day trip out around the waters of Cabo San Lucas.

Florida’s infamous Miami and Ft. Lauderdale await you, while the Bahamas and other Caribbean and South American destinations call you from below.

Take a luxury Gulet charter out for a day along the Turkish coastline, or hop along Italy, Spain, or Greece. No matter how big your sailing dreams are, we’ll help you make them a reality.

Book Your Yacht Rental Today and Set Sail in Style

When you choose to rent a boat for a day, the world is your oyster. We’ll help you crack it open and get to the pearl inside.

Ready to head off on your sailing adventure? Head to our yacht rentals page to discover where the wind could take you.

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