SAFETY Yacht Charter & Boat Rentals

Safety Is Our Top Priority

Safety is paramount. In order to keep everyone safe, Luxury Liners’ captains provide a safety speech prior to every departure. All vessels have all USCG required safety equipment on board in accordance with federal regulations. All captains hold the necessary USCG license to captain our vessels to provide a safe and successful navigation of our charters. They will stay well within the speed limits and restrictions, follow the rules of the road with regard to right of way and yielding when appropriate to other vessels at sea or in the harbor.

The following safety equipment is on onboard every vessel. Luxury Liners vessels all have the appropriate number of life jackets on board ensuring that there are enough for all passengers. Children under the age of 12 must wear a lifejacket at all times. All vessels have fire extinguishers, flares, anchors, lines and any other important safety equipment. GPS units are on board some vessels enabling us to identify the location of our vessels while under way and a VHF Radio is on board every vessel.
A security deposit may be held on the charterer’s credit card to cover any incidental damage or lost items. Vessels that require security deposits, as well as their amounts, are noted on their respective product pages online. The hold is placed on the credit card 48 hours before the rental and released 48 hours following the conclusion of the rental if no claim has been filed. In the case a claim is filed, the security deposit is held until the claim is resolved. Note, if the booking is accepted less than 48 hours prior to the booking start time, the security deposit will be processed in conjunction with the booking payment. Security deposits range anywhere from $200 to $5,000 or more for some of our mega yachts.
In order to keep all boat rentals safe, all captains follow the appropriate navigational restrictions required for each vessel under charter.
Operators of any boat are prohibited from consuming alcohol and operating under the influence of any drugs. Our captains are enrolled in mandatory drug testing programs in accordance with the United States Coast Guard rules and regulations.
Luxury Liners’ captains never exceed the maximum number of passengers allowed on a vessel. Our un-inspected vessels hold anywhere from 1-12 passengers while our inspected vessels carry from 13-150 passengers or more.
Our captains always check the weather forecast along the route before departure. We never depart with impending bad weather. In case of emergency, our vessels have a written Float Plan describing the safety equipment onboard, where the vessel(s) was expected to travel, and when the vessel(s) was expected to be in certain locations. Luxury Liners will notify the US Coast Guard or other appropriate agencies if a vessel does not return within a reasonable time after its scheduled arrival (taking into account weather, etc.).
Luxury Liners’ vessels are for the most part only newer models, with current surveys, and inspections but if a vessel malfunctions prior to the rental period, please contact Luxury Liners support to arrange the appropriate cancellation. In the event that a boat malfunctions during the rental period, the captain and crew will contact BoatUS by calling 1-855-408-BOAT.
As a part of every rental, Luxury Liners provides on-the-water support via BoatUS.