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Updated: Jan 29, 2019
Marina Del Rey Yacht Rentals 56' Dufour Sail

Thinking about taking your friends, family, or coworkers out for a ride? Good weather brings out sailors in droves. 

Imagine riding through the waves on one of our luxury yachts, taking in the warm sea air and watching dolphins frolic in the surf around you.

If you’re up for an adventure like that, we can give it to you. Read on to discover what our yacht rentals have to offer. 

Why Choose Yacht Charters with Luxury Liners?

We’re the best of the best. That means our yacht charters are optimized for any experience you might want to have, and they offer world-class luxury as you sail. 

Premium Yachts

Each vessel is a masterpiece in and of itself. We keep the most stylish and comfortable yachts on hand, so you can relax and take it all in as our friendly and experienced crew handle the details. 

Equipped with all the latest technology, our yachts provide a smooth ride with excellent navigation and flawless execution. We take pride in our fleet. Keeping clean, plush, and modern boats allows us to work efficiently while satisfying all your needs.  

Marina del Rey Luxury Sailing Yacht

Custom Experiences

Have you always wanted to see a whale up-close and in person? You wouldn’t want to get too personal, but we can help make that happen with our yacht charters on the ocean. According to the Orange County Register, whale sightings in the area have surged in the past few years — that means there’s no better time to view these friendly giants than now!

If you’re looking to have a rollicking good time, our party rentals may be just the experience for you. Birthdays, holidays, corporate events, and more can be arranged through us. Enjoy relaxation or watersports as you view the wildlife of the rich ocean around you.

56' Dufour Main Salon

Of course, you’ll get hungry eventually. We have distinguished chefs ready to prepare delectable treats for you and your guests. Explore our fine-dining catering options for a tantalizing lunch or dinner on the water. 

Overnight Rentals

We have overnight yacht rentals available for those who just can’t get enough. We don’t blame you for wanting to extend the experience, and our decadent overnight quarters allow you to do so with maximum comfort. 

Our overnight yacht charters are ideal for romantic couples, families, or groups of friends looking to try something a bit more exciting.

Marina del Rey Yacht Rentals 85' Schooner Sailing

Premium Ports of Call and Destinations to Choose From

We have yacht rentals in Marina del Rey, Los Angeles, Miami, San Diego, Hawaii, Cabo San Lucas, Newport Beach, Malibu, and Long Beach.

No matter where you are or where you want to go, we have a yacht for that. You can sail through the balmy Bahamas from Miami enjoying the warm sun air, or leave out of Los Angeles for a breathtaking trip to the Channel Islands. 

Have a Thrilling Pacific Experience with Our Yacht Charters

We guarantee you flawless customer service, deluxe yachts, enticing food, and an ocean adventure unlike any you’ve ever dreamed of. Our trips are as rich and varied as the sea itself, and you’re sure to find satisfaction with us.

Visit our website or contact us at +1 (310) 526-3429 to ask about our yacht charters today.

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