See the Sights of Spain on a Mallorca Yacht Charter

Updated: Apr 19, 2019
Mallorca yacht charter
Looking for a distinctive travel experience? Enjoy the sun, surf, and the Spanish island lifestyle from the deck of a lavish Mallorca yacht charter.

As one of the top sailing destinations in the world, Mallorca is not to be missed.

What makes the largest of the Balearic Islands so special? Some say it’s the sunny days. Some cite the sand, the surf, or the succulent cuisine.

We say it’s all of that — plus the sailing. The isle draws in over 6 million tourists per year, many of whom choose to enjoy this sumptuous paradise from the deck of a Mallorca yacht charter.

Don’t Miss These Sights on Your Mallorca Yacht Charter

If you want to do this part of Spain the right way, you need to take advantage of everything it has to offer. From the long stretches of beach to the mountainous terrain above and all the rich history in between, you won’t get bored.

Serra de Tramuntana

Make sure to stop in at the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, a UNESCO world heritage site and home of the highest peak on the island. These mountains boast an otherworldly feel, full of deep ravines dotted with tiny caves.

Here you can cycle, climb, or hike your way through the stunning landscape, surrounded by delicious fragrances from the citrus and olive trees which thrive here. Your reward for the exertion? A jaw-dropping view from Puig Major, Mallorca’s highest peak.

Cala Llombards

Need a rest after all that hiking? Relax at Cala Llombards, the most beautiful stretch of sand on the island. This cove is a haven for travelers looking to get away from the larger, more crowded beaches. It’s a tiny paradise at just 55 meters long, but what it lacks in length it makes up for in character.

This beach is surrounded by pine forests, making for an interesting mix of scenery and providing a wealth of shade to cool down in when you need it most. Rent beach chairs and umbrellas or get your tan on in the sun.

Cala Llombards boasts a cherubic small-town beach bar where you can sip on refreshing local beverages or snack on delicacies from the sea. Don’t leave without sampling the fare here, which includes sandwiches and fish seasoned to perfection.

Cathedral le Seu

On your Mallorca yacht charter, you’ll discover a history as fascinating and varied as the terrain which runs across the island. Nowhere is this more evident than at Palma Cathedral le Seu. Having gone through several renovations under different rulers, this gothic superstructure first began as a mosque.

Overlooking the Bay of Palma, the church is home to several stunning pieces of art. These include a gorgeous pediment of the last supper and one of the largest stained-glass windows in the entire world. To top it all off, the infamous architect Antoni Gaudí has also left his mark here in the form of a spectacular iron canopy resting above the main altar.

Set Sail on an Adventure Through Spanish Paradise Today

Are you ready to see all these sights from your plush palace aboard a Mallorca yacht charter? It’s time to set sail.

We’re ready to help make your Spanish sailing dream a reality. Ring us up at +1 (310) 526-3429 or visit our bookings page for more details.

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