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Services for the yachting and boat industry from Luxury Liners, a team of professionals.  Including experienced captains, many of which are former United States Coast Guard servicemen. Furthermore, our mechanical engineers’ aggregate experience provide the ultimate in safety and peace of mind. Our Yacht Management solutions offer clients a yacht management program driven by yachting professionals. Luxury Liners understands the business side of yachting.

In addition to management our support system services owners and their Captains with sound advice. Ensuring that the yacht is well maintained, legally licensed, properly operated and administered. As an owner you will become free to enjoy yachting for pleasure knowing that every last line item has been addressed or is being taken care of.

Our response is personal and immediate because we are committed to exceeding our client’s expectations. Most of all we provide peace of mind.

Charter Management

With over 20 years experience in the yacht charter business we are well versed in all aspects of the charter industry around the globe. Every country as well as the counties, states, or provinces within them have different rules and regulations. Find comfort in knowing that every single details has been addressed when you offer your yacht for charter because we do not take short cuts.

Luxury Liners offers luxury yacht charters anywhere in the world. If you feel like leaving for the day, or a month, we will accommodate your desires and maximize every minute of your vacation.

We offer yacht charters to productions for Television, Reality, Music Videos, Commercials, model shoots and more.

Fiscal Administration

Luxury Liners uses one bank account for each yacht. While this is not a requirement, from an accounting standpoint this policy stream lines reporting and accountability. Offering fiscal reports monthly, quarterly, and annually we handle the entire financial management of a yacht’s income and expenditures.

Safety & Security

Captains will be enrolled in our random drug testing program. Luxury Liners is committed to quality management following commercial shipping industry standards, customized to yachting, yacht charters, and to each specific yacht.

COMMERCIAL YACHTS – For commercial yachts that operate under the International Maritime Organization (IMO) guidelines, our Safety & Quality Managers will aid in the development and implementation of measures on board to comply with the international regulations.

Crew Finder | Crew Services

Our team assist owners and their Captains with certification, their validity, reference checking and recruitment. Crew service includes employment contracts provided on behalf of the yacht’s Owning Company (endorsed by applicable regulatory agencies). Lastly, Luxury Liners administers payroll, health insurance, and crew mail as well as conducting background checks, drug screening and incident intervention.

Emergency Response

Because timing is critical, a single phone call to the Emergency Response Center results in appropriate resources being directed to the emergency taking place. Especially relevant, we will assist with all communications as necessary until the emergency issue has been resolved.


In conclusion, no matter when or where, we provide assistance regardless of operational location of the yacht. Spare parts shipping, catering, and fueling are all part of our service. Luxury Liners is adept. Most of all, our management team is available at all hours.

Yacht Insurance | Boat Insurance | Charter Coverage

Yacht insurance & marine insurance coverage for personal and commercial use in the United States, the Mexican Riviera, and Europe. Luxury Liners’s agents provide access to insurance agents in real time for competitive rates.

Furthermore, our yacht insurance offers coverage for motor yachts, motor boats, sailing yachts, sailboats, super yachts, commercial vessels, and mega yachts. Whether for personal and use our insurance agents have you covered. They provide service and quotes from A rated companies.

Get A Quote

Please complete the form with as much information as possible and submit. An Account Manager will be contacting you to present a quote or discuss your risk in more detail.


Most noteworthy, our agents are committed to bringing you insurance solutions for your life. Our yacht program provides great coverage. Furthermore, its personalized to match your needs. As a result, our experts are on hand to assist you anytime. Your yacht is a luxury that you take great pride in. Most of all, when you take to the water protect your family and your investment with the very best in marine insurance.

Great Coverage

Since yachts are one of the large assets to own, they are also among the largest and most complex personal assets to manage and to insure. In conclusion, our agents represent some of the largest mega yachts in use today. This team has knowledge of the yacht insurance industry. We offer a personalized approach with resources to protect the yacht, its owner, & its contents.


With over twenty  years of professional yacht operation and management experience, our team can assist you in procuring the perfect luxury yacht. Identifying your specific needs and ensuring you get the yacht to match them is our forte and something we pride ourselves on. Our operations background gives us the edge in identifying potential pitfalls and unforeseen issues that some yachts may have based upon your expected usage.


Whether you are looking to charter, purchase, or a custom build, our experienced Captains can assist you with your specific preferences.

We offer 24/7 on call concierge services, and crew replacements for Mega yachts and Super yachts traveling through Southern California.


Preventative maintenance is our top priority at Luxury Liners. People often forget the damage that saltwater causes and how important it is to fight it. Fluids are checked regularly, zincs are replaced regularly to protect crucial metals. This is just a fraction of the steps we take to keep a yacht in turn-key condition 24/7.

A Routine scheduled preventative maintenance program should be discussed and agreed upon between the Yachts owner and our maintenance professionals to work out a budget and a check off list.

Every yacht, needs the right organization in order to function seamlessly. Luxury Liners can provide you with a full package of our services, helping you forget the headache or running a yacht and leaving you with the pleasure of enjoying it.

Luxury Liners can assist with crew, manage the payments of all your yacht’s expenses, maintain your yacht in perfect condition even when you don’t have crew, undertake all winterizing works and yearly services required.


Luxury Liners fleet coverage is available for vessels not more than 15 years old. We offer reasonable and comprehensive insurance coverage so that you and your vessel are adequately protected.


Visit the links below for details on our CPA partnered program with regards to the tax benefits allowed for placing a new or used vessel into our charter program.

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