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Boat Washing isn’t rocket science but it is an art form…

Professional boat detailing goes much further than simply cleaning your yacht, and is more important than simple aesthetic appeal. As a boat owner it’s a constant battle against the elements. Sun, sea and salt water constantly attacks your paint, gel coat, metal, leather, vinyl and isinglass in a very harsh environment. Regularly washing off salt with fresh water goes a long way towards preventing unnecessary erosion, however preventative protection will not only keep your yacht glistening, it will extend its life and reduce depreciation, simply put:

You’ve made a major investment, it makes financial sense to look after it.

Here at Luxury Liners we take great pride in our work and provide the highest level of boat cleaning service. Whether we are bringing a yacht back to life, creating a little extra shine or continuing a regular boat maintenance program, we will conduct our work with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail. Our service can be adapted to suit any requirements and budget, we have specially developed three packages for you to chose from, or simply request an individual service.

Wax or Sealant Application

All boats, whether gel coat or painted require some form of protection from the elements. In general it is considered that gel coat boats require a quality wax as the porous properties of the surface literally absorbs the wax to maintain its luster if no wax is applied the gel coat will gradually disintegrate which can be seen in early stages as a chalky residue that dulls the surface of the boat. Painted vessels have a harder surface, however the life of the paint can be significantly extended by applying either a wax or a sealer. Awl Grip recommends the use of Awl Care, a product produced by Awl Grip that creates a hard protective shell over the paint.

Once wax has been applied it is highly recommend to apply a second coat of either Carnauba wax or Teflon sealant, this gives a second layer of protection and creates a smoother surface to produce that ‘show look shine’. This is essential if your yacht is a showpiece or you simply want the highest level of shine and protection possible for the surface of your boat.


Used for heavily oxidized boats our rubbing compounds can bring back to life heavily sun faded yachts. The more damaged the surface, the stronger the product is required. Our highly trained professionals will recommend the best product for the job to produce outstanding results with the lease detrimental effect on the surface. Although compounding can be used to bring a boat back to life, it is recommended that all boats used a light compound once a year to insure that all oxidation is removed and benefits of the wax are maximized.

Aquabuff Services

This ‘Professional Grade’ product is our last resort before we recommend refinishing techniques to bring your boat back to life. This procedure should only be attempted by a boat detail professional and our boat care specialists are the best there are!

Leather & Vinyl Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning, mildew removal and conditioning of all upholstery, leather and vinyl. Once our vinyl & leather cleaner has brought your upholstery back like new, our vinyl & leather conditioner will insure they remain supple and protected against the elements.

Metal Polishing or Restoration

Stainless steel and other metal fixtures are often the finishing accents that make a vessel stand tall! Therefore there is no point in having a beautiful glistening boat if the metal is dull or rusting. Our metal polishing service will insure all metal fixtures are coated in a protective layer, and stainless metal shines! If you have bad problem of rust, we can restore this with quality metal cleaner and polishes.


Restoration, Cleaning and conditioning of isinglass improves visibility and prevents cracking.

Wash & Shine

Boat washing with a twist. We use a non abrasive wash & wax to wash off all the salt and dirt, without stripping any of the boat wax coating protecting your paint or gel coat. However, we further add a separate ‘quick wax’ spray before drying the yacht with chamois. This results in a ‘just waxed’ shine and illustrates how at Luxury Liners we always go that extra mile!! This service is a little extra than a standard wash down, however that extra goes a long way!

N.B. Wash & Shine can be completed using Wet Spot water filtration systems to soften fresh water before it hits your vessel, this protects your yacht from hard water, and prevents water spot marks.

Yacht Detailing Packages

All our packages include fiberglass above the rub rail, including the transom, service of the hull is available as an addition.


Step 1: Complete Wash down
Step 2: Application of Quality Yacht Wax or Sealer


Step 1: Complete Wash down
Step 2: Application of Quality Yacht Wax or Sealer…plus

  • Metal Work
  • Upholstery
  • Isinglass
  • Canopies


Step 1: Complete Wash down
Step 2: Application of Quality Yacht Wax or Sealer
Step 3: Application of Quality Carnauba or Teflon…plus

  • Metal Work
  • Upholstery
  • Isinglass
  • Canopies

All Packages will remove oxidation, bring back the shine & protect the surface of your yacht.

*If job is quoted via phone, additional charges may be necessary if compound or Aquabuff services are required.