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Teak Woodwork & Cleaning

Sometimes simple teak deck cleaning isn’t enough to bring the teak back to life. We will perform a regeneration process to bring back the teak decks original beauty. (Please note this will only be able to be performed a limited number of times, therefore this is only recommended if absolutely necessary.) Once teak cleaning has been completed you will have the choice to leave the fresh looking teak natural, or apply teak oil.


Touch ups, re-coats or complete boat varnishing services, our crews can make your woodwork the perfect accent to any boat, whether inside or out. Woodwork can become daunting, however our experts can remove any coating currently coating your wood, sand and prepare the wood for fresh boat varnish, then apply the correct number of coats to create the ‘yacht quality’ finish. Once a complete boat varnishing service has been performed you may select a schedule to insure your woodwork is always protected against natures elements.


Replace or repair any old, damaged and deteriorated wood. Our craftsmen have the experience and knowledge for minor repairs or complete re-fits.

Teak Decks

Teak decks need constant attention. It is important to keep them clean using soap or sudsy ammonia on a regular basis, however from time to time a deep cleaning and brightening will be required to keep your decks in perfect condition. There are many products on the market that have different benefits, our professional crews will select the most suitable product for the job based on using the least intrusive product to achieve the best results. Typically a two part product which deep cleans, then brightens the teak will be used.

In some cases a deep clean will not be enough to produce the desired results, therefore sanding of the deck will be required. This is a very labor intensive service and because it will be removing valuable teak from your deck should only be performed when absolutely necessary. Our professional crews use state of the art sanding equipment with near dustless technology to perform the job in the most efficient was without covering your boat, and your neighbors boats with dust!