Spotlight on Quality: The World’s Best Luxury Yacht Builders

Updated: Apr 16, 2019
The world’s most talented luxury yacht builders are making vessels sleeker, more modern, and more exquisite than past producers would have ever thought possible.
Who is creating the stunning boats you fall in love with? True luxury yacht builders are a rare breed, but these manufacturers stand out above the rest.

Sailing brings a unique satisfaction. There’s no better feeling than racing through clear blue waters, the wind in your hair and the smell of the salt sea drifting up to meet you.

But it isn’t just the ocean which draws you in. The boats themselves carry a certain mystery. It’s a timeless appeal, one that the industry has fostered through generations of technological advancements.

The world’s most talented luxury yacht builders are making vessels sleeker, more modern, and more exquisite than past producers would have ever thought possible. So, who are the kings of this craft?

The World’s Most Celebrated Luxury Yacht Builders

It takes more than big bucks to build a beautiful boat. It takes time, passion, and an abundance of technical knowledge. These three luxury yacht builders deliver on all fronts.


Sunseeker is one of the biggest names in British boatbuilding, but our love of this company doesn’t rely on their fame. It comes from the attention to detail they pay to each of their vessels.

Many of their yachts are custom-made beauties, and they cater to every type of sailor. The most prestigious of the Sunseekers encompass everything from smaller, high-speed sports cruisers to plush and elegant superyachts.

No matter how large or small the vessel, you can rest assured that a Sunseeker craft boasts clean lines and a smooth exterior. More than that, the opulent below-deck areas are built especially for relaxation and comfort. Once you get aboard, you’ll find it hard to leave again.


Benetti could just be the best in the business. This Italian manufacturing company launched way back in the late 1800s, so they have plenty of experience with building boats. However, that doesn’t mean they’re afraid of new technology.

In fact, Benetti recently broke a record for building the largest yacht ever to come out of an Italian shipyard — and we couldn’t be more proud of them. Critics are raving for this massive beauty, falling in love with the polished exterior and slender profile of the 351-foot ship.

Somehow, Benetti has managed to fit a gym, a spa, and a helipad onto this boat. If they can do that, they can do anything, and they deserve their place in the Boatbuilder’s Hall of Fame.


Westport is a newer arrival on the scene, having launched relatively recently in the mid-1960s. They’ve proven themselves to be more than effective at conquering the art of the superyacht, pioneering the use of fiberglass composite to make their masterpieces.

This is an important innovation. Many other manufacturers have followed suit, but nobody has been able to do it quite the same. This becomes abundantly clear when you examine luxury vessels like the 65′ Westport party yacht, featuring stadium seating and a huge interior for up to 75 guests.

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