Spotlight on Yacht Catering: Delightful Dining at Sea

Updated: Mar 19, 2019
yacht catering
Are you ready to experience the delicious side of sailing? Our customizable yacht catering features freshly-made fare and all the local flavors you crave.

Are you excited to hop aboard a custom yacht charter with Luxury Liners? All that sailing can make you hungry.

Luckily, we have just the thing for you. Private yacht catering offers you the chance to sup in style with a collection of tantalizing treats and fully customizable menus.

No matter what your culinary needs are, we’ve got you covered. Read on and discover how you can make your next charter experience a delicious one.

How Our Private Chef Yacht Catering Works for You

Yacht catering is a win-win situation. It’s always good to serve food at meetings and corporate events, and partiers need their sustenance.

Hiring professional chefs takes the stress out of feeding your guests while at the same time giving them a world-class dining experience they’ll be talking about for years to come.

Once you decide to dine with us, you’ll want to browse our options to figure out which menu suits your needs. Make sure to disclose any dietary requirements you have, and we’ll customize each menu to work around your preferences.

Our chefs can accommodate most any trip length and party size. Whether you’re setting off for a few hours of fun in Los Angeles or you’re headed on a week-long excursion to explore the best destinations in the Bahamas, we’ll make sure you won’t go hungry.

Yacht Catering Options and Menus to Suit Any Style

We have a selection of eight preset menu options. No matter which one you choose, your chef will prepare it fresh from locally-sourced ingredients to ensure your palate stays pleased throughout the trip.

Appetizers & Desserts

Choose a passed appetizer or dessert menu for a lighter taste of our cuisine, or for group events where the crowd is mingling. We have a variety of heavenly cakes, tarts, and pies.

Our hors d’oeuvres are one-of-a-kind and include smoked salmon, artichoke dip, Thai chicken bites, and more. Specialty treats like Cajun cauliflower poppers and potato latkes are our signature style.

Full Meal Menus

Choose between a fresh Chilean seabass menu, a Mediterranean menu, or a three-course menu to sample a bit of everything. Experience succulent shrimp cocktail, fresh Caprese salad, ginger-sake steak, and many more mouthwatering morsels.

Our brunch menu is spectacular for a breakfast-style meal on the water. Feast on bagels, lox, quiches, pancakes, and fresh fruit smoothies as you sail.

Drinks & Bar

Having a good bartender at the party is practically essential for a good time. Our commitment to the craft of cocktails is unparalleled. Just like with our food, we use only the freshest ingredients to make our drinks.

We offer pre-set drink menus for your convenience, or you can also work directly with our master bartenders to create a custom menu for your trip. Feel free to get wild with it.

Your personal bartender will make sure to send over a copy of the drink menu for approval once it’s complete. When your drinks are good to go, you’re ready to set sail.

Try Yacht Catering on Your Charter to Wow the Crowd

Here at Luxury Liners, we aim to cater to your every whim. Our dining options are sure to leave you with a good taste in your mouth.

Are you getting hungry yet? Check out our yacht catering page to view all your options and get started picking out your menu today.


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