Take a Last-Minute Yacht Charter for Sweet Savings on Your Sailing Vacation

Updated: Aug 23, 2019
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What's the secret to savings on a boat rental? Taking a last-minute yacht charter allows you to cruise for less, and we're here to show you how it works.

Are you the spontaneous type?

Maybe you love taking vacations but prefer to leave the planning until you’re ready to walk out the door.

While this can make some people nervous, it might play in your favor if you want to take a cruising trip. Booking a last-minute yacht charter often entails substantial discounts, allowing those who work best under the wire to profit immensely.

But how does it work? We’re here to let you in on all the secrets of last-minute rentals, so you can come into the booking process with the knowledge you need to get your savings on.

What You Need to Know Before Booking a Last-Minute Yacht Charter

A last-minute yacht charter can be a great way to vacation. There are incentives to consider, as well as some requirements to learn about before you begin.  

Why You Should Book It

Though the idea of taking an impromptu vacation seems like something reserved for the upper echelons, you can actually take a last-minute trip on a budget which will make even the most experienced coupon-clippers titter with excitement.

Massive discounts can be found in marinas around the world as captains and crew struggle to fill empty time slots with paying customers. It’s a win-win for everyone: you get some sweet savings on your dream vacation, and boat owners manage to make a bit of money in the process.

When You Can Book It

You can find last-minute yacht charter deals in both the high season and the low season, but high season deals will offer more savings. Prices are generally cheaper in the low season anyway, and boats may not be waiting expectantly in the harbor with a full crew and captain at this time.

During the high season, boats are ready to go — but sometimes plans get changed. Things come up, people cancel, and you can reap the rewards of those open spots. You’ll find that most last-minute deals are made a maximum of two weeks and a minimum of one week in advance, but it’s also possible to book a few days in advance and even the day of the trip if you’re lucky.

Where You Can Book It

If you want these kinds of savings, you have to be flexible with your destination and your yacht of choice. If you have tight constraints on where you want to go, or you absolutely must experience sailing on a particular craft, you’ll be sorely disappointed if you can’t make the booking.

Popular sailing destinations and specific luxury yachts can be booked up months in advance. Instead of hoping a spot opens up, consider sailing to a place you’ve never thought about before. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at where the wind can take you once you decide to go with the flow and let the adventure happen.

Get Your Great Deal on Vacation Boat Rentals Today

If you’re ready to cruise off into the sunset of savings with a last-minute yacht charter, we have boats to suit your needs. Our vessels are luxurious, and our crew stands at the ready to make your sailing dreams come true.

Can’t wait to set sail? Check out our yacht rentals page to discover our fleet and find out where we could take you.

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