Try Corporate Sailing for the Ultimate Teambuilding Experience

Updated: Sep 10, 2019
Want to improve teamwork back at the office? Take your crew on a corporate sailing charter to build communication, bond as coworkers, and have fun at sea.

Do you want your crew to function like a well-oiled machine?

Even in successful offices, teamwork can always be improved. If you’re looking to find better ways to work together, corporate sailing could be the answer.

At its core, operating and navigating a ship under sail is an activity which requires synergy. It can be challenging, but it works wonders to bring your team together.

So, what exactly can a corporate cruise offer you? Read on to discover all the skills you and your staff can learn from a day out on the water.

Corporate Sailing Opens Doors for Dedicated Staff and Managers

Of all the places to host a teambuilding event, why do it on a yacht? Corporate sailing improves teamwork in several ways which you might not see at first glance.

1. Communication & Feedback Skills

What do a yacht and an office have in common? A need for excellent communication. Sailing a boat is no easy feat. It requires open dialogue between the captain and each member of the crew, with rapid and constructive feedback at every turn. Once your team opens these lines of communication, they’ll be more comfortable and productive in discussions and debates back at the office.

2. Inclusive Learning Environment

Since each activity on the boat requires different levels of physical activity and skill to perform, nearly anyone can participate in sailing. A day on the water will present a unique learning opportunity wherein each person is a beginner. It takes team members outside traditional roles, providing a playing field where everyone enters as an equal and learns alongside the others.

3. Performance Under Pressure

On a boat, the crew doesn’t have time to hem and haw. They must make decisions fast, and the pressure can mount just as quickly. While corporate sailing won’t exactly be a harrowing experience, it will sharpen your team up when it comes to their decision-making reflexes and performance under the gun. They’ll come out stronger and more confident as a result.

4. Healthy Competition

Sailing is a learning process, and as such, it cultivates a sense of competition between team members. Competition tends to increase performance and drive everyone to push themselves that much harder. The need to function as a whole will also encourage higher-performing team members to share tips and knowledge with others, fostering a more team-oriented environment back at the office.

5. Team Bonding

Nothing brings people together like a challenge, and sailing is undoubtedly one for the office history books. Your team will be united in the goal of maneuvering a yacht and will celebrate together as each team member performs his or her individual part in the process. The cruise won’t just bring your crew together for one day, either. It will give them memories to remember forever, and a shared experience to fall back on in times of stress.

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Corporate sailing is the perfect way to turn your crew into a seasoned (and seaworthy) team of office professionals. Get in touch with us today to plan a voyage they’ll never forget. 

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