JAMAICA Yacht Charter & Boat Rentals

Find Your Joy on a Jamaica Yacht Charter this Year

Need to relax? A Jamaica yacht charter is ideal for those who want to chill out, loosen up, and explore the island in style.

Destinations and Activities to Enjoy on a Jamaica Yacht Charter

Jamaica moves to the beat of its own drum, and you’ll find yourself unabashedly rocking along with the music. Uber-chill vibes and balmy beaches give the island its fame, but you’ll be awed by otherworldly land and seascapes as well.

Dive through coral reefs in the morning, hike past waterfalls in the afternoon, and by evening, snake your way down volcanic mountains to rest in ultimate luxury below. If you’re in true adventure mode, you’re in the perfect spot to visit other Caribbean destinations as well. Head to nearby Cuba or Puerto Rico, or take an overnight trip to Belize or Panama.

Your Jamaica yacht charter will be chocked full of adventure, but that doesn’t mean you have to skimp out on comforts. Our boats are equipped with every amenity you could want — sail with private staff, luxe quarters, and state-of-the-art entertainment systems to get the full experience.

Expect Ultimate Luxury as You Sail Through Jamaica

Private yacht cruises are the perfect way to get to know this land intimately. From the Reggae clubs of Montego Bay to the upbeat nightclubs of Kingston, you’ll never have a dull moment here.