MARTINIQUE Yacht Charter & Boat Rentals

Cruise Away on a Magical Martinique Yacht Charter

A Martinique yacht charter is an ideal vacation for those looking to relax this year. Spend time with family and friends as you soak up the sun or throw an event down here in the Caribbean.

Destinations and Activities on Your Martinique Yacht Charter

The island of Martinique is a wonderland of beachy paths, rocky seaside mountains, and sweet cane-sugar juices served up by smiling locals. Both quaint and refined, the island is peppered with more lavish facilities than you might expect. Bars, restaurants, and shopping centers are modern and ready to serve your needs.

Sailing trips here are the perfect opportunity to view bright fish and lively wildlife in the oceans and forests around the island, or hike up the towering volcanic peak of Mt. Peléeto see the true magnitude of nature’s strength. Martinique is also the perfect send-off point for sailing trips to St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, or Barbados.

Enjoy fully-outfitted vessels and party yachts for larger events complete with modern navigation and entertainment systems. We offer plush quarters for sleeping, vast decks for lounging, and captains and crew who are ready to attend to your every need.

Expect the Height of Luxury on Martinique Sailing Trips

The Caribbean is knocking at your door. Experience an ethereal mixture of rugged natural beauty and true opulence on a Martinique yacht charter.