PUERTO RICO Yacht Charter & Boat Rentals

Pick a Puerto Rico Yacht Charter for the Ultimate Vacation

There’s no better place to host your yacht charter than Puerto Rico. Lounge around the beach, dive beneath the water, or bring along some friends for a whale-watching adventure.

Activities and Destinations to Enjoy on a Puerto Rico Yacht Charter

Puerto Rico translates to “rich port,” which means you’ll find a wealth of mesmerizing sights, sounds, and activities which reflect its name.

The city of San Juan offers pulsing clubs and live music all night long, while out in the street, vendors sell everything from sandwiches to sushi. Visit stretches of pristine coastline for swimming and tanning or hit the waves for kitesurfing and paragliding.

Inland, this immaculate island holds miles of mysterious jungles. Feel free to wind your way through the trees or go spelunking in the collection of caves before touring the nearby islands of Vieques and Culebra for a day.

Head out on a multi-day charter and visit other Caribbean destinations like Cuba, Jamaica, Cayman, or Belize while enjoying our luxurious yachts along the way. Admire plush accents adorning the halls of our beautiful ships, each one intricately crafted with an eye for detail and attention to design.

Experience the Best on Your Island Yacht Tour

Taking a yacht tour through Puerto Rico is a chance to discover paradise in style. Let us help you book your vacation today.