BELIZE Yacht Charter & Boat Rentals

Set Out for Beautiful Belize on a Yacht Charter this Year

Belize is a country you have to see to believe. Why not view the stunning landscape and relax on warm shores with a yacht charter?

Destinations and Activities to Enjoy on Your Belize Yacht Charter

Belize is sometimes overshadowed by her brothers to the west, but that’s about to change. Your yacht charter here will show you some of the most incredible sights you’ve ever seen, from vast barrier reefs brimming with dazzling corals to deep jungles thriving with lush green life.

Cruise the Belizean Cays to bask in the sun or dive deep beneath the water, exploring sunken ships and submerged caves on the ocean floor. Relax in a sidewalk café on the streets of San Ignacio in the Cayo district before heading out to see the Mayan ruins here.

Our luxury sailing trips offer you the chance at a completely flexible itinerary. Head out for an afternoon on a posh craft, or be guided by experts on a multi-day charter to other countries like Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico. Our boats are a lesson in luxury, so come prepared for lavish quarters and opulent amenities to accent your trip.

Experience Elite Cruising with Our Luxury Sailing Trips

Central America is a paradisiacal wonderland awaiting your discovery. See it all in style with a Belize yacht charter.