SOUTH AMERICA Yacht Charter & Boat Rentals

Take a Sunny South America Yacht Charter this Season

Want to escape the cold this winter? A South America yacht charter is perfect for those looking to relax on the vacation of a lifetime.

Destinations and Activities to Enjoy on a South America Yacht Charter

South America is vast, but you’ll catch a homey vibe as you sail on your yacht charter. The locals are friendly, the beaches are hot, and the jungle is ripe for exploration.

Head to beautiful Brazil to trek the astounding Amazon here, or cruise up to Trinidad and Tobago for sweet scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities. Aruba and Curacao are waiting with soft white sand, while Easter Island offers the infamous moai statues for your entertainment. Sail right past these giant heads with our yacht rentals, or admire them for days on deluxe overnight charters.

Gallup off to the Galapagos to view an amazing array of biodiversity, marveling at the wildlife as you relax on your vessel of choice. We offer all types of boats, from artfully-designed smaller craft to megayachts outfitted with jacuzzies and televisions. You can rest assured we have every opportunity waiting for you.

Expect the Best with Our Yacht Rentals in South America

When you set sail on a South America yacht charter with us, you’ll be cruising in ultimate luxury. In fact, you may find yourself so comfortable that you never want to leave.