EASTER ISLAND Yacht Charter & Boat Rentals

Explore Epic Easter Island on a Yacht Charter this Year

Want to be awestruck on your next vacation? An Easter Island yacht charter is ideal for those hoping to catch sight of one of humankind’s biggest mysteries.

Activities and Destinations to Enjoy on an Easter Island Yacht Charter

You’ve probably heard of Easter Island before. A tropical paradise off the Chilean coast brimming with picturesque palm trees and miles of crystal-clear shoreline, this UNESCO World Heritage site is also home to a phenomenon which draws in visitors from all over the world: the Easter Island Heads. You have the chance to see them in person on a private yacht charter.

Technically called moai, these giant statues were carved from fossilized volcanic ash thousands of years ago. There are over 900 scattered throughout the island, and you’ll have the chance to see them all when you charter a boat to this mysterious locale.

Take a few days to linger here with our overnight charters, enjoying the full scope of our yachts. Relax in opulent staterooms, lounge on spacious decks, and take advantage of private services while you’re with us. You can choose to take a cruise around other points of interest like Curacao, Aruba, and Brazil.

Expect the Best When You Charter a Boat with Luxury Liners

Your Easter Island yacht charter should be an epic experience. We’re here to deliver it to you with luxurious vessels, friends captains, and fully customizable itineraries.