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Interested in taking a private yacht charter this year? Malta offers an ideal destination for families and friends hoping to see a piece of history as they relax.

Enjoy these Malta Yacht Charter Destinations and Activities

The country of Malta is small in size but huge in history, making it the perfect archipelago for architecture enthusiasts and museum buffs alike. It’s also a great haven for beachgoers looking to relax on snow-white sands during the harsh winter months.

Here you can stroll through breathtaking Neolithic ruins, gazing upon these vestiges of early human occupation which date back over a thousand years. After you hike the hills around Comino, head to Gozo to view the Azure Window. Though this gigantic natural arch collapsed in 2017, you can still snorkel around its feet to frolic with the fish and other ocean life.

Enjoy yachts equipped with plush staterooms, multi-leveled lounging areas, and every modern amenity as you dine on local delicacies prepared by private chefs on your charter. Choose to linger in Malta, or jet off on a jaunt to Spain, Italy, France, and other parts of the Mediterranean.

Relax in Style on Your Private Malta Yacht Charter

Your private yacht charter in Malta is waiting. Enjoy most marvelous views imaginable from the deck of a luxury vessel you won’t ever want to disembark from.