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Reap the Rewards of a Luxury Yacht Charter in Slovenia

Want to try something new this year? A luxury yacht charter in Slovenia reveals hidden gems to families and friends looking for a taste of the alluring northern Mediterranean.

Must-See Sights on Your Slovenia Luxury Yacht Charter

At 47 kilometers long, the Slovenian Coast is small but full of surprises. You’ll be entranced on your trip, and not just by the opulence of your luxury yacht charter — Slovenia has some of the most breathtaking Gothic architecture in the world.

Travel back in time as you explore the medieval town of Kopur, where you’ll be wowed by antique cathedrals soaring above the skyline and quaint cobblestones beneath your feet. Visit Izola for delicious seafood, and meander through its winding canals for a view reminiscent of Venetia before heading back out to sea.

Stay in Slovenia or sail south to other Mediterranean destinations like Greece, Turkey, and Italy on a multi-day luxury yacht charter extravaganza. You won’t have to worry about staying comfortable, as our vessels hold every amenity imaginable. Spacious decks, plush staterooms, and contemporary appliances are all part of the experience.

Enjoy the Best on Your Charter Vacation in Slovenia

No matter your trip length or party size, our captains and crew stand at the ready to serve your needs. When you sail with us, you can rest assure you’ll be sailing with the best.

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